All Snowiest US Cities

The Top 25 Snowiest Cities Snow Stats Were Last Updated 3/30/15 12:00 PM

Below are most of the US cities and how much snow they have so far for the 2014 – 2015 season. We will try and update the snow stats as often as possible. There are still several cities in the United States missing as we try to locate their snowfall totals. For the time being we have left out many of the cities for the fact that unless something unexpectedly happens they most likely don’t have a shot at winning the Golden Snow Globe Award.

The first number is the current place the city is on the snow mountain. The second number is where the city was for the update on the date showing.. Just to give an idea of how the snowiest city is doing through normally within a weeks time. ;)

Some of the Top 25 Snowiest Cities in the
United States 2014-2015 Snow Season Updated 3/30/2015

Now & 3/23

US States
 and Cities

 2010 City

2014 – 2015
Snowfall Totals

Normal Season at This Time

1-2 Worcester, Mass




2-1 Syracuse, New York





 Lowell, MA




4-5 Buffalo, New York




5-4 Boston, Mass




6-6 Erie, Pennsylvania




7-7 Rochester, New York




8-8 South Bend, Indiana




9-9 Grand Rapids, Michigan




10-10 Providence, Rhode Island




11-11 Lakewood, Colorado




12-12 Cleveland, Ohio




13-13 Hartford, Connecticut




14-14 Akron, Ohio




15-15 Bridgeport, Connecticut




16-16 New York, New York (LaGuardia)




17-17 Ann Arbor, Michigan




18-27 Chicago, Illinois




19-18 Allentown, Pennsylvania




20-19 Billings, Montana




21-24 Rochester, Minnesota




22-21 Denver, Colorado




23-20 Detroit, Michigan




24-22 Pittsburgh,




25-23 Newark, New Jersey




Some of The Other Snowy
Cities in The United States

26-26 Toledo, Ohio




27-30 Fort Wayne, Indiana




28-25 Colorado Springs, Colorado




29-28 Flint, Michigan




30-29 Milwaukee, Wisconsin




31-31 Fort Collins, Colorado




32-32 Lansing, Michigan




33-34 Rockford, Illinois




34-35 Madison, Wisconsin




35-37 Green Bay, Wisconsin




36-36 Minneapolis, Minnesota




37-33 Sioux Falls, South Dakota




38-38 Cincinnati, Ohio




39-39 Des Moines, Iowa




40-40 Peoria, Illinois




41-41 Philadelphia, Pa




42-42 Anchorage, Alaska




43-43 Spokane, Washington




44-44 Provo, Utah




286 thoughts on “All Snowiest US Cities

  1. If it helps, through 2/28/2015, I’ve recorded 109.3″ in Tyngsboro, MA (town next to Lowell) for the 2014-15 winter.

    • Thanks for the input Bryan.. I made a call yesterday but couldn’t get a hold of who I needed to talk to and then got busy and forgot to try calling again. I’m feeling somewhat comfortable now with Lowell but would still like to verify it. Thanks again.

    • Froggie, Thanks for taking the time :) You’re right about a work in progress and I think they way the weather is it will always be just that. There are a lot of cities over 100,000 with snow right now but unfortunately it’s more of a time thing than anything else keeping me from adding them all. By the time I do the first update, blog about it, answer emails, research what someone may ask and so on it’s pretty much time to start all over on the new update, lol. Don’t get me wrong either, I really enjoy all of it :)

      I try to keep the lower cities spread out a little bit even though there are cities that have more snow than the ones listed below the Top 25. An example would be Amarillo, TX at last check and that may have gone up now was at 17 inches. I added them in just so visitors could see how much snow they received. Each season I’ll add and drop several cities from the list. I am always checking around on the Top 25 cities in hopes of keeping that as accurate as possible. Not easy as I am sure you know Froggie. That’s why I always ask for any suggestions and get some replies like yours which I appreciate a lot.

      Both DC and Baltimore were in the contest this season but dropped for the reason that neither of those cities were getting any snow most of the season because of the way the snow has been falling. I have about 25 give or take a few cities that have been in the snow contest one time or another. Toward the end of the season I start removing some to save me some time on the updates. Of course before you know it I am adding other cities. I haven’t looked at Richmond or Norfolk I don’t think this season and I’ll take a peak.

      Manchester is the one I lose sleep over the most because they are a Top 25 city but from what I have been told is that the stats are questionable right now. The main reason being that a different NWS just took them over not too long ago and at the time I talked to them they were missing some info. I guess the good news is that I am pretty sure that in previous seasons I have tried to find snow stats for Manchester before with no luck. At least now Manchester will have a station reporting snow stats. Hey, do you have any links to the NWS (Official) snow stats for Springfield, MA ? Another city I would like to add. Thanks Froggie and nice info on your site ;)

      • First time I’m visiting this site for the second time this snow season.I think your doing a great service for people. Thanks Jeff.

