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The big 3 from New York, Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester climbed quite a ways up the snow mountain but Spokane, Washington had a few more flakes to take over the King of the Mountain spot from Anchorage. Way to go Spokane!!!

All of the cities are up to date and it’s looking like it will be a close and fun race to the end of the 2012 – 2013 snow season. That last storm that just passed through helped out the New York cities dropping about a foot of snow on them give or take a bit. Several of the other cities also were able to jump into storm Euclid. Anchorage was quiet since the last update which gave some of us a chance to catch up.

It will be interesting to see if Spokane can hold on to the crown come the next update. The losers this update I would have to say were the Twin Cities in which both of them dropped out of the top 10 this week.

Have an Awesome Weekend All and a Happy New Year :)

Just a heads up – I know everyone is waiting for an update and I’m just as curious as all of you are as to how much snow all of the Golden Snow Globe cities have. There is a good storm moving across several states so I figure once all of those totals get reported I’ll get an update in. Should be within the next 24 hours give or take a bit.

In the words of President Reagan, “Well, Here They Go Again”. Anchorage pulled a sneak snowball attack on most of us since the stats were last updated. I was a little worried checking their snow stats the first update but they were way off their normals for the season so I thought last years snow champs just had a fluke of a season in 2011-2012. I received an email from Charles of Alaska curious as to when the next update may be. For good reason he was curious because they piled on some decent snow totals the last week or so. They jumped from 6th place with just 6.7 inches all the way up to being king of the snow mountain with the new snow total for Anchorage at 22.8 inches and probably climbing. WTG AK ;)

They do have some competition though and it’s Salt Lake City and the Twin Cities did pretty good this last week. Salt Lake City did get knocked of the top of the mountain but still slipped in enough snow to stay right behind Anchorage. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul went from less than an inch of snow to over a foot of snow now keeping in striking distance of last years champions.

I’m starting to think that this season is going to come down to the end of the season with probably several lead changes. Let’s hope it turns out like that to keep it exciting. As far as the North East goes it’s still pretty pitiful so far this season but it’s starting to look like some cold air may be coming around this week. The big question is will it stick around for the season?

What’s you thoughts on which city you think will be the champs this season? Leave a comment in this post as to how you think this season will pan out. Just click the bubble to comment.

Have an AWESOME weekend everyone ;)

First off there has been some crazy weather already this season so some help is needed. There are most likely a few cities that aren’t listed here that have gotten snow this season. If you live in a city with a population of 100,000 or more and have gotten some snow please let us know and most likely we will add you to the lineup. Thanks :)

Yeah I know, it’s about time huh. I’m starting a little bit later than normal but other than a few cities there hasn’t been a whole lot as far as snowfall goes going on. Of course I was just as curious as the rest of you to see how things are starting out so far for the 2012 – 2013 snow season. The snow stats have just been updated and the rankings for the cities are pretty interesting so far.

Anchorage, Alaska who kicked but last season is starting out pretty lame this season. I think this is the least amount of snow I have seen for Anchorage in the last couple of years of keeping the snow stats for the Golden Snowball Contest. Congrats to them once again though for a great snow 2011 – 2012 snow season. I’m a big fan of Gold Rush Alaska and it was pretty cool after keeping track of the snow in AK last season to watch the first episode of the show this year. Just to see all of the snow on the ground and the problems it was causing for all of the crews trying to get started digging and clearing the snow and ice off. If you get a chance it’s an awesome show IMO and worth checking out.

When you look at the snow stats you will see 2 numbers. The first is what place the city is in right now and the 2nd is how they placed last season. I know we are just beginning but I was surprised with a few of the cities that are in the top ten and just as surprised at a few that dropped way down from the top 10 snowiest cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah take the top 2 spots on the snow mountain moving up quite a few spots from how they ended last season. Bridgeport, Connecticut, Newark, NJ and New York City are also off to a great start. Other than those the North East has been pretty quiet so far including here in Syracuse. Rochester, NY, Grand Rapids, Michigan and South Bend Indiana are the slackers so far this season. No need to worry though about those cities because you know they will be moving up the snow mountain some time soon. It’s only just begun and let’s hope it’s an exciting snow contest right to the end :)

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!