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Worcester, Mass Third Snowiest Big City in US

Still hard to believe that just about a week or so ago on 1/21 Worcester, Mass was in 27th place in the National Golden Snow Globe contest with 13.9 inches of snowfall for the 2014 – 2015 snow season. They now have 54.6 inches of snow on the season and counting. Boston, Massachusetts was in 45th place with only 5.5 inches of snow on the season. Right now they are at #9 in the snow contest with 35.0 inches of snowfall this season and maybe still counting.

Worcester, Massachusetts continues their quest to be crown the King of The Snow Mountain. All of yesterdays snowflakes were carefully counted in Worcester and they have pushed another city down a spot on the snow mountain. This time it was Buffalo, NY who dropped a spot to #4 while Worcester took over the #3 spot in the snow contest. Is Worcester, Mass done adding snow to their totals from this most recent snow storm?

I don’t have a clue and I can’t wait to see what the next snow update from NOAA looks like. Right Now Worcester is only 0.2 inches of snow away from taking over the #2 spot and pushing Grand Rapids, Michigan down a slot. Right now only a few tenths of an inch separate Grand Rapids, Buffalo and Worcester so most likely we will be seeing a lot of back and fourth pushing going on near the top of the snow mountain.

Defending snow champs Erie, Pa looks to be safe for the time being camping out at the top of the mountain with snow lead of just about 10 inches of snow. After this last snow storm I have to wonder though if Erie isn’t rearming themselves with a fresh batch of snowballs to fend off any challengers that we all know will be rushing toward them. Pretty amazing what difference one little storm makes isn’t it?

Boston, MA also moved up another spot bumping Cleveland, Ohio down the mountain. Boston is now #9 in the snow contest and Cleveland rounds out the top 10 snowiest cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more. Below are a few notable snow stats from the snow storm and as always ignore my fuzzy math in case I added wrong ;)

Snow Storm Totals

Worcester, Mass – 1/26 = 2.6 inches, 1/27 = 31.9 inches Storm Total = 34.5 inches
Boston – 1/26 = 2.3, 1/27 = 22.1 Storm Total = 24.4 inches
Providence – 1/26 = 3.1, 1/27 = 16.0 Storm Total = 19.1 inches of snow

Date Records Set for Snow Yesterday 1/27

Worcester, Mass – 31.9 breaking the old record of 11.0 set in 2011
Boston, Mass – 22.1 breaking the old record of 8.8 set in 2011
Providence, RI 16.0 breaking the old record of 6.7 set in 2011

I should be able to get another update in a bit later when the new snow stats are post by the National Weather Service. It should be interesting to see what place Worcester, MA, Grand Rapids and Buffalo are all in when the new snow stats come out.

Have an Awesome Day Everyone ;)

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Updated 8 PM - All of the cities were just updated. Unfortunately there were quite a few not reporting the new snowfall from the storm. There was quite a bit of shuffling and a couple of the cities finally managed to get on the snow board such as Baltimore, MD. I’m guessing there will be a lot more shuffling around come the next update.

3 of the cities so far have set a date record for snowfall even though it wasn’t a lot fo snow being reported. Allentown, Pa set a date record with 3.1 inches so far breaking the old record of 1.7 inches set way back in 1925. Newark, NJ set a date record for snowfall with 1.4 inches beating the old record of 9.1 set in 1955 and Hartford, CT broke theirs with 1.3 inches beating the old record of 0.4 set in 1985.

The biggest mover this update which had nothing to do with the Nor’easter was Madison, Wisconsin who jumped up 19 spots on the snow mountain from being in 29th place to the number 10 slot now. WTG Madison ;) Stay Tuned!


Update 5 PM - I am starting an update with the new storm snow stats. Should be out in a bit ;)

OK, it looks like it’s going to be an interesting 24 hours or so as far as this snow storm on the East coast goes. It also looks like it may be a chance for some of the cities to catch up a little bit. I don’t think we will see any big snow totals like what we saw in the towns around the Buffalo area but I’m guessing there will be some changes in the top 10 after this first Nor’easter of the season goes through.

Is it snowing where YOU are? Drop a comment here if you have some time and let us know what it’s doing in your neck of the woods.

