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First off as always a Big Thanks to Jeffrey K for your donation to the website. They help out big time and I do appreciate it. Thanks Jeffrey :)

Just wanted to wish all of you across the country a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!


12/30 - OK, an hour before the 30th but just another heads up that I finally got a full update in. No change on the top spot, go figure but several other changes. The Wisconsin cities made up quite a bit of ground and jumped pretty far up on the snow mountain. The king of the mountain Erie, Pa is kind of just chilling on the top spot and hasn’t a worry in the world yet but 2nd place is open top a ton of cities :)

Have a Great Day Everyone :)


Just a heads up that I was finally able to get a top 10 update in.  It’s been a busy week visiting with family for the Christmas holidays and I’ve tried a few times to get an update in.  I’m hoping that I can maybe get a full update in sometime tomorrow.  I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas :)

We’re about two thirds through December, so it’s time for another Fantasy Snowfall update. The table below shows the month’s snowfall totals, through 12/21, for the 24 cities in this season’s Fantasy Snowfall contest.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
72.8 53.2 69.8 82.4
Starters (Full Credit)
Denver 3.6 Flint 7.9 Buffalo 19.7 Anchorage 21.2
Erie 32.8 Madison 10.1 Cleveland 11.5 Billings 16.9
Lansing 10.0 Rochester(NY) 18.0 Green Bay 16.4 Grand Rapids 22.5
Worcester 18.1 South Bend 6.7 Salt Lake City 17.8 Minneapolis 10.7
Total 64.5 Total 42.7 Total 65.4 Total 71.3
Bench (Half Credit)
Milwaukee 7.4 Boston 11.4 Rochester(MN) 5.3 Akron 9.8
Sioux Falls 9.1 Pittsburgh 9.5 Spokane 3.4 Hartford 12.4
Total 8.3 Total 10.5 Total 4.4 Total 11.1

In this season’s contest, all four competitors are given the option to start Syracuse for one month as a bonus 5th starter. None of the four chose to start Syracuse in December. However, it is worth pointing out that Syracuse has 20.5 inches in the month so far. Time will tell if not using Syracuse this month will have hurt at least one of the competitors.

Steve has widened his lead, but now Brent has taken over second place. Pat is now third and Mike is still fourth. With 10 days to go in December, and 3 more months remaining for the entire contest, it is still anyone’s game. Just look at how last year’s competition unfolded: all big leads diminished quickly throughout the event. Perhaps the same thing will happen this year.

The next update will show the final December results as well as the starters for January. Stay tuned!

I was able to get a full update in today and there was a little bit of movement in the top 10 snowiest city lineup. Sioux Falls, South Dakota has once again fallen out of the top 10 being replaced by Salt Lake City, Utah who had some decent snow since the last update setting a date record. Salt Lake City picked up 6.9 inches of new snow yesterday breaking the date record of 5.2 inches which dates back to 1951. Welcome back to the top 10 snowiest cities Salt Lake City ;)

Erie continues to dominate this seasons snow contest and continues to hold the crown so far as the King of the Snow Mountain. Erie still has over a oot of snow lead in the contest. The question is, can they hold on to it until the end of the season? I think a better question would be when will Erie give up the top spot on the snow mountain ;) I believe it’s way too early for any of the snowiest big cities in the US to hold a lead right through the season but you never know.

Speaking of how early it is in the snow season winter hasn’t even arrived yet. It’s pretty impressive that some of the Golden Snow Globe cities have had the amount of snow they have had so far before Winter even begins which is tomorrow. Winter Solstice which has the shortest daylight of the year and longest darkness starts tomorrow afternoon, Saturday December 21st at 12:11 EST, eastern standard time. When the kids were little I use to always bring them to the window or take them outside to wave and say “Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter” :) Ok. I still do it every year when I happen to remember the time ;)

The good news is that we start gaining sunlight time from there on with the daylight getting longer and the darkness getting shorter :) A minute here and a minute there starts to add up after awhile and before you know it Spring will be right around the corner. Of course before that happens a lot of us will have to probably deal with a hundred inches or more of new snow.

