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The new snow stats are out and the lead has changed again.  Syracuse piled up just enough snow to push Erie, Pa down the snow mountain.  Syracuse is now the King of the snow mountain but I don’t think this will last too long.  Not if Erie and some of the other cities have a say in it.

The big news was obviously the snow storm Nemo who for some reason went from being a cute little guy that turned into a monster shark.  The North East coast get hit pretty good with Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and other states getting pounded by Nemo.  A lot of the cities from those states also ski-jumped up the snow mountain from the bottom to near the top now.

The city I thought that had the best chance to take the lead was Worcester, Mass.  They gave it a good shot and moved into 3rd place.  Boston also jumped up quite a bit along with the cities from Connecticut.  Bridgeport went from 25 th place to 5 th in a matter of a day.  Hartford also jumped into the top 10.  Providence move way up and the list goes on and on.  Click about to see how all of the Golden Snow Globe cities did this last update.

HAve a Great Weekend All.