Current Top 25 Snowiest US Cities

  • 1/26/15  7:00 PM – ALL OF THE TOP 25 CITIES WERE UPDATED!

    NOTE – We are still missing some of the US cities over 100,000 and we will add them as we find them..

    The first number is the current spot the city is on the snow mountain. The second number is where the city was at the end of the last update. We will be switching it to how the city started this season and then the current updated place as the cities receive snowfall totals.

    This is where the Top Twenty Five Snowiest US Cities leading so far in the new Golden Snow Globe Contest will be updated. Does your city have what it takes to stay in the top 25. All of the cities will be on a rolling system with only the top ten snowiest cities here on the main page. That meaning that if your city is number 25 and another city passes yours, poof, your city is gone from this section. Can your city stay in the top twenty five is the question?  Our guess is that there will be some bouncing around especially at the beginning of the 2014 – 2015 snow season. Good Luck to All the Golden Snow Globe Cities.

    The 2014 – 2015 Snowiest City in the US (population 100,000 +)

    Top 25 Snowiest Cities in the
    United States 2014-2015 Snow Season  Last Updated 1/26/2015

    Now – Last Update

    US States
     and Cities


    2014 – 2015
    Snowfall Totals

    Normal Snow Totals to Date


    Erie, Pennsylvania




    2-2 Grand Rapids, Michigan




    3-3 Buffalo, New York




    4-4 Syracuse, New York




    5-5 South Bend, Indiana




    6-6 Billings, Montana




    7-7 Rochester, New York




    8-8 Cleveland, Ohio




    9-10 Lakewood, Colorado




    10-12 Akron, Ohio




    11-10 Rochester, Minnesota




    12-11 Colorado Springs, Colorado




    13-13 Denver, Colorado




    14-13 Flint, Michigan




    15-14 Ann Arbor, Michigan




    16-13 Sioux Falls, South Dakota




    17-14 Minneapolis, Minnesota




    18-34 Worcester, Mass




    19-18 Green Bay, Wisconsin




    20-18 Anchorage, Alaska




    21-20 Lansing, Michigan




    22-21 St Paul, Minnesota




    23-28 Allentown, Pennsylvania




    24-33 Pittsburgh,




    25-23 Fort Collins, Colorado




623 thoughts on “Current Top 25 Snowiest US Cities

    • Hey Nick, it’s as Jon mentioned. Only cities with a population of 100,000 or more are in this snow contest. That sadi I am sure you are aware that Binghamton is in the New York State Golden Snowball contest as they always are and are doing pretty good. Will be interesting to see if Binghamton can catch some snow from the storm coming through sometime tomorrow to melt away some of the lead Buffalo has on all of us right now….

  1. Lake Erie though is not frozen over….at least not yesterday, Saturday, Jan 17th…I was up on some cliffs, taking some pics with my grandma, and there is a lot of water still running free. I think maybe 25 to 50 ft. from the shore-line was frozen and that was about it. So the lake-effect could still easily happen.

      • Even with some of the lakes being shallow i’m still impressed how much some of them are freezing over in such a short period of time Michael :)

    • That is mostly correct, except there can still be lake effect from effects of friction off the ice, any open water from cracks that open in the fluctuating ice fields, and moisture transport through the ice in areas where ice isn’t real thick. There have been some good lake effect storms even w/ ice cover, but overall nowhere near what occurs w/ open water.Lake effect off ontario never really slows down until the sun angle gets high enough in mid to late february (which only provides brief disruptions to the bands in the afternoon hours).

      • I think last season was a good example of what you are talking about Bryan. Last season most of the lakes froze over pretty early if my memory is right and Buffalo and Erie continued to add some decent snow to their totals…. I thought for sure Buffalo was going to overtake Syracuse in the smaller NY snow contest the Of course being a Syracuse native I am hoping this at least slows Erie, Buffalo and Rochester down a little ;)

  2. Grand Rapids should be back on top with the next update. we got hammered with Lake Effect last night and are now at 48.0″ as of 9am this morning.

      • I don’t think it will. It looks like Erie is going to pick up some hefty accumulations which is fine by me. I’m sick of this stuff already lol

      • Lake effect machines have been cranking it out! I love this stuff. If Muskegon only had 100k population, they’d be tough to beat. They’re right on Lake Michigan. Grand Rapids is 45 miles from the lake.