A couple of pictures from a friend in Milford, Pa from the Snow Storm

Grand Rapids remains the king of the snow mountain still and looks to be safe for now anyways. Erie is only a couple of ropes away from them though and remember, they still have the bragging rights from being crowned snow champs last season. I saw a clip of some snow falling in Billing, Montana earlier and they are way overdue to start making a move. Then again I keep forgetting it’s only November because of all of the snowfall that has fallen already this soon in the season for some of the snowiest cities in the US.

This could be a chance for cities like Philadelphia, Boston, Worcester, Maybe New York City, Baltimore and Washington DC to get their snow season going. I think, and remember I am always clueless, that it’s going to all come down to the temperatures for the cities south of DC. Below are a couple of radars of what it looked like before I went to bed last night/this morning ;) Just click on either one and it will bring you to the live radar and to the National Weather Service site for the most recent updates. Please drive careful in this Thanksgiving Eve Day snow storm if you are traveling. No doubt the highways and roads will be nasty toward the north.

The storm seems to be moving a little closer to my hometown Syracuse but I don’t think they are going to have more than a few inches unless it shifts inland more. Right now I am visiting my Grandson Corbin in North Carolina and it’s been nothing but heavy rain off and on for about the last 12 hours or so. It looks like that may finally be coming to an end :)

Just Click on The Radar and Then Click on Your Area

National Weather Service Map of Current Storm Conditions

US Map Nor'easter Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day 11-26-2014 East Coast

Have an Awesome Day All :)

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Updated 11/19 7 PM – Grand Rapids, Michigan continues to hold onto the snow race lead but not by much. Erie, Pa has been quiet and after seeing all of the videos and pictures of the towns around Buffalo, NY I’m sure they probably don’t have a problem with that lake effect snow missing them so far.

Buffalo is finally on the move and just missed making it into the top 5 snowiest cities. The cities from Minnesota, Indiana, Colorado and Ohio seem to be taking over the top 25 the last few updates. Snow is still in the forecast for several of the cities so it should stay interesting for another day or two ;)

Also I wanted to let those of you know that have sent pictures and emails that I am getting them but I have been sick and I will get to posting them. I also wanted to get an update in this morning but I have been fighting a cold the last 2 weeks and it hit me hard enough today to finally go to the doctors. Probably a good thing I gave in because it ended up turning into pneumonia which I seem to get once a year right around this time.

Right now I am visiting North Carolina so it took awhile to find a doctor. Yup, you know arm and sunny North Carolina where I think the temperature ended up going down to 17 degrees last night :( I was reading that all 50 states in the US went below freezing last night. Hard to believe it’s only November isn’t it. Stay Tuned and have a Great Night All :)

Updated 11/18 7 PM - Just as I was thinking, we do have a new leader in the Golden Snow Globe national snow contest. The new leader isn’t the city that I expected to go on top though. Congrats to Grand Rapids, Michigan who slipped past Erie, Pa to take the top slot on the snow mountain :)

I think most of us were keeping an eye on Buffalo, New York today thinking that they would be the new leader but for some reason they are only reporting a couple of inches so far for today. No doubt they got robbed with the lake effect snow that has been relentlessly pounding some of the smaller cities just a couple of miles away from the airport where their measurements are taking. This is one of the few times I actually feel bad for Buffalo.

I did notice earlier today as I was checking out a couple of radars that Grand Rapids had some snow falling. To be honest I was looking to see how South Bend was doing but the snow band kind of hung north of them earlier today when I noticed Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids, Michigan set 2 date records in a row, one yesterday and one today. Yesterday they had 4.4 inches of snow breaking the old date record of 2.9 inches set back in 1989. Today so far they are showing 7.3 inches of new snowfall which breaks the same record of 2.9 inches set back in 1989 also.

So far we have had 5 lead changes this season and with snow still in the forecast for the next couple of days I’m sure we will have couple more lead changes in the coming days. Stay Tuned for more updates and for those of you getting the 3-5 feet of snow, please stay safe.

