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Updated 4/1 12 AM – Just a heads up to all of those that emailed me and posted a comment. Yes this was just an April Fools Day post. Erie is still kicking butt and to be honest is looking pretty good right now. There was no snow in the Syracuse area and Yesterday was a Beautiful day in Da’Cuse. Erase that 8.3 inches on Syracuse’s totals ;)

Media, Be Warned – Updated Today 10 AM – The sun is are starting to shine now so most likely the snow band has lifting back to the north but at least it dropped just enough to put the pressure back on Erie, PA :) It looks like we are going to be going back and forth for a bit. Hard to believe it’s suppose to hit the 50′s here in Syracuse today but it’s warming up fast. The good news is that when I woke up today the neighbor did my driveway for me so no shoveling :)

Rochester only picked up a couple inches, nothing for Erie or Buffalo and the 8.3 inches was what the stats were showing for Syracuse. Most likely no more will be added to that total come the later day update.

Lake Effect Snow in Syracuse 3/31

3/31 5 PM - The Lake Effect that they were predicting finally stopped or should I say finally panned out. So many times this season the lake effect snow bands would just hang to the North of Syracuse, drop down a little but stop before it reached us. This band was probably the best we have received this season dropping 8.3 inches so far according to NOAA. The good news is it’s suppose to be nice tomorrow. The bad news is that this snow is the wet and really heavy snow :(

I’m still waiting for the snow stats to come our for Rochester to see how much Lake Effect they got. When I looked at the radar earlier this evening it didn’t look like Anything was going on in their neck of the woods So most likely Syracuse should hold on to the lead. For now anyways.

Stay Tuned and have a Great Night ;)

Updated 3/30 6 PM - Looks like all of the totals are in from this last blast of snow. The snowfall totals from the storm below were updated from earlier.

So here is the lowdown on the top 3 cities right now. Erie leads Syracuse by 5.5 inches and leads Buffalo by 8.4 inches. Still a 3 way race ;)

Syracuse’s lead over Buffalo, NY has been melted down to just 2.9 inches now. Man is it close and stay tuned!

3/30 3 PM - Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY all got some snow and a decent amount of it for this time in the season. So far nothing is being reported for 2nd place Syracuse. I know, there is still more snow to add to the snow totals and I’ll get a top 10 update in later on when The National Weather Service comes out with the next update. Here is what they are reporting total from this last blast of snowfall.

Erie, PA – 4.0 inches
Buffalo, NY – 5.6 inches
Rochester, NY – 8.6 inches
Cleveland – 5 inches (Broke into top 10)
Syracuse, NY – Notta, Null, Zip, Zero, 0.00 – They must have forgotten to measure the snow before the airplanes took off :(

A couple of things stand out from this last blast other than Erie adding to the lead that is. Buffalo is definitely in striking distance now of taking over 2nd place and perhaps even storming to the top to take the grand prize. Oh yeah, the grand prize of a virtual trophy or something plus a virtual pat on the back for a job well done of course ;)

Rochester is closing in on 4th place and should only be a few inches away from Grand Rapids, MI when the next update comes out from what I have heard and read. Even if Rochester doesn’t take over the 4th place spot they gave themselves a pretty good lead over Billings, Montana now and look pretty secure at finishing in the top 5 this season. Maybe Billings has something to say about that though.

I’m loving how this contest is playing out this season and it’s going to be a little bit sad when Syracuse pulls out the Lake Effect Dance like last year and goes snows to the top like last season. I will sincerely feel bad for Erie and the friends I have made from there the last couple of seasons ;) Stay Tuned!!!

Have a Great Day All :)

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3/28 Erie Sets up The Catapult and Fires Away - It was Erie, Pa’s turn to launch some snowballs in the direction of Syracuse this time and Dave Belmondo was more than happy to step up to the snow mountain and fire away :) If you read below you will see that Andrew Donovan from Syracuse’s channel 9, WSYR was the first to throw a snowball at David Belmondo and the city of Erie. Erie who is in first place right now with some more snow in their forecast wasn’t going to just sit by and take the pounding from second place Syracuse, NY. Below are both video’s of some fun back and forth going on between Erie and Syracuse. Ut Oh, Erie has even gone a little further than Da’Cuse looking for a little help from Bishop Persico, lol. I’m loving it and Let the snowballs fly ;)

If the video doesn’t work for you, try hitting refresh or click the link below.
3/27 Syracuse Launches the First Attack – The snow race got a little bit closer this last update and once again Erie can hear footsteps coming up the snow mountain. Syracuse has closed the lead to just a little over an inch now and no doubt time is running out for all of the cities. Erie is still the King of the snow mountain as they have been most of the season.

