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A Few Videos of a Thunderstorm and Lightning Near Clayton, North Carolina

Last night we were hanging out in the backyard when we started seeing a lot of lightning. What was really cool about this thunderstorm was not a rumble of thunder was heard during the entire storm. Below are a few videos of the lightning that I took and the lightning lasted over an hour.

I asked a few of the pros why there was no thunder and they all pretty much said it was most like because the storm was too far away. That’s probably the only explanation for not hearing any thunder with all of that lightning but man it looked like it was pretty close to us.

By the way, the little kid you hear is my Grandson who I am visiting and he was safe in his daddy’s truck…

3 Videos of a Lot of Lightning in a Storm

My 2 year old Grandson sums up the lightning the best :)

I was talking to Stephanie Abrams from the Weather Channel through twitter during her show really early this morning. She posted one of the videos of the lightning on her facebook page and the Weather Channel has been showing it on TV which is pretty cool ;)

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