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  1. Go ahead and take Erie off. People just wanna win on a technicality. Erie is usually high in the ranks, population means nothing. Removing us doesn’t take away our snowfall numbers, just out of a “rank” competition. No matter how you look at it, we’re still one of the ones to beat. As it is, some of you other cities, when national news programs report on snow fall totals in cities, Erie is one of the ones almost always mentioned. Some of you others have yet to be acknowledged in the snowfall race.

  2. Patrick, I just wanted to say thank you for the fun but ive decided I wont follow this contest this year. Sort of need a break from the over competitiveness, it was fun while i was following it but then instead of sitting back and having a little fun people started moaning too much about cities being added and of course with Erie threatening the top five the whole lets take erie out of the picture because they are under 100000 just sort of spoiled everything for me. It just feels like all the fun that I think you intended for this has become an all out war. It has become, do whatever it takes to get to the top and reign there. Personally my suggestion to you but its not my site so its only a suggestion is if a city is currently in this contest then they should not be taken out of it later just because they fell below 100000 by a few hundred. Population will fluctuate all the time but I dont think erie is going to run out of people anytime soon nor any other city thats been pulled into the contest which by the way people crying about as well last year. Had you not pulled those other cities in last year the contest could have been completely different but honestly who cares its suppose to be fun. Lol Could really upset some people if you were to change the population requirement to 50000 instead but omgossh you would be so overwhelmed with people crying anyway good luck with this contest and to the future winners.

    • Hi Kayli, NOOO way can you leave us :( It can be a little silly about how some of us take the competition and I’m sure I’ve made a post or two picking on someone’s city. I can guarantee though that none of my posts were every intended to be serious. In the several seasons that the National snow contest has been around, I think other than spammers I have blocked under 10 comments on here. I think that goes to show you what a great group of people that come and post to the site.

      As for Erie and there is at least one other city that supposedly dropped below 100,000, maybe two, they are here at least until the next Census. I mentioned that in our Facebook and most agreed. We use the National Weather Service because they are the only official snow stats so I think going by the latest Cencus is the fairest thing to do. Besides the people from Erie are too much fun to get rid of :) That said, Come on Erie, Start Making Some Babies ;)

      • lol i love your contest and you talked me into staying on board. I was going to move but something came up and I will be remaining in Erie.

        Thank You for convincing me to stay and I promise it wasnt you. I dont mind some picking in fun but its like people are trying to take the fun out of it. I am not Erie or Pennsylvania raised but since moving here I have learned jack frost does not discriminate in the northeast. I wondered often why my father would have wanted to move from Maine to the Phoenix area of Arizona and now im beginning to see his logic XD but then again I think my logic is sound too move from the desert southwest back to the northeast where my father came from haha at least in Erie I dont have to worry about breaking a sweat when drinking hot cocoa :P

  3. Ashtabula, OH has had an average annual snowfall of 120.5 inches over the last 30 years, which is 438% more than the national average (22.4 inches). 74% of Ashtabula’s snow fell during the winter months.

  4. Chuck Great point when Erie beat syr.
    last year by 6 inches my thought was do they Really have more than the reported 106000 pop. I Demanded a recount or adjustment ehr WHATEVER???

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