Updated 11/18 5:15 PM – I am still waiting for all of the city snow stats to come out and will do an update when they do which should be any time now. I am looking at stats right now and I was surprised to see Buffalo’s new totals :( Pretty lame what is being reported at the airport but all around them got pounded pretty good and I think it’s suppose to continue. All about those lake effect snow bands either hitting or just missing. I know I am going to get some not so nice comments from some folks in Buffalo about where the airport is located either on this site or the NY snow contest site. Still could be a couple of cities that may challenge Erie though. The new stats should be posted by the national weather service anytime now plus I don’t think Buffalo is done with the snow yet…

Updated 1:00 PM - I was looking around at the snow stats and there wasn’t a whole lot going on so I am going to hold off on an update for now. The reason being that the latest update from NOAA doesn’t include the overnight snowfall so it would pretty much just be a waste of time.

I will do a full update when the next snow stats come out in a bit and no doubt they should be interesting. The Buffalo area has been getting hit pretty good. The question will be is the airport where they take the measurements at getting a lot of snow? If so I think Erie, Pa may want to be a little worried about hanging on to the almost 17 inch lead that you hold right now over Buffalo.

I know that the NY State Thruway is closed IN BOTH DIRECTIONS between Exit 46, Rochester, and Exit 59, Dunkirk has been closed for now so a lot of snow is falling. I’ve also heard from a couple of people from Erie who said that there wasn’t much going on there but that was early this morning. Any changes in Erie yet. I was also reading that some paces south of Buffalo may get up to 70 inches of snow. Even I have to admit that is just nuts :(

I will add all updates in this post here and please feel free to leave your comments and updates in this post also. Stay Safe all of you in the snow band areas…

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Updated Thurs 6:00 PM - The overnight and the stats from earlier today have just been posted. The National snow contest just got even closer BUT Erie is still the king of the snow mountain. It was a fun storm in my opinion as far as the snow race goes but this one is long gone now and we will have to wait until the next one comes strolling by. Oh, there will be a next one… Have a Great Night All ;)

OK, it’s still Erie in the top spot on the Snow Mountain but the lead is melting away. Paraphrasing the wise words of Sean Kirst from the Syracuse Post Standard newspaper “I think Erie might be hearing footsteps on that mountain now”. :) Will this be a repeat of last season where Syracuse trailed both Worcester, MA and Erie, PA for awhile but was able to pull it off in the end with some Freak snow in April? A better question might be will there be a new leader come the end of the day?

The current snow stats for the top 25 snowiest cities don’t include what fell overnight, they are for yesterdays totals. The next update from the National Weather Service comes out later this afternoon or early evening and I’ll definitely be peaking at the new snow stats but for now Erie is still the King ;) According to Gary who posted a comment this is Erie Pennsylvania’s 6th snowiest season on record now and they are only an inch away from hitting their 5th snowiest season ever. WTG Erie :)

Buffalo has moved past Grand Rapids with this snow storm and is now in 3rd place and Rochester, NY has managed to jump into the 5th spot rounding out the top 5 snowiest cities. Stay Tuned for another update later in the day and Good Luck Erie and Syracuse ;)

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Updated Noon Wednesday 3/12 - It’s snowing pretty good in my neck of the woods, a few miles from the city. Bursts of what looks like light snow because of the small flakes but I’m guessing over an inch an hour right now. How is it in your neck of the woods? Here is what was put out for Rochester, NY earlier and don’t forget to keep checking the NOAA links below for the latest updates.

Here is the latest snow totals map that covers most of the top cities in the snow race, stay tuned ;)

Updated Tuesday 4:30 PM – It looks like they are zeroing in more on the storm and some of the warning times have changed along with snow totals so be sure to check the links below for the current updates and warnings.

Second, PLEASE POST THE STORM COMMENTS IN THIS POST – that way it is easier for all of us to keep track on what’s going on in your neck of the woods/city :)

Third, Always check with the pros like the National Weather Service or your local Meteorologists in your area for the latest updates on your weather. You know we are clueless here and don’t try to pretend we can predict the weather. OK, maybe just one in awhile ;)

I’ve been reading around and trying to get a grip on the storm that is about to hit some of the Golden Snow Globe cities and is probably hitting some of them already. There are already a few Winter Storm Warnings out right now which means that the confidence is pretty high that those cities will be getting hit with some decent snow totals. I think it’s something like 7 inches or more are expected. There are also several advisories out for some of the snowiest cities and chances are some of those will be switching over to warnings some time soon. Erie, PA, Ann Arbor and Syracuse, NY at last check were under winter storm watches while Buffalo and Rochester, New York are under winter storm warnings. Billings is under and advisory for the time being. Below is what I read at last check along with some good links that get updated as the storm gets closer and changes are made according to changes in the direction of the snow storm that will be hitting most between Tuesday and Thursday. KEEP IN MIND that these will be changing constantly as the storm gets closer and may have even changed by the time I typed this. Use the links below to stay updated.

