2 comments on “Winter Storm Warnings Galore

  1. Hey Robb, I never count Da’Cuse out. They are the favorite to win at the start of every season. I just throw a few other cities in there that I think will give Syracuse a tough time ;) With the way the snow has been hanging to the south of Buffalo the last few years Erie, Pa always has me worried along with a couple others. I’m always cheering for Syracuse though whether it’s snow, basketball, football, etc… Can’t wait for the bowl game on Saturday!

    Back to snow, the big 3 from New York climbed quite a ways up the snow mountain but Spokane, Washington had a few more flakes. I’m glad it’s a tight race with several cities in striking distance :)

  2. Cuse won 2 of last 3 years easily, and probably many more if we go back! Currently (thanks to a nice 20″ plus snow blast past 2 days) it looks like we are trailing Anchorage, by a punk ass inch or 2! But an inch has fallen as I typed this, yet I seen no mention of Syracuse in the predictions for this year champs! What’s up? Don’t sleep on us winning 3 out of last 4!

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