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I can’t honestly say I am looking forward to a 50 plus degree drop in temperatures in the next 24 hours give or take but it is what it is.  I guess if the cold front that is coming through has to happen then hey, it may as well drop half a foot of snow on Syracuse, NY :)

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Let us know if you have some time if it’s snowing in your neck of the woods.  Erie, PA still holds a good lead over Syracuse and Buffalo but the next day or two could make the contest a little more interesting than it is right now.  What a difference a day makes in the northeast!

Have a Great Day All ;)

There are two things that have scared me since day one of starting up the National snow contest. One, am I missing a big city that gets a ton of snow and two, am I calling the contest too soon?

The reason I worry about the second, when to wrap up the snow contest is because with my luck one of the cities will get some fluke snow storm in May or June. If the snow contest isn’t close I don’t worry so much but when it is close I tend to stress a little over it. The main reason is because the chances are good that some of the news media will be reporting it and I can see me calling the winner, the news reporting it and then another city goes ahead a week later:(

OK, so when does the contest get called? I’m hoping sometime at the beginning of May depending on what the long term forecast looks like. I think the longest we have gone is May 15th and the reason was because the Colorado cities were making a last minute charge up the snow mountain. This season they are way toward the bottom of the mountain so I don’t see that happening this season. Right now for this time in the season Erie, PA is looking pretty good with their lead of 5.5 inches over the next best and last seasons snow champion Syracuse. I don’t believe any of the cities on top of the snow mountain average that much snow for May so the beginning of May is looking good right now.

Those of you that follow the snow contest on Twitter will be one of the first to know when I call it so if you don’t follow you may want to. Our local paper in Syracuse and Erie, PA Life on Facebook will also be the first to know. Both have been awesome to the snow contest and it’s appreciated. Let’s just hope I don’t blow it :( Erie has held the lead most of the season and I will feel bad if Syracuse goes ahead at the last minute. I’ll fell bad but I’ll get over it. Hey, I’m from Syracuse ;) Good Luck to Both and let’s not forget Buffalo, NY!

The reason I worry about the first is because I don’t list all of the big cities that get snow for the fact that it would take too long to get updates in. I know there are some cities in probably in the Carolina’s that have gotten snow and others around the country but during a normal season it will never be enough to compete with the big snow makers. This season was anything but a normal snow season with many cities breaking all time records. Cities like Billings, Montana who had the most snow ever since records have been kept and there are several others that have had the same kind of season. Seasons like this get me a little nervous ;)

Important – I have been spending hours upon hours dealing with spam comments to the website. This is something I deal with every day of the year including all through summer. I just added a plugin that should hopefully help but I am a little worried that some legitimate comments from those of you that post may be blocked also. If that happens please let me know by contacting me through the contact page so I can make some adjustments. Hopefully you won’t have any problems and that this saves me hours of browsing through all of the spam that I get here.

A BIG Thanks to Carol G. for her donation that we received. Last month I was overwhelmed by the support the site received from a lot of you. Last month alone was more than the site has received in total since we started it a few years back. It’s nice to see the appreciation carrying over into this month and Thank You again to all of you and Thanks again Carol, I truly appreciate it :)

Have a Great Day Everyone :)

First I want to give a BIG Thanks to Carol G. for her donation that we received. Last month I was overwhelmed by the support the site received from a lot of you. Last month alone was more than the site has received in total since we started it a few years back. It’s nice to see the appreciation carrying over into this month and Thank You again to all of you and Thanks again Carol, I truly appreciate it :)
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OK, the time I think has come for some of the cities to start getting a little bit nervous about Erie right now. Erie is heading into April with a decent snow lead of 5.6 inches over 2nd place Syracuse, NY. Keep in mind that it’s not over until the fat man sings and the chances are that the earliest I may be singing won’t be until May 1st, maybe a little bit later. I will admit that as the days go by I do find myself humming more and more each day ;) It’s still snowing in several cities and I think even the top snowiest cities will be getting a little more. The question is just how much more. Stay Tuned ;)

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Have a Great Night All ;)

With March having come to a close, the 2014 Fantasy Snowfall contest has ended. We’ve waited about a week to make sure the stats are accurate: that any corrections that were needed between December and March have been accounted for now. First, here’s a look at the March monthly totals:

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
41.1 45.2 38.4 34.5
Starters (Full Credit)
Denver 6.0 Ann Arbor 10.5 Green Bay 6.1 Akron 9.7
Lansing 10.4 Boston 2.2 Rochester(MN) 6.2 Billings 10.6
Milwaukee 6.3 Madison 8.2 Salt Lake City 0.5 Hartford 0.8
Sioux Fallsr 7.7 Pittsburgh 4.9 Spokane 5.8 Minneapolis 4.7
Total 30.4 Total 25.8 Total 18.6 Total 25.8
Bench (Half Credit)
Erie 17.6 Flint 9.4 Buffalo 24.5 Anchorage 10.9
Worcester 3.7 Rochester(NY) 29.3 Cleveland 15.1 Grand Rapids 6.4
Total 10.7 Total 19.4 Total 19.8 Total 8.7

All four competitors used Syracuse earlier in the season. That strategy worked this season, as Syracuse picked up 21.7 inches of snow in March, the city’s lowest total of the 4 months in play.

Mike takes March, but monthly totals for everyone were a bit low for everyone. While this is partly due to the big cities being on the bench, it’s largely a result of there just simply not being much snow in most of the Fantasy Snowfall cities. Only 2 cities reached the 20 inch mark, while 16 of the 24 failed to reach double digits.

Now a word about the final standings. Because of adjustments made through the season by the National Weather Service, the totals below will not match results from previously announced months. With that out of the way, here are the final totals for Fantasy Snowfall 2014:

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014 Standings
Players December January February March Total
Brent 103.4 126.0 105.0 41.1 375.4
Mike 92.4 133.6 108.8 45.2 379.8
Pat 99.6 104.2 134.9 38.4 377.0
Steve 110.2 107.7 152.0 34.5 404.4

Steve wins this year’s contest! It was a tight race for the rest, as the difference between second and last was 4.4 inches. Mike winning March propelled him to second place overall, with Pat finishing 3rd and Brent in 4th.

We’d like to thank all four players for their participation, and everyone for following along, this season. We’re excited to bring another edition of Fantasy Snowfall next season…but we’ll gladly take the next 6 months to relax before then. ;)

While Fantasy Snowfall has ended, the main snow race continues! Stay tuned to find out which city is this year’s national champion. Can Erie hold on? Will Syracuse overtake them? Is there another that will pass them both? Should be a very interesting conclusion in the next month to month and a half!