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We’re just about halfway through the final month of Fantasy Snowfall. Some cities already have as much snow, or more, than they had in all of January. We’ll get to that in just a bit, but first, here’s how the teams stand so far in April. As a reminder, the sleepers are in italics. Pat used his 2 sleeper option this month, so he has 6 starters.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2013 April Update
Pat Steve
20.65 21.80
Starters (Full Credit)
Fort Collins, CO 1.5 Denver, CO 6.6
Green Bay, WI 7.3 Des Moines, IA 0.0
St. Paul, MN 4.9 Madison, WI 0.0
Worcester, MA 0.0 Minneapolis, MN 6.6
Newark, NJ 0.0 Boston, MA 0.0
Pueblo, CO 0.8
Total 14.5 Total 13.2
Bench (Half Credit)
Buffalo, NY 0.3 Anchorage, AK 14.7
Erie, PA 0.0 Cleveland, OH 0.2
Spokane, WA 0.0 Rochester, NY 2.3
Syracuse, NY 12.0 Salt Lake City, UT 0.0
South Bend, IN 0.0
Total 6.15 Total 8.60

With the big snow cities forced to be on the bench this month, it’s not a surprise to see the bigger snow totals there. As I mentioned up top though, some cities are already at, or above, their totals for all of January. Those cities are Anchorage, Denver, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Syracuse. It makes for an interesting race to the finish, but how long will the snow last?

The final results for the season will be posted May 1st. Depending on events between now and then, we may sneak in one more update.

Not a whole lot of changes this last update which included all of the cities. Most of the snowiest cities were pretty much snow-less since the last update but with the way this snow season has gone so far it’s still too early to crown a winner in my opinion.

A few of the Colorado cities are getting some snow but I think the city to keep an eye on right now is Anchorage. Once again this season they are over their normal snowfall totals and it seems every time I check their snow stats they have more snow to add. They are still in striking distance along with Erie, PA and Worcester, MA.

The warm air was suppose to show up in the Syracuse area this week but that never happened. I didn’t look to see if Erie has gotten into the warm air yet. To sum it up I think as long as the cold air is sticking around any of the top 4 cities can keep adding to their totals. I’ll be getting the updates in as I see the snow falling and Good Luck to the cities near the top ;)

Have a Great Week Everyone :)

The new snow stats have finally come in and we have a new leader for the first time in awhile. Syracuse was able to tap into the Lake Effect snow this time round and managed to break the old record for todays date 4/2 picking up 10.5 inches of the white fluffy gold breaking the old date record of 1.4 set back in 1991.  They may have a shot at breaking their snow totals record for the month of April which I believe is 16.4 back in 1983 if it continues for a day or two.

Here is an article that came out today by Sean Kirst who is a great journalist for the Post Standard and in the Syracuse and surrounding areas about the national snow contest.

Now it is up to Erie and Worcester to catch Syracuse, the new king of the snow mountain. Both cities were reporting just a trace this last update which included just the top 3 cities. Here in Da’Cuse it’s been light snow most of the day but it looks like one of the lake effect bands are just starting to kick in again as it’s coming down pretty good.

I have to say that this season has been the most exciting and closest one that I can remember since the snow contest started :) Let’s go Erie and Worcester, keep it close to the end. I’ll try and get a full or at least a top 10 update done in the next day or two.

Have a GREAT Week All!!

To be honest I don’t have a clue right now but I think it will be pretty close.  The problem is that the overnight snow stats aren’t out yet so I’ll do a quick update a bit later.  Hey, is there any new snow in Erie, PA?

I don’t think Worcester will have much to add to their snow totals but Erie may have gotten some new snow and Syracuse definitely got some decent lake effect snow last night as I am looking at it out my window right now.  The suspense is killing me though as to how much Syracuse received overnight and if Erie picked up any.  Syracuse may have gotten enough to take over the top spot from Worcester, MA who has held on to the lead for quite awhile now.

Not much info to share right now but I’ll be posting when the new NOAA snow stats come out.  Stay Tuned ;)

Just like with February, there’s lots to get into with the end of the month results. So…here they are…

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2013 March Results
Pat Steve
108.15 106.50
Starters (Full Credit)
Buffalo, NY 9.8 Anchorage, AK 20.6
Erie, PA 25.4 Cleveland, OH 10.7
Fort Collins, CO 12.6 Madison, WI 15.2
St. Paul, MN 12.8 Minneapolis, MN 13.8
Syracuse, NY 20.2 Rochester, NY 11.9
Total 80.8 Total 72.2
Bench (Half Credit)
Green Bay, WI 8.4 Denver, CO 23.5
Spokane, WA 0.9 Des Moines, IA 9.6
Worcester, MA 30.9 Salt Lake City, UT 2.7
Newark, NJ 8.8 Boston, MA 20.6
Pueblo, CO 5.7 South Bend, IN 12.2
Total 27.35 Total 34.30

Pat takes this one! As mentioned in the previous update, and held true in the end, the bench was the star of the month. Both Pat and Steve’s highest totals were bench cities this month in Worcester and Denver, respectively. With three months down, and 1 to go, here’s how the overall standings look:

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2013 Standings
Teams January February March April Total
Pat 80.25 165.90 108.15 0.0 354.30
Steve 84.55 174.30 106.50 0.0 365.35

Steve still has the lead, by a little over 11 inches heading into April. It may seem over, but all it takes is one well placed storm. And if you think that’s not likely to happen, keep this in mind: it’s currently snowing in Syracuse. Now on to the April starters:

Fort Collins, CO
Green Bay, WI
St. Paul, MN
Worcester, MA
Newark, NJ
Pueblo, CO

Pat saved his double sleeper option for the end. And he has the current GSG leader Worcester starting. But, he was forced to bench some of his other big snow getters in Buffalo, Erie and Syracuse. Along with the two sleepers, Pat was forced to start Green Bay for April.

Denver, CO
Des Moines, IA
Madison, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Boston, MA

Speaking of benching big snow getters, Steve had to bench Anchorage and Rochester for April. Steve also had to start Denver, Des Moines and sleeper Boston. Of the two remaining options available, Steve took the two northern cities Madison and Minneapolis.

Both are looking for a strong finish…at least as strong of one as you can get in April. Just 30 days remain in this year’s Fantasy Snowfall contest!