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First Off a Happy Easter to You and Your Family From Ours :)

Erie, Pa managed to slip past Syracuse while I wasn’t paying attention. Now they are only 4.2 inches away from catching up to the snow leader Worcester, MA. Erie picked up a 1.3 inch lead over Syracuse where it has actually been sunny the last day or two.

I did just a top 20 update today and I’ll be keeping an eye on the weather and posting new totals throughout the week.


Worcester continues to defend their top spot as the King of the mountain but can they stay there? Syracuse and Erie are still running flake to flake and it seems every time Syracuse tries to spread a little snow between them Erie just blows them off and closes the snow gap even tighter.

Right now Worcester’s snow lead is only 5.5 inches over Syracuse and just 5.7 inches over Erie, PA. The last couple of days here in the Syracuse area have been pretty sunny unfortunately or fortunately depending on how much you like or hate snow. Erie on the other hand has been able to pick up a few inches of fresh snow. Luckily for both cities Worcester is quiet as far as snow goes for the time being.

I’m not throwing in the shovel just yet but if I were a betting man I think I would lay the odds right now at:

Erie, PA 2 to 1
Worcester, MA 3 to 1
Syracuse, NY 3 to 1

Just a hunch. Have a Super Week Everyone ;)

It’s crunch time for the March segment of Fantasy Snowfall. Both sides have left a lot of snow on the bench this time.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2013 March Update
Pat Steve
102.05 84.55
Starters (Full Credit)
Buffalo, NY 8.4 Anchorage, AK 7.5
Erie, PA 20.9 Cleveland, OH 6.9
Fort Collins, CO 12.6 Madison, WI 11.8
St. Paul, MN 12.8 Minneapolis, MN 13.8
Syracuse, NY 20.2 Rochester, NY 11.6
Total 74.9 Total 51.6
Bench (Half Credit)
Green Bay, WI 8.4 Denver, CO 23.4
Spokane, WA 0.9 Des Moines, IA 7.1
Worcester, MA 30.9 Salt Lake City, UT 2.7
Newark, NJ 8.8 Boston, MA 20.6
Pueblo, CO 5.3 South Bend, IN 12.1
Total 27.15 Total 32.95

Bench production is great in basketball, not so much here. Had either side made one or 2 different choices, this could be a much different race. In fact, Steve would have been better off switching starters and benched cities. Oh, and once again, Pat has a big lead with about a week to go in the month.

We’ll have another update on April first (no joke), which will show the final March results as well as the starters for April, the final month of this year’s contest.

Both Syracuse, NY and Erie, PA were able to pick up some snow the last couple of days to melt away a little bit of the lead Worcester, MA has. Syracuse and Erie both finally past the 100 inches of snow totals cutting the snow lead down to just over 8 inches now. Worcester did have over a foot of snowfall more before this last update. Keep in mind that there is probably more snow to add from the overnight to Syracuse and maybe Erie also. I’m loving the fact that this is still a really close snow contest this late in the season and that cold air is still in the forecast :)

Let’s talk hoops for a minute. Massachusetts must have something against me. First ya’s take the lead over Syracuse in the snow race and then one of your teams goes and knocks one of my final picks out of the NCAA Tournament. Cut me a little slack would ya Mass? Yes I’m talking about the good/great win Harvard had over New Mexico. Nothing like shredding one of your brackets on the first day of the tourney :( To be honest it’s pretty much my bad for picking New Mexico to go all the way when I haven’t even seen them play this season. No doubt my new formula that I used on that bracket is getting tossed. At least I had Georgetown on the same bracket playing New Mexico and not on my other bracket which is now my good one if you want to call it that.

That said I had Arizona losing this round so Harvard can’t hurt me on this round. I always cheer for the underdog when I can so even though you trashed on of my brackets, Go Harvard, I’m cheering for ya’s ;)   Good Luck on your brackets everyone!

OK, We did a full update of all of the cities and I’m thinking about cutting that list down quite a bit come the next update. Most likely to around 25 – 30 cities and then I’ll be able to get more full updates in. Keep in mind that right now it takes about 3 hours to get the stats together and post them all. I’ll see how it goes and look for more top 10 updates as the snow falls.

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone and Let’s Go Orange. Syracuse Orange that is ;)

I just updated the top 10 snowiest cities section and it hasn’t gotten any better for Syracuse or Erie. Worcester continues to hold a decent lead with their seasonal snowfall totals now at 108.9 inches. They added over another inch to their lead. Way to go Worcester ;) I’m starting to see quite a few visitors lately from Mass visiting the site and a warm welcome to all of you. OK warm welcome doesn’t quite sound right does it.

It hit me as I was scraping the ice off my call this morning that today marks the first day of Spring. I’m not quite sure where it is Spring but it sure doesn’t seem like it in the North East does it? Keep in mind that the national snow contest lives on well past the first day of Spring for the fact that Mother Nature tends to get a little confused some years and drags the snow on into April. I believe a couple of times even into May.