      • Thanks Jeff, I appreciate that :) I have as much fun as I think most of the people that visit here do….

  2. Please help me settle a bet. Can you compare snowfall in Erie Pa last year with this year? Hubby thinks we have more snow this year. I’m skeptical.

    • Sue, I sure can if it keeps things nice between you and your Hubby ;) I pity your husband who about to get some I told you so’s, joking :)

      As of Yesterday’s Snow Stats 2/23

      Erie This Season – 97.8
      Erie Last Season – 114.0

  3. Looks like Vic might be right. Lexington and Louisville KY both had about 10 inches this past week. I don’t know what they had earlier this year but it should get them on the list somewhere.

    • Tim and All, I’ll check into Lexington and Louisville, KY If they can make it into the Top 25 I will add them as long as there are stats vailable and the pops are over 100,000. If not, there are many cities below the Top 25 that could be on that list but not enough time in a 24 hour period to add all of them and keep it updated. An example would be Amarillo, TX that has more snow than the bottom of the list. I did have them showing for awhile but pulled them. I’ll check them out though and if they are up there I’ll add them :)

      • Yeah seriously doubt the top 25. Looks like about 38 to 40ish. Both pops are over 100k. NWS shows Lexington at 22.9 ytd. Thanks for all you do. Can’t imagine the time involved

      • I did check both out and I’ll hold off for now on adding both of them. They were in the contest in previous seasons because I had them saved to keep an eye on them. I have about 25 cities that have been removed over the season including this season that I do check about every 3 – 4 weeks when I remember to. I did check them all today and there is maybe 1, 2 tops that could be put back in the contest even though they aren’t in the Top 25. Lexington has what you mentioned, 22.9 inches on the season which would put them in 40th place out of 44 cities and Louisville only has 15.7 which would put them second from last. When I have some time everyone I will post the cities I looked up today :)

  4. Patrick, Will you please add Manchester N.H. in. My cousin lives in Lowell and he and I are in Contact all the time. I live in Derry which isn’t large enough, but I’m halfway between Lowell and Manchester. And I know our small town has seen over 103 inches that Worcester got. During every storm we topped the Lowell amounts but we aren’t big enough. Manchester though, is! And they would be in the running for at least a top place in your list! Manchester has 110,000! Please add us in. I think we can beat Worcester! Regardless I think Manchester N.H. deserves a place of honor here. WE ARE BURIED! Luckily its all been super dry powder so shoveling could be worse! But that light fluffy stuff really packs on the inches…..!

  5. If I can believe the NWS data that I could find, Albuquerque has had 4.5 inches so far this season. More could be coming in the next couple days.

      • Patrick -
        Where do you get Ann Arbor from, then? I do not see Ann Arbor via the climate locations on the link you sent, like I do many other Michigan cities.

        Thanks! Tim

      • Hey Tim, sorry for the delay. The National Weather Service changed things around a few months back and added a couple more steps for some of the cities. Takes longer but good info still.

        If you go to
        Click on the Now Data Tab on top to the right you will see Ann Arbor in a box on the left.

        1) Click on the Now Data Tab on top to the right
        2) Click on Ann Arbor Under Location
        3) Check the Box Under Accumulation graphs(will bring up another box (Precipitation)
        4) Click on the calendar to pick the date you want(For Season I use Oct to Date)
        5) Use the Drop down menu where it says precipitation and select snowfall
        6) Hit Go and it should bring up a graph that you can hoover over for stats.

        Jeesh, no wonder it takes so long to do the updates. Hope this helps ;)

  6. Worcester MA’s official total from the last storm is 34.5 inches, which makes it officially the largest snowstorm to hit Worcester in it’s 110 years of record keeping. I should know, I live here, and my back it feeling it from all the shoveling…

    • It’s about time Tom, I have been wondering and waiting for Worcester to get their snow season going :) If this storm plays out and it’s looking pretty good so far Worcester could jump into the Top 10 and then some ;) We still have our snow bubble up in Syracuse :(

  7. You need to change the dates as listed below.
    Below are most of the US cities and how much snow they have so far for the 2013 – 2014 season.

    Regards Ron L. Erie, PA

    • Hi Giovanni, I just checked out Las Vegas’s snow stats and they are only showing a trace of snow surprisingly. Glad you mentioned them though because I was curious as to what they were showing….

    • Hi Lee, I have been using Central Park as the general location for the NY, NY area. I did just look though and I don’t see an official NOAA weather station for Yonkers on the National Weather Service website so there would be no way to get the snow stats if I wanted to..

  8. Love the site, but you need to stop using the weather channels storm names. They’re stupid childish and serve no purpose other than to bolster the weather channel and their global warming propaganda nonsense.