Erie, PA – Winter Storm Watch from Wed, 2 AM – Thurs. 2 AM – 6-8 inches as of now.
Click Here for Most Recent Storm Updates for Erie

Syracuse, NY – Watch from Wed, 5 AM – Thurs. 10 AM 8 – 10 inches as of now.
Click Here for Current Storm Updates for Syracuse

Buffalo, NY – Winter Storm Warning from Wed, 2 AM – Thurs. 2 AM 8 – 12 inches expected.
Click Here for Current Storm Updates for Buffalo, NY

Ann Arbor, MI – Storm Watch from Noon Wed. – Wed. 4 PM 6+ inches possible.
Click Here for Updates for Ann Arbor and Detroit

Billings, MY – Winter Storm Advisory until Noon Tues.
Billings Updates are Here.

Rochester, NY – Winter Storm Warning from Wed. 5 AM – Thurs. 5 AM 10 – 14 inches expected.
Click Here for Storm Updates for Rochester

If you have some time please feel free to share what’s going on where you are at as the storm approaches and is going on. It’s cool to get some real time updates from everybody in the different cities.

Most important though is as much fun we have with the snow contest these storms can/are always dangerous when it comes to the roads so take it slow and stay safe all. Have an awesome night :)

Erie, Pennsylvania remains the king on top of the snow mountain, for now anyways ;) Personally, I think they are getting a little greedy with the snow. They seem to be taking the snow from where ever they can. The north, south, east and west. If it’s snowing any place in the US you can almost bet that Erie is going to find a way to get in on it :P

I’m just picking on Erie of course because they are in the lead and have held the lead for quite awhile now. Myself being from the Syracuse area, our bragging rights are on the line right now especially sitting way back in the fourth spot on the snow mountain. Both Buffalo and Grand Rapids are still holding their own and with at least a month plus left in the snow season anything can still happen. Plus don’t count out last seasons competitor Worcester, Mass, they have been moving up pretty good. Anyways, Kudos to Erie for holding onto the snow total lead for so long this season ;)

Here are a few snow stats for some of the cities from yesterdays snow storm Niko. Rochester, NY and Worcester, Mass seem to be the big winners as far as totals go and I’m not sure if there is more snow to add for the overnight. Seven of the cities listed below set a date record.

Erie – 8.1
Buffalo – 8.8 – Old Record 5.2 back in 1916
Grand Rapids – 4.8 – 4.4 – 1942
Syracuse – 10.0 – 5.6 – 1995
Detroit – 7.6 – 5.0 – 1908
Rochester – 12.7 – 5.5 – 1907
Flint – 5.7 – 3.5 – 1982
Ft. Wayne – 6.2 – 5.0 – 1967
Worcester – 12.2
Boston – 10.7
Hartford – 10.2

It looks like there is another storm brewing maybe for the weekend so stay tuned :)

I just got a Full update in and take a look at Chicago, Illinois jumping into the top 10 snowiest cities. I’ll have to take a look back but I can’t remember Chicago ever being in the top 10 since we started the contest unless it was maybe in the very beginning of the snow season. Better yet they knocked Anchorage, Alaska out of the top 10. Who would have ever thought that would happen? Right now Chicago is camping out in the #7 slot on the snow mountain. Chicago’s normal snowfall to date should be 16.9 inches, right now they are at 45.4 inches on the season. This time last season they had a snow total of 1.3 inches. Chicago is only a handful of inches away from having 4 feet of snow more than this time last season. Chicago, Chicago, Way to Go Chicago ;)

Now let’s talk about the snow storm that hit a good part of the eastern coast yesterday and is just about out to sea now. Several cities have climbed up the Golden Snow Globe snow mountain this last update but there is still more climbing to do. Most of the new snowfall is from yesterday so we will still have a lot of snow to add to cities like Boston, Worcester, Mass and some of the other cities I’m sure. Plus, Some of the cities weren’t updated for the fact that NOAA is having some problems with the website so I couldn’t get to them. The only cities that may effect the top ten (Until Boston & Worcester snow stats come in) that I can see is Grand Rapids which is showing MM and means that any new snow wasn’t updated for yesterday and Ann Arbor, Michigan. There is a chance that both could jump a spot.