This weeks movers were Boston and Worcester, Mass and Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Boston climbed up 24 spots on the snow mountain while Worcester and Bridgeport both climbed about 12 spots.  WTG!

With Christmas coming up fast it’s going to be hit and miss here at   I will be getting some top 10 updates in though during the holiday season and hopefully at least one or two full updates.  I like to see how all of the cities are doing just as much as you all do.

It took awhile this year for the Christmas spirit to kick in for me but it finally did yesterday which means I have a ton of catching up to do on all of my Christmas stuff :(   Only four days left for me to finish shopping, decorating and of course baking my Christmas cookies :)   Yes I bake!  I have been a bachelor for quite awhile off and on so I pretty much do it all now.  I do have great family though and my sisters and other relatives do take care of me with some nice cookie trays also for Christmas ;)

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone!


Erie, Pa has cushioned their lead with some more of the white fluffy stuff falling since the last update. I heard from a lot of people from Erie saying how hard the lake effect snow was coming down the other night. The rest of us better hope that it’s stopped by now because they have over a foot lead now on the second place city, Da’Cuse.

I know it seems like it’s Erie, Erie, Erie, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha right now but you have to be impressed with their snow totals this early in the season. Just think, they have more than double of what their normal snowfall should be for this time in the season. Right now they are at 45.0 inches of snow and counting compared to their normal of 21.1 inches of snow. What stands out the most is that last season at this time they had a whopping or make that wimpy 3.1 inches of snow. They are almost 42 inches ahead of last season at this time. WTG Erie but watch your back. We are all coming to knock you down that snow mountain ;)

Erie, Pa, one of the heavy weights when it comes to snowiest big cities better keep it up though because they are being chased right now from the great state of New York cities and they are the Big 3. Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, NY. It’s been snowing off and on in a couple of those cities and most likely they will be adding to their snow totals.

Up to the north of Syracuse in places like Fulton, the Tug Hill area, Oswego and Watertown just to name a few have been piling up several feet of snow this past week or so. I’m sure there are a lot of the smaller cities and towns around Erie and in a couple of other states that are getting pounded also. I get a lot of complaints or comments about how much snow they get and why aren’t they in the snow contest. I respect all of you who live in those places that get hammered, with snow that is ;) and how you have to deal with it. The reason is that when the storms hit in the big cities it obviously affects a lot more people. One of the other reasons is that The National Weather service doesn’t report the snow stats for most of the smaller cities. They do for some but it would be almost impossible to get Official snow stats for most of the smaller cities. That and not to mention there would probably be a couple of hundred of them and by the time I finished the first update the season would be over. So like I mentioned, my respect kudos to all of the smaller cities and towns like Booneville, Tug Hill Oswego and so on.

Have an Awesome Night All!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I’m hoping to have the website up soon.  I have almost literally been working on it for around 24 hours now.  The problem is with my hosting company and the time it is taking them to get back to me.  Most likely changes are coming down the road.

This is something that should have taken no longer than 2 hours to straighten out but unfortunately I am on the phone with them right now as I type.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this support person knows what they are doing :(

A few errands to run and hopefully the site will be back up and I can get an update in :)

Make sure you check out Stephens post below to see how a group of us are doing in the Fantasy Snowfall Contest ;)

Wow and way to go Erie, Pa :) Erie has been piling up the snow the last couple of days and have almost a foot of snow lead on the next closest city which Buffalo, NY who has also had a pretty impressive couple of days of snowfall. My guess is that a lot of the North East cities profited from that snow storm that passed by yesterday and today and I’m sure some good lake effect snow also helped out some of the cities by the big lakes.  Erie is the first city to hit the 3 foot mark.  WTG!

I had some tweets and emails saying that Erie and Buffalo were getting some decent snow but I have to admit I was surprised when I just did this new update. Erie, Pa has been going back and forth since the season started but I believe this is the biggest lead that any city has had this season. Can they hold on to it though ;)

Buffalo, NY has been having a hard time getting into the lake effect snow the last couple of seasons but it’s looking like they have their groove going again. Let’s hope they can keep it going. They climbed from the 13 spot on the snow mountain to the number 2 spot but that may be tough to hold onto with a lot of cities right behind them just waiting for them to take a slip down the mountain.