I’m liking that some of the local news stations are starting to throw snowballs at each other and Syracuse started it yesterday with Channel 9 in Syracuse doing a little bit of trash talking with David Belmondo from WJET in Erie, PA. All in fun of course and that’s what the snow contest is about. Here is a clip of that and lets wait and see if David Belmondo has a few snowballs up his sleeve to toss back at Syracuse. Kind of seems like I am trying to instigate a good snowball fight doesn’t it ;) Of Course I AM!!!

If you get an Error with the video you can click on the link below to watch it.

I think I heard something about part 2 on Channel 9 news in Syracuse with Erie’s respond tonight. Stay tuned because I’m reading about more snow in the air come the end of the weekend. Have a Great Weekend Everyone :)

First Off – A big Thanks to Jack Y. for your recent generous donation to the site. As always I cannot say enough how much I appreciate it and how they do offset the costs of the site and time spent on it. I’ve received many donations this month that have helped out and it’s nice to know that the site and hours that go into it is appreciated. Thanks again Jack and to the rest of you :)
Updated 3/26 2 PM - I think if Syracuse ever goes ahead of Erie again I am going to get Mother Nature some antibiotics to take care of that sneeze once and for all :)

Erie, PA has jumped back into the snow lead as of yesterdays snow stats from NOAA and the crown is still warm from the last time they were the King of The Mountain. Right now Erie has a 2 inch lead on last seasons snow champ, Syracuse, NY. It’s starting to feel like I am watching a tennis match with all this back and forth going on right now rather than a snowball fight. Will that 2 inches be enough to hold off Syracuse come the next update a little later on?

Syracuse received some snow but most of it was after midnight which isn’t being reported yet. Erie may also have some more snow to add to their totals so it should be interesting come the next update.

Erie also received enough snow to make this their 5th snowiest season on record. They now have 133.1 inches on the season passing the 1993 – 1994 snow season which had 131.3 inches. WTG Erie and Congrats ;) Stay Tuned!
Updated 3/24 - I said just a week or so ago that the snow race was so close that all it would take is for Mother Nature to sneeze over Syracuse for them to take the lead. Ummm, God Bless You Mother Nature ;) Syracuse has taken the lead away from Erie, PA and is now sitting alone on top of the snow mountain. Don’t worry though Erie, maybe Mother Nature has a cold and all it will take is another sneeze for you to be back on the top of the snow mountain.

This is the first time since around the middle of December that Erie hasn’t been the Snow King. Time is running out but cold air is still in the forecast for at least a few more days if not more. Only 2 tenths of an inch separate Syracuse and Erie from the top spot now. No doubt this will be/is one of the closest contests we have had so far. WTG Syracuse ;)

Congrats to Billings, Montana on setting the record for the snowiest season ever on record. Billings has had 99.1 inches of snow fall so far this season breaking the old record set back in the 1996-1997 season of 98.7 inches. WTG Billings and that 100 inch mark is right around the corner or should you go for a HOT 101.9 for the season ;) Thanks for the heads up McLovin from HOT 101.9 in Billings, Montana. Maybe they should give away a prize if the season ends at 101.9 inches. Come on, put up Hot 101.9 :P

Stay Tuned and Have a Great Night :)

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Updated 3/21 5:30 PM - It looks like we have a New King of The Snow Mountain for the first time in more than 3 months. WAIT, We actually have 2 Kings of the snow mountain right now ;) Syracuse, last seasons comeback city has now tied Erie and is sharing the top spot as of the last update from the National Weather Service. What a run for Erie, PA on the top of the mountain and they still don’t want to move. WTG Erie! It’s not even close to being over yet and is still up for grabs. Go Syracuse, Go Erie :)

Can Erie hold on that long though is the question? Syracuse has melted away most of Erie, PA’s lead now. Erie leads Syracuse, NY by just a few snowflakes. As of the last update the lead was cut to just 0.3 tenths of an inch. Maybe a better question is can Erie hold on when the next update comes out. It’s been snowing off and on in the Syracuse area and if it hasn’t been snowing in Erie there is a good possibility that we may have a lead change for the first time in a long time. IS IT SNOWING IN ERIE?