Here are the stand out cities from the storm so far that broke date records. BTW, my brother lives in Philly and shovels a couple of his older neighbors driveways for them. I just talked to him and he said he will be shoveling all day. Kind of feels good today living in snowless Syracuse, New York ;)

* Philadelphia, PA reported 13.5 inches of snow yesterday breaking the date record of 3.4 inches of snow set way back in 1917.

* Central Park in NYC – 11.0 inches breaking the date record of 6.0 inches going back to 2001

* Newark, NJ – 10.0 inches of snow breaking the date record of 4.5 inches set in 2011

* Cincinnati – 5.3 inches beating the old record of 3.8 set in 2007

* Baltimore, Maryland – 5.1 inches setting a new date record of 2.0 set in 1982

* Washington DC – 3.8 inches of new snowfall breaking the record of 3.5 set in 1982

I’ll be doing another update of some sort when the new stats come out later to see what Boston, Worcester and a couple of the other cities have to report for today. Stay Tuned and have a Great Day All!!

I just got off the phone with my brother in Philly not too long ago and he said it was coming down pretty good. He guessed about 5-6 inches of snow so far. I’ve been watching the radar and started thinking that this could get interesting by the time the storm pulls out.

I don’t see any of the cities catching Erie, PA right now but this new snow storm may bring several more cities within striking distance of the top cities, perhaps just another storm or two away from getting to the top of the snow mountain. I’m seeing expected snow totals by the end of tomorrow for places like Boston, Mass, Philadelphia, PA and other cities anywhere in the 8 – 16 inch range along with the possibility of blizzard conditions in some areas.

What I don’t like is that it is missing us here in Syracuse and in most of NY and I don’t think Erie is suppose to see much either. The storm seems to be moving slower than expected and also seems to be holding on to the same direction, Northwest staying over some of the cities like Philly. Take a slow moving storm that is covering a lot of area and staying on the same path and we could be seeing some decent snow totals come tomorrow.

That said, keep in mind I am not a meteorologist and normally don’t have a clue so if you are in the cities getting hit by this snow storm check with the PROS, your local meteorologists and the National Weather Service. Those are the folks who know their stuff ;)

I’m going to try and get a full update done in a little while or should I say when the stats start coming out. Most of the snow stats right now are still from yesterday so I am going to hang on until NOAA starts posting some of the snow stats from the snow that has fallen so far today. Stay Tuned :)

I just did a quick top 10 update on the snowiest cities. I figure no sense doing a full update until the storm thats ready to hit the North East blows through. Here in Syracuse it’s just a storm watch but hopefully that will change and the storm will shift a little. Right now Philly is looking like the place to be once again for some good snow totals. Can they make it to the top of the snow mountain and bump Da’Cuse down from it? Will Pitt or Erie maybe Rochester pile on the snow. Stay tuned because there could be a new leader in the next day or two.

Have a Super Night All and remember See Snow Drive Slow. Take it easy :)

I’m just going to tap into PSUSyr5 post here and say WOW I’m already dreading updating the stats come the end of this storm. Normally ot takes about 2 hours and that’s not even peaking at states like Virginia and so on. Like Stephen mentioned most likely there will be a change up in the top 10 and big changes below the top 10 with some of the more unlikely US cities being in it :) As I’m typing I think several airports have pretty much closed up shop for the night with many more to follow. There are also Blizzard warnings for several places. Chances are that there will be plenty of cities that will be getting or going above their entire seasonal totals for the year. Hey, Send us any pictures your willing to share with the rest of the US ;)

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As of this moment, the several Atlantic states are under a winter storm warning. This includes most of North Carolina and Virginia, all of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia, and portions of Connecticut, New York and *gulp* Pennsylvania. Looks like the World forecast is sure to be a complete bust this week. Let the bashing onslaught begin. :lol: Regardless, it should really jumble up the Top 10 cities as several areas are expected to get about a foot and a half of snow from this system.

Have a great weekend everyone!