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Lowell, Ma, Winner of The National Golden Snow Globe Contest

Congratulations to Lowell, Massachusetts and to the fine folks in Lowell on being the snowiest Big city in the united states for the 2014-2015 snow season. This has by far been the closest snow contest since it began several seasons back. Less than an inch separates the top 3 cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest.

It was looking like the contest was going to end up in a tie between Worcester, Ma and Syracuse, NY for awhile but Lowell managed to pull it off beating both Syracuse and Worcester by only 0.9 of an inch. Syracuse and Worcester both ended the snow season with 119.7 inches of snowfall.

Lowell, Ma deserves the bragging rights after setting their all-time seasonal snow record of 111.5 inches that dated back to the 1947-1948 season according to the National Weather Service website. Unless it snow tonight ;) Lowell has set their all time seasonal record with 120.6 inches this season, 2014-2015. Way to go Lowell!

I was going to drag out the contest a little longer but figured Nah. OK, today is the last day of the 2014-2015 snow season believe it or not. Really!!! The new 2015-2016 snow season starts tomorrow, July 1st :P I have never waited this long to call the National snow contest but being the Sissyman that I am I was a little worried with it being sooo close and that perhaps some corrections would be made by the National Weather Service that I decided to hold off. I did call both National Weather Service office’s that handle Lowell, Worcester and Syracuse to make sure it was safe and both said to call it and both said it was.

I will do a more detailed summary when I have a little more time in the next few days. Once again Congrats to all of you in Lowell, Ma. It’s been a really fun season as always :)

Have a Great Summer All!

A Few Videos of a Thunderstorm and Lightning Near Clayton, North Carolina

Last night we were hanging out in the backyard when we started seeing a lot of lightning. What was really cool about this thunderstorm was not a rumble of thunder was heard during the entire storm. Below are a few videos of the lightning that I took and the lightning lasted over an hour.

I asked a few of the pros why there was no thunder and they all pretty much said it was most like because the storm was too far away. That’s probably the only explanation for not hearing any thunder with all of that lightning but man it looked like it was pretty close to us.

By the way, the little kid you hear is my Grandson who I am visiting and he was safe in his daddy’s truck…

3 Videos of a Lot of Lightning in a Storm

My 2 year old Grandson sums up the lightning the best :)

I was talking to Stephanie Abrams from the Weather Channel through twitter during her show really early this morning. She posted one of the videos of the lightning on her facebook page and the Weather Channel has been showing it on TV which is pretty cool ;)

Have a Great Day All! Check out the new city rainfall contest here! You can also check out our new shopping section with deals and coupons for stores online here.

Hi All!

I’ve finally added a new shopping section that I have been thinking about adding to the Golden Snow Globe site for awhile now. It’s still in the works and I am will be adding many more shopping sites and stores as the days go on.

Every purchase you make by going through Golden Snow Globe I get compensated for so it really helps me out a lot and a Big Thanks in advance for making me Rich even though that will never happen :) If you already shop at stores online such as Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and others I have them listed on the site now and you pay the same prices unless I have some coupons to offer you where you will save even more. You can find the Shopping Section Here!

A lot of the online stores are stores that I personally shop at and almost always save at. I’m going to do my best to add and keep updated some of the specials and most current coupons that the merchants offer me to share with those of you who visit our site.

I have been shopping online for about 15 years now give or take. I find that some of the best deals online are ink stores that sell compatible printer ink cartridges, laser toners for your printers and all-in-ones, personal and business bank checks, party supplies and quite a few other products which I will be adding in the next couple of days. You will find all of my new posts right below this one that is a brief explanation of the new shopping section at Golden Snow Globe or just click on the most recent posts to the left.

Thanks and have a Great Day ;)