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With the national snowfall contest just about to wrap up, I thought I’d follow up on an earlier post comparing this season’s Anchorage totals to last season’s Syracuse numbers.

Up first, snowfall for the season, as of May 11th.

2011-12 Anchorage: 134.5
2010-11 Syracuse: 179.0

Syracuse had 34.5 inches more snow last season than Anchorage does this season. But we can’t just stop the comparison there…how much higher than average are these totals?

2011-12 Anchorage: 60.1 (74.4 average)
2010-11 Syracuse: 55.2 (123.8 average)

When compared to their respective averages, Anchorage comes out on top by less than half a foot! Not only that, but this season is Anchorage’s snowiest season on record (since 1917)! For Syracuse, the 179.0 mark was their 4th snowiest since 1951.

In the end, both cities had some impressive totals in their respective seasons. Who knows what we’re in store for next season…and maybe some other city will steal the show!

Hey, enjoy these last few days of the contest and have a great off season!