Looking back at my snow stats it looks like Erie, PA has held on to the lead since at least December 15th, 2013 which is most likely the longest any city has held the lead since I started The Golden Snow Globe. The last city to hold it before Erie was Billings, Montana who was the King of the snow mountain on December 11th, 2013. No doubt it will be interesting come the next update.

Below are some good stats going up until March 13th, when Dave sent them to me as to how the season has played out so far between Erie, PA and Syracuse, NY.  According to Dave and the stats below Erie, PA had their biggest lead over Syracuse on January 17th with 28.7 inches.  Thanks to Dave Meyer for putting the stats together, Thanks Dave :)

Erie, PA Snowfall Syracuse, NY Snowfall
Day Snow Total Day Snow Total Difference
Dec-13 1 0 15.6 Dec-13 1 0.2 14.5 1.1
2 0 15.6 2 0 14.5 1.1
3 0 15.6 3 0 14.5 1.1
4 0 15.6 4 0 14.5 1.1
5 0.2 15.8 5 0 14.5 1.3
6 2.1 17.9 6 0.2 14.7 3.2
7 0 17.9 7 0.6 15.3 2.6
8 0 17.9 8 0.2 15.5 2.4
9 0 17.9 9 0.3 15.8 2.1
10 1.1 19.0 10 0 15.8 3.2
11 4.8 23.8 11 0.5 16.3 7.5
12 0.8 24.6 12 1.6 17.9 6.7
13 1 25.6 13 2.7 20.6 5.0
14 7.9 33.5 14 4.1 24.7 8.8
15 8.4 41.9 15 1.6 26.3 15.6
16 3.1 45.0 16 5.4 31.7 13.3
17 1.9 46.9 17 2.5 34.2 12.7
18 1.5 48.4 18 0.6 34.8 13.6
19 0 48.4 19 0 34.8 13.6
20 0 48.4 20 0 34.8 13.6
21 0 48.4 21 0 34.8 13.6
22 0 48.4 22 0 34.8 13.6
23 0.1 48.5 23 0.4 35.2 13.3
24 5 53.5 24 3.4 38.6 14.9
25 0.5 54.0 25 0.3 38.9 15.1
26 3.6 57.6 26 2.3 41.2 16.4
27 0.3 57.9 27 0.1 41.3 16.6
28 0 57.9 28 0 41.3 16.6
29 0 57.9 29 0 41.3 16.6
30 0.1 58.0 30 1.4 42.7 15.3
31 5.6 63.6 31 0.6 43.3 20.3
Jan-14 1 5.9 69.5 Jan-14 1 0.5 43.8 25.7
2 5.9 75.4 2 7.7 51.5 23.9
3 0 75.4 3 0.3 51.8 23.6
4 0 75.4 4 0 51.8 23.6
5 0 75.4 5 0 51.8 23.6
6 1.8 77.2 6 0.1 51.9 25.3
7 0 77.2 7 0 51.9 25.3
8 0.2 77.4 8 0 51.9 25.5
9 0.3 77.7 9 0.1 52.0 25.7
10 1 78.7 10 1.4 53.4 25.3
11 0 78.7 11 0 53.4 25.3
12 0 78.7 12 0 53.4 25.3
13 0 78.7 13 0 53.4 25.3
14 0 78.7 14 0 53.4 25.3
15 2.5 81.2 15 0 53.4 27.8
16 0.2 81.4 16 0 53.4 28.0
17 0.7 82.1 17 0 53.4 28.7
18 0.7 82.8 18 4.8 58.2 24.6
19 0.3 83.1 19 1.3 59.5 23.6
20 1.1 84.2 20 1.5 61.0 23.2
21 0.3 84.5 21 0 61.0 23.5
22 0.3 84.8 22 0 61.0 23.8
23 1.3 86.1 23 1.5 62.5 23.6
24 0.1 86.2 24 0.7 63.2 23.0
25 3.1 89.3 25 1.4 64.6 24.7
26 0.3 89.6 26 2.6 67.2 22.4
27 2.1 91.7 27 1.4 68.6 23.1
28 0 91.7 28 0 68.6 23.1
29 0 91.7 29 0 68.6 23.1
30 0 91.7 30 0 68.6 23.1
31 0 91.7 31 0 68.6 23.1
Feb-14 1 0.2 91.9 Feb-14 1 0.3 68.9 23.0
2 1.7 93.6 2 0 68.9 24.7
3 0.4 94.0 3 0 68.9 25.1
4 1.8 95.8 4 0 68.9 26.9
5 8.1 103.9 5 10 78.9 25.0
6 0.7 104.6 6 0 78.9 25.7
7 0 104.6 7 0 78.9 25.7
8 0 104.6 8 0 78.9 25.7
9 2.9 107.5 9 2.1 81.0 26.5
10 1 108.5 10 2.6 83.6 24.9
11 0 108.5 11 2.1 85.7 22.8
12 0 108.5 12 0 85.7 22.8
13 0 108.5 13 4.1 89.8 18.7
14 1.3 109.8 14 5.4 95.2 14.6
15 0.4 110.2 15 0.9 96.1 14.1
16 0.6 110.8 16 3.8 99.9 10.9
17 1.8 112.6 17 0 99.9 12.7
18 2.5 115.1 18 0.1 100.0 15.1
19 0 115.1 19 0 100.0 15.1
20 0 115.1 20 0 100.0 15.1
21 0 115.1 21 0 100.0 15.1
22 0 115.1 22 0 100.0 15.1
23 0 115.1 23 0 100.0 15.1
24 0.6 115.7 24 2.3 102.3 13.4
25 2.5 118.2 25 2.8 105.1 13.1
26 0 118.2 26 0.4 105.5 12.7
27 2.4 120.6 27 2.3 107.8 12.8
28 0 120.6 28 2.1 109.9 10.7
Mar-14 1 0.4 121.0 Mar-14 1 0 109.9 11.1
2 2.9 123.9 2 3.7 113.6 10.3
3 0 123.9 3 0.5 114.1 9.8
4 0 123.9 4 0.3 114.4 9.5
5 0 123.9 5 0.4 114.8 9.1
6 0 123.9 6 0 114.8 9.1
7 0 123.9 7 0 114.8 9.1
8 1 124.9 8 0 114.8 10.1
9 0 124.9 9 0 114.8 10.1
10 0 124.9 10 0 114.8 10.1
11 0 124.9 11 0 114.8 10.1
12 5.5 130.4 12 12.1 126.9 3.5
13 0 130.4 13 1.5 128.4 2.0

