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Syracuse managed to slip past Erie, Pa in what has been a back and forth snow race for the past month. As of yesterdays totals Syracuse is winning the Golden Snow Globe contest by just 4.1 inches of snowfall. Could Erie knock Syracuse from the top of the snow mountain? Hell yeah and it won’t take a whole lot to do it. Keep in mind that Worcester, Ma and Salt Lake City are right behind them on the mountain and can also jup to the top with just one little storm.

How did Erie make out today I wonder. A little snow here in the Syracuse area overnight but most of the time it was rain. Maybe another inch or two to add but that’s about it.

This was a full update and I’ll get at least a couple of top 10 updates in during the next few days seeing how it is suppose to start cooling down again ;)

With under a week to go in the month, it’s time for another update. And this one is closer than any update we’ve posted here yet! As always, the sleepers are in italics. Stephen used the 2 sleeper option this month, so he has 6 starters for February.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2013 February Update
Pat Steve
143.55 142.70
Starters (Full Credit)
Buffalo, NY 19.2 Anchorage, AK 15.8
Erie, PA 25.2 Cleveland, OH 19.4
Syracuse, NY 33.1 Rochester, NY 23.5
Worcester, MA 33.9 Salt Lake City, UT 8.0
Newark, NJ 10.8 Boston, MA 32.0
South Bend, IN 23.4
Total 122.2 Total 122.1
Bench (Half Credit)
Fort Collins, CO 4.3 Denver, CO 4.0
Green Bay, WI 5.9 Des Moines, IA 6.7
Spokane, WA 2.9 Madison, WI 15.4
St. Paul, MN 16.7 Minneapolis, MN 15.1
Pueblo, CO 2.9
Total 21.35 Total 20.60

As mentioned above, the race has tightened up significantly. At the 2/10 update, Pat had a 30.05 lead. That has dwindled down to less than an inch! It’s been a pretty snowy month for most of these cities, as 14 of the 20 have double digit snowfall, and 6 of those are averaging over an inch per day.

We’ll get another Fantasy Snowfall update next week to wrap up February and reveal the lineups for March. And as always, go Orange! :)

It seems like there is a lot of back and forth going on in the national snow race doesn’t it? That’s because there is and right now it’s a fight for the King of the hill between Syracuse, New York And Erie Pennsylvania. Don’t count out other cities such as Worcester, Massettchusett’s and even Rochester, NY. There is still a ton of time left in the snow season for several cities to pull in a good storm and jump to the top.

Erie,Pa picked up enough snow to catch up to Syracuse and then some. As the snowfall stats show right now Erie, Pennsylvania is right around 3 inches better than Syracuse, NY. Like I mentioned above, don’t count out a few of the other cities yet, There is still a lot of shovelfuls of snow to fall on all of us ;)

I’m reading around and seeing that there are a few storms brewing in the near future. The question is which city will make out the best? Good Luck to all of the snowiest cities’s that are still in play!!!

Have a Great Day All…

UPDATED – 6:30 PM – I just did a double check of the new snow stats that just came out for the top 3 snowiest cities. There is a change on the top of the snow mountain and the New Snow King Erie, Pa has the Lucky Sevens, 77.7. Congrats but Don’t get too use to it though my friends in Erie.

I just did a full update on all of the snowy cities in the US. Rumor is going around that Erie, Pa may have taking the lead again. The National Weather Service updates the snow stats anywheres from 2 – 3 times a day depending on their weather station.

That said, this update has the newest snow totals as of the end of yesterday, 2/19. I’ve had a couple people say that they think Erie could be in the lead now. With that in mind as of yesterday Syracuse still holds a slim lead of just 0.7 inches over Erie. That may change when the new snow stats come out around 5:30 this evening. I’ll look and see what both Erie and Syracuse are reporting for the overnight and part of today and add those totals to see who is in the lead before I head out to catch the Syracuse basketball game. Go Cuse’.

The snowiest city in the United States is still a tight snow race and could be right down until the last snow flake falls. Syracuse managed to get just enough snow and t wasn’t much to hold off Erie, Pa to remain King of the Snow Mountain since the last update. Worcester, Mass is still right behind the both of them and don’t count out Rochester, NY yet either. They have been slowly sneaking up on everyone the last few weeks.

