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First off as always, a Big Thanks to Dave B. and Dennis N. for your recent donation to the snow site. It helped out a lot and I appreciate it. Thank You, Dave and Dennis.
Updated 1:00 AM 1/5 – The latest Snow Records for some cities…

* Boston, MA set a date record with 13.4 inches. The old record was 7.9 in 1994.

* Hartford, CT set a date record with 10.2 inches of snow. The old record was 8.1 in 1923.

* Providence, RI set a date record with 14.1 inches of snow breaking the old record of 5.7 in 1988.

* Worcester, MA set a date record with 16.8 inches beating the old record of 9.8 set in 1994.

* Newark, NJ set a new record with 8.4 inches beating the old record of 4.0 set in 1988.

* Bridgeport, CT set a date snow record with 8.0 inches of snow, the old record was 5.3 set in 1988.

*New York City (NYC, Central Park) set a new snow record with 9.8 inches. The old record was 4.0 set in 1988.


Snow Totals For Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, NYC & Other Cities

Here are some of the preliminary snow totals coming out of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, NYC, Virginia, New Jersey and other states from the coastal storm that is still dropping snow on the East Coast.

It’s still snowing in some of the cities so obviously the snow totals will be going up. Hartford and Bridgeport, CT added some decent snow so far along with Providence, RI, and even some of the cities in Virginia. I’m guessing Boston, Worcester, and other cities will be adding quite a bit more to the snow totals.

Providence, Rhode Island had enough snow to slide up 25 spots on the snow mountain so far. Newark, New Jersey climbed up 20 spots in the National Golden Snow Globe snow contest this last update. I’m pretty impressed :)

The Latest snow totals from the coastal storm on 1/3 – 1/4 2018

Providence, RI – 11 inches of snow on 1/4
Norfolk, VA – 10.3 Inches on 1/3 – 1/4
Worcester – 8.5 inches of snow on 1/4
Newark, NJ – 8.4 inches of snow on 1/4
Bridgeport, CT – 8.0 inches of snow 1/4
New York City (Central Park) – 7.8 Inches 1/4
Hartford, CT – 7.6 inches of snow 1/4
Boston, MA – 6.5 inches of snow on 1/4

I’ll be adding some new snow totals for cities I may be missing and I’ll also be updating the snow totals for the cities listed above. Stay safe all and take it slow on the roads. Click Here For The Latest Top 25 Snowiest Big Cities in The US!