I think the biggest mover this update was Grand Rapids, Michigan who climbed up 19 spots to jump into the top 10 at number 7 now. Chances are that there is still more snow to add to the totals so look for at least a top 10 update sometime soon, most likely tomorrow.

Have an Awesome Week Everyone :)

It’s the first Fantasy Snowfall update of the season! So let’s get right to it. The table below shows the month’s snowfall totals, through 12/13, for the 24 cities in this season’s Fantasy Snowfall contest.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
25.0 20.9 34.4 41.5
Starters (Full Credit)
Denver 3.1 Flint 1.3 Buffalo 9.2 Anchorage 3.8
Erie 10.0 Madison 6.5 Cleveland 5.1 Billings 12.5
Lansing 3.1 Rochester(NY) 8.1 Green Bay 8.7 Grand Rapids 14.7
Worcester 2.5 South Bend 1.9 Salt Lake City 10.1 Minneapolis 8.2
Total 18.7 Total 17.8 Total 33.1 Total 39.2
Bench (Half Credit)
Milwaukee 3.9 Boston 0.8 Rochester(MN) 2.4 Akron 3.7
Sioux Falls 8.8 Pittsburgh 5.3 Spokane 0.2 Hartford 0.9
Total 6.3 Total 3.1 Total 1.3 Total 2.3

In this season’s contest, all four competitors are given the option to start Syracuse for one month as a bonus 5th starter. None of the four chose to start Syracuse in December. However, I feel it is worth pointing out that Syracuse has 6.3 inches in the month so far.

Steve has the early lead, but this is a marathon, not a sprint. With a storm impacting the eastern portion of the country this weekend, we could be in for a big shift in the standings.

We are planning on getting the next full Fantasy Snowfall update in next week. Stay tuned!

Just got a top 10 update in – I could only go down 10 cities but unless a city not in the top 10 got a lot of snow, Erie, Pa climbs to the top of the snow mountain. Way to go Erie!!!

Just a quick heads up that I currently lost my internet connection until tomorrow, Saturday, which is why no updates recently. Right now I am at my local Library and will try to get at least a top 10 snowiest city update in. I’ll see how long it takes them to kick me off of the computer. Hopefully I can get this done by the time the kids get out of school ;)

I haven’t been able to answer or for that matter get to any of my emails but I will as soon as they come and climb the pole tomorrow to get me going again. I wish I could say it is down because of the tons of snow we are getting here in Syracuse but so far most of the heavy snow is staying to the north of us and they have been getting pounded with feet, not inches of snow up there.

I’m also without the program that I use to do the updates so if I end up messing up the computer programming coding I’ll fix it sometime tomorrow when I’m back online at home. OK, enough for now so I can get to work on the updates.

Have a Great Snowy Day All!

Nothing going on with the top 5 snowiest cities since the last update but a whole lot of shuffling going on from the cities below. The cities from Ohio and Minnesota did pretty good this update moving up the mountain. There are still a lot of cities staying close and it should be interesting to see what happens when this storm that is hitting the east coast is done and over with.

Pittsburgh joined the top 10 snowiest cities pushing Buffalo, NY out of the top 10. Pitt, PA may still be climbing as it looks like it is still snowing there. I’m watching the Philadelphia game and no doubt come the next update they will be climbing the snow mountain. It’s been snowing the whole game so far with some heavy snow falling at times. Being a Giants fan the game is starting to head in the wrong direction score wise and I’m sure I’ll be hearing from my brother who lives in Philly sometime soon unfortunately. It’s not looking good for the Giants either way so the chances are if they get eliminated I’ll be pulling for Philly who I normally root for after the Giants and the Jets.

Is it snowing in Erie today? Not a whole lot here in Syracuse or central New York yet and last I looked it’s going to be more of a mix than just all snow for us so this could be a chance for Erie to cushion their lead over the New Your cities. I’ll be checking the totals off and on as the National Weather Service reports them and will maybe do a top 10 update later if things change.

Enjoy What’s Left of the Weekend All ;)