      • Insofar as snow totals go, it’s too bad that the NWS office for greater Grand Rapids happens to be on the EAST side of the metro area, where the least amount of snow falls. Had it been placed in say, Grandville or Allendale(suburbs on the west side of town), our yearly snowfall totals could be several FEET more then currently listed. That said…I think the same could of course be said for Buffalo, if it’s official station were just a few miles to the south. It’s all about location!

      • They record Erie’s snowfall at the airport which is only about 1-2 miles off the lake. Inland another 5-10 miles gets substantially more snow like other cities that are on here. The elevation changes about 1,000 feet about 10 miles back from the lake where they get hammered.

        That being said, go Erie!!!

  3. Eire PA is about to make a run at the title with almost 36 hours of lake effect anticipated Tuesday night through Thursday morning and another round on Friday. Just have to hope it falls at the airport as well as everywhere else.

      • Lol, it is early Alan but at least Erie is defending their crown unlike my city, Syracuse which just can’t seem to get any LES going this season. All of the snow keeps hanging to the North and East. Good Luck Erie and congrats on getting the lead back ;)

  4. Pingback: Baby, It’s Cold Outside | Jen @ Go Brady Go

    • It should be interesting to see who has the lead come the 1st day of the New Year. It’s pretty much been all Grand Rapids so far this season :) I think Buffalo, New York will tap into Erie lake effect, then again both Grand Rapids and Erie could tap into the lakes too ;)

    • Hi John, According to the National Weather Service the list should be correct as of about 24 hours ago. Here is a link you can check out that will show you what Buffalo has so far this season. Just click go and you will get a pop up with the current snow stats… Keep in mind that Buffalo itself did pick up quite a bit of snow but nothing compared to the towns that you were seeing on TV and on the internet.

  5. It’s great to see South Bend representing Indiana in this snow race. Great to have them back in the running, being that I live here. It’s been quite an interesting start to the season. Almost every single inch that has fallen in South Bend has been lake effect. All of the system snow has been to the south and north of us. Maybe, just maybe, one of the next storms will take a more lower Great Lake approach. :)

  6. The last time Buffalo got an epic lake event was in the 2000- 2001 season, and ended the season with 158.7 inches(Buffalo’s second snowiest year). This was actually measured in the airport, and not South of the city. Same year, the Cuse came from behind and topped out at 191.9. Someone in Buffalo stole the Golden Snowball award that year! LMAO!

      • I live 7 miles south of airport and are considered part of Buffalo We had 89 inches here. You need to rethink the stat gathering, to have a more factual total for these cities.

    • Unfortunately Glenn Syracuse lost a couple of inches in the last few updates :( Don’t know if The National Weather Service made a mistake adding the stats or what the problem was. They are only at 8.7 inches now instead of the 11.0 inches that was showing a couple of days ago…

  7. Nobody has anything to say about Grand Rapids, Mi? The last time the downtown area ofGrand Rapids had over 28 inches of snow in November was in the 1890′s. Most snow on record for this month in history… Now that’s a snowy November for GR! Curious to see what the rest of 2015 will bring in inches.

    • Hey Matt, I have been trying to blog about Grand Rapids and tried to get a hold of a couple of sites from there. Thanks for sharing that info and I’ll post about it. Congrats on being in first place (For Now) ;) I’m impressed that you guys are almost 25 inches over your average to date so far this season. I think you’re right, it will be interesting to see what the rest of the season has in store for us…

    • Hi Sue, here is what I wrote on another comment with the same question.

      most of the snow was hitting the towns to the south and east of Buffalo and wasn’t hitting the Buffalo airport where they measure the snow. I think this is one time that the people that it’s missing, even snow lovers are probably happy that it is missing them. Pretty crazy where it was snowing…

      • and yet I thought the numbers were too HIGH for the airport measurement. I live just slightly north of there and got a fraction of the airport???

      • It’s crazy here now. And now they are talking about flooding cause it started to rain. 13 people died already. One guy was stuck in his car and not found for days :(

      • Hi Jill, yeah not a good situation from what I have seen and pretty sad about the deaths. Let’s hope the flooding does because disastrous and that all of the roofs hold up. Still have a bad feeling about some of the people that have may not have been checked on yet also :( Stay safe!

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