Right now it’s looking pretty good for Worcester buttttt…. Keep in mind that most likely the Lake Effect Machines are most likely still running for Syracuse and Erie. That said in my opinion it will be tough to make up over a foot of snow in the next few weeks plus the way it’s going the chances are that if we do gain on Worcester they will just throw in another coastal to blow us away again. Good Luck and Have a Great Week :)

I was hoping that Worcester was going to see more of a rain storm than snow to give us, (Syracuse and Erie) a chance to catch up a little but that didn’t happen.  As of 5 PM Tuesday Worcester is at 107.5.

Right now, Erie is at 91.0 as of 5:00 PM Tuesday and Syracuse is at 96.5 as of 10 PM Tuesday night.   I will get at least a top 10 snowiest city update in tomorrow when all of the stats come in and I’m hoping to get a full update in ;)


First Off Thank You Philip G. for your donation. All of the donations really do help out a lot so don’t be afraid to click on that donate button :P .

Just did a Full Update – and Sorry about the lack of updates but my grandson who is 4 1/2 months old was in town for a week and well my buddy trumps snow ;) Born in South Carolina but no doubt he will bleed Orange, Syracuse Orange that is :)

Worcester, MA continues to rule the top of the snow mountain with a pretty good lead but don’t count Erie or Syracuse out of this seasons snow contest yet. Both cities are slowly inching their way closer to Worcester’s snow totals and there is still enough cold air around for one of the cities to make a charge.

Even though it didn’t show in the stats there was a quick flip flop for second place. Yesterday Erie, PA slipped past Syracuse, NY by a couple of tenths of an inch to take over the number two spot. Well for a little while anyways. With the last update from the National Weather Service Syracuse was able to take over 2nd place again by just 1 tenth of an inch over Erie. Right now there’s a pretty good snowball fight going on for second place between the two. Snow is in the forecast so the next couple of days will be interesting.

More to come but it’s almost time for the NCAA Brackets. Good Luck!

Time once again for a GSG Fantasy Snowfall Update. The New England area was hit pretty hard with snow in the early going…and neither of us started any of our cities in the region. With about two thirds of the month left, it’s quite possible that it won’t matter in the end. But for now, I’m sure Pat and Steve are kicking themselves for the early miss. On to the stats!

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2013 March Update
Pat Steve
39.15 38.70
Starters (Full Credit)
Buffalo, NY 4.5 Anchorage, AK 0.5
Erie, PA 4.1 Cleveland, OH 3.1
Fort Collins, CO 1.3 Madison, WI 7.1
St. Paul, MN 8.5 Minneapolis, MN 9.3
Syracuse, NY 3.6 Rochester, NY 3.8
Total 22.0 Total 23.8
Bench (Half Credit)
Green Bay, WI 0.2 Denver, CO 7.4
Spokane, WA 0.9 Des Moines, IA 1.5
Worcester, MA 23.0 Salt Lake City, UT 0.0
Newark, NJ 6.7 Boston, MA 13.1
Pueblo, CO 3.5 South Bend, IN 7.8
Total 17.15 Total 14.90

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…Pat’s leading in the early going! Though, it’s not by much: less than a half of an inch separates the two sides.

As always, there will be the March recap at the end of the month. Depending on how the snow goes the rest of the way, there may be another update before then.

Until next time everyone, enjoy whatever weather it is you get!

I’m going to keep this short as I bow my head in shame right now. I just did an update and Worcester, Ma is blowing away both Syracuse and Erie, PA now by more than 14 inches. No, they didn’t want to play the teasing game and go up by maybe a few inches. Nope, they said we are going straight to the top to be the King of the Snow Mountain and if you want to take it back you better start piling it on in your own cities.

To that I say bring it on, I think :( The problem is that I don’t know if they still have more snow to add to their totals. I just did a top 10 update and as of 4:00 PM which was the last official update from NOAA Worcester stands tall on the snow mountain with 101.0 inches of snow this season. Almost doubling what their average is to date. They also broke a record for the day which goes all the way back to 1941. The same is with Boston, MA which has been piling it on also and moving up the mountain pretty fast. Right now they are sitting in 11th place but will most likely move up some more. Awesome storm and I’m pretty jealous the rest of us couldn’t get in on it. Congrats again Worcester :)

UPDATED 3/8 8:30 AM – Just a heads up that I just posted a full update on all of the cities at  Keep in mind that most of the snow stats don’t include the overnight snow so places like Worcester, Syracuse and so on will be going up when the official snowfall stats from the National Weather Service (NOAA) come out later in the day.  Good Luck and Good Night  ;)

The top 3 cities were just updated by NOAA and Worcester, Mass has taken the lead in the national snow contest for big cities with a population of 100,000 or more. Congrats to Worcester for making it as King of the Snow Mountain.  I do have to say that I am not surprised but I am impressed ;) Now, can you hold onto it???

Snow storm Saturn dropped enough snow on Worcester to slide them past both Erie, Pa and Syracuse, NY. WTG Worcester and I’ll have more come tomorrow. I’ll also get a new top 10 update in sometime tomorrow and perhaps a full update in.  The latest stats are;

Worcester, Mass – 86.1
Syracuse, NY  -  85.9
Erie, PA -  83.3

Have a Super Day All and Drive Safely!