    • Hey Joe, I won’t get into the global warming part of it but will explain the other. The only reason I do use the storm names in posts is because that is what a lot of people search for in Google and the other search engines. Now way am I trying to bolster the weather channel. If people are using that search term and this site comes up near the top it makes more people aware of the National Golden Snow Globe snow site. That really is the only reason I do it. Thanks Joe,


  9. Pingback: Rochester Slips to The Bottom of Snow Pit |

      • Hi Deb, most of the snow is hitting the towns to the south and east of Buffalo and hasn’t been hitting the Buffalo airport where they measure the snow. I think this is one time that the people that it’s missing, even snow lovers are probably happy that it is missing them. Pretty crazy where it is snowing…

      • And the funny thing about Lake Effect… we had a half inch in our driveway (last night’s snow), none today (blue sky and sunshine all morning), but just a handful of miles to the south of us they are digging out of more than 3 feet of snow and counting (literally a handful of miles, 4 or 5 maybe).

      • That without a doubt is what makes lake effect snow so cool Val. I should probably know Val but the old age memory is kicking in, are you from Buffalo or Erie? I remember a few times where a narrow band only about half a mile wide set up over Syracuse and was dropping 3-5 inches an hour. I can’t wait until the afternoon snow stats come out to see which city got how much..

  10. I like seeing the snow geeks battle each other for top honors.

    I’m just glad Detroit metro broke the 130 year old seasonal record.
    Some people FINALLY learned how to drive in it this year!

    • I remember the blizzard of 66…i lived in the southern tier…omggg…that was crazy…when we got up….we tried to look outside..u couldnt…snow was over the top of the windows! school was closed the whole wk!

  11. Does this website get the snowfall totals from the city’s airport? If they do, what about the cities the don’t have an airport.

    • Harun, I know a lot of the stats do come from the airports in the cities. I’m guessing but I would think that any of the other cities stats would be coming from a NOAA station or some place that has qualified people from NOAA to report the stats. I know some of the University’s keep track of snow stats for some of the cities. Other than that I would just be guessing..

    • Steph, sounds like the last storm we got here in Syracuse. I think it was the heaviest snow I have ever shoveled and I’m not that young. All 12 – 13 inches of it. Nothing fun about that..

      • I remember one year here in Syracuse area we goto 199 inches!!! I will never forget that yr!

  12. I remember living the winter of 1999 on Sugar Island in Michigan. We had a 2 day storm total of 68″. We were caught in alternating bands of lake effect from Superior and Lake George. The closest city, Sault Ste Marie didn’t get as much but still got enough to stop the I-500 snowmobile race (first time).

  13. Im exaggerating, Edgar. Im pretty much saying that we never cancel anything but flights when there is snow. Sorry if you took that seriously. :(

  14. Harun .. The 1981-2010 annual snowfall normal for the Twin Cities is 54.0 inches, which is 7.4 inches more than the 120-year long-term average of 46.6 inches. The 30-year period, 1981-2010 is used in many climate summaries as a historical benchmark. You’re suggesting that in one snowfall .. which I cannot find anywhere on record .. we got 54″ (4.5 feet) of snow .. or the average snowfall for an entire year. In fact, if you look at the amounts for this year .. one of the snowiest US winters on record .. the Twin Cities is only slightly above its annual seasonal average.

  15. But then you would have to include other places in New York and Michigan which destroy any place in Minnesota for seasonal snow totals.

  16. In Minnesota, we’re so used to heavy snow that three years ago, everything stayed open even though we had a storm that dumped on 4.5 feet of snow. That winter, we had at least one heavy snowfall per week.

    If Minnesota’s northern population was higher, they’d probably win every year instead of New York.

    • There has NEVER been a 4.5 foot (54″) snowstorm in the entire history of Minnesota, “Harun” .. so I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. The largest single storm dropped 28.4 inches over 4 days, October 31-November 3, 1991 … immediately following the conclusion of the World Series and the Twins second World Championship season.

    • As I type this, Duluth (86k pop, 2012) is 17″ behind Erie, PA and 11″ behind Syracuse, NY, good for fourth place. MN has a few weather stations posting slightly higher numbers, but nothing that will enter the top two.

      If you want to get into hypotheticals, there are six weather stations with more than _double_ MN’s best claim, and while most of them are mountain or lake locations (like MN’s best), Constableville, NY rocks the NOAA at 259″ so far. By raw stations, barring uninhabited locations, we know who’s king.

      • Good info Rob, I might try to gather up some of the smaller cities snow stats before the season is over and post them.

    • sorry buddy. The Tri-City Area of Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester all within 3hrs of eachother is pretty much the nucleus of snowfall in the northeast getting lake effect snow from both Lakes Erie and Ontario. What Minnesota has one everyone I hear is the low temperautres. I hear worse than Buffalo. That says a lot.

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