One announcement to make is that a snow dance has been done in the Syracuse area :) I felt that the time was right and with the low snow totals we have so far in the Syracuse area it was well overdue also. It normally takes around 2 – 3 days for it to start having any effect on the weather so we’ll wait and see what happens. I suggest someone from Erie and the other cities also try a snow dance if you want to keep up ;) We also have a Snow God which resides in the Fairmount area which is just outside of the city and I’ve been informed that it has been awaken and the light is shining. I have a picture somewhere of it and I’ll post it if I can find it.

Keep in mind where are many weather dances and you could be putting your entire city at risk :( A few years back one of our visitors to our sister site the  contest decided to try a dance. Well all hell broke out when instead of heavy snow or a snowstorm, high winds hit the city of Buffalo knocking down trees and knocking out power to thousands. True story, lol. So You Have Been Warned!

Have a Great Weekend All…

With the big snow storm in New England wrapped up, I figured this would be a good time to check the totals for February so far. As a reminder, sleepers are in italics, and I used both sleepers as starters this month, which gives me 6 starters for February.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2013 February Update
Pat Steve
107.80 76.75
Starters (Full Credit)
Buffalo, NY 17.2 Anchorage, AK 3.7
Erie, PA 17.9 Cleveland, OH 10.2
Syracuse, NY 24.4 Rochester, NY 15.9
Worcester, MA 29.9 Salt Lake City, UT 0.4
Newark, NJ 10.8 Boston, MA 26.8
South Bend, IN 10.7
Total 100.2 Total 67.7
Bench (Half Credit)
Fort Collins, CO 1.2 Denver, CO 0.0
Green Bay, WI 5.9 Des Moines, IA 0.5
Spokane, WA 0.3 Madison, WI 10.9
St. Paul, MN 6.9 Minneapolis, MN 6.7
Pueblo, CO 0.9
Total 7.60 Total 9.05

Not surprisingly, the one with all northeast cities starting is currently leading…and big. Taking a look at totals from January, several cities are well above their totals for the entire month of January. With the big snow storm in the northeast, you’d expect that out of those cities, but even the midwest cities like Green Bay, Madison, Minneapolis and St. Paul have more snow in 9 days of February than 31 days of January. It seems like I picked a bad month to bench Madison and Minneapolis, for now anyway.

We’ll get another Fantasy Snowfall update to wrap up February. Depending on how things go between now and then, there may be another update earlier. Until then, have a good one everyone!

The new snow stats are out and the lead has changed again.  Syracuse piled up just enough snow to push Erie, Pa down the snow mountain.  Syracuse is now the King of the snow mountain but I don’t think this will last too long.  Not if Erie and some of the other cities have a say in it.

The big news was obviously the snow storm Nemo who for some reason went from being a cute little guy that turned into a monster shark.  The North East coast get hit pretty good with Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and other states getting pounded by Nemo.  A lot of the cities from those states also ski-jumped up the snow mountain from the bottom to near the top now.

The city I thought that had the best chance to take the lead was Worcester, Mass.  They gave it a good shot and moved into 3rd place.  Boston also jumped up quite a bit along with the cities from Connecticut.  Bridgeport went from 25 th place to 5 th in a matter of a day.  Hartford also jumped into the top 10.  Providence move way up and the list goes on and on.  Click about to see how all of the Golden Snow Globe cities did this last update.

HAve a Great Weekend All.

Updated 7:30 PM -  Just another heads up that a beer has been cracked open, the fire is crackling, the dog is by my feet and the new snow update has already started.  OK, I really don’t have a fire place :)  Come to think about it I have no dog either.  Guess it’s just me, a bottle of Bud and some snow stats…..Should be posted by 9:00 PM


I’m as anxious as I know a lot of you are to see how all of the cities did with this last blast and with snow storm Nemo.  The snow stats for most of the cities snowfall totals for yesterday are out but the overnight stats aren’t.

Remember it take about 3 hours give or take to do a complete update here.  If I do one now it won’t be the real totals because the stats are just for yesterday.  I will do a full update a little later which should have most of the cities current snow totals up to date other than where it is still snowing.  Check back sometime later and we should hopefully have an update for you.