Have a Great Day Everyone :)

Just a heads up for our visitors and the Media. The snow contest lives on after the first day of Spring whether we like it or not :(

To my good friends in Erie, PA, remember I am just the scorekeeper, don’t hurt me. You may have noticed that You lost an inch.  If not all is good then :)   Well you did and you went from 130.4 to 129.4.  I noticed sometime a week or so ago when I was doing an update that Erie snuck in an inch on the rest of us.  I figured it was a couple of days since I did an update at that time and didn’t think much of it.  For some reason this last update that inch has gone missing.  I know what you are all thinking.  Sure an inch just ups and melts away and the scorekeeper just happens to be from Syracuse ;)   Nah, this has nothing to do with me so don’t start loading the buses up to come throw snowballs at me and my house :(

This is all The National Weather Service and it does happen from time to time during the season.  Just think of all the numbers they are crunching and inputting to their system several times a day.  It’s happened several times to some of the cities in the middle but I normally don’t bring it up.  Because the snow race is so close I figured I better explain it ;)   Keep in mind this could have been an adjustment to a mistake made when they added the inch of snow or it could just be a mistake was made yesterday and Erie will get that inch back.  I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.  I think just having to talk about that inch of snow shows how close the National Snow Contest is :)

A lot of the cities most likely will still receive snow after the first day of Spring starts. The closer the contest the longer we tend to drag it on and this season is about as close as it can get with under an inch of snow separating Erie, PA and Syracuse, NY. Most likely both of those cities along with several others will be getting more snow. Last season was a good example where if we would have called it the first day of Spring we would have called it wrong as to which city was the snowiest. Syracuse ended up getting something like 10.5 inches around April 2nd. Here is how the end of last season pretty much played out.

Have an Awesome Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day to All of US Irish Folks Out There ;)

Our local National Weather Service in Binghamton, NY is looking for volunteers for this summer. You must be majoring in Meteorology to apply and it is non-paid. Oh come on, it’s a government service ;) Anyways if you know of someone who may be interested please pass this information along to them. I have talked to a few of the meteorologists who work online, on the phone and have met a few of them in person and they have a great group of people that work at the Binghamton National Weather Service station. Below should be all of the info you need.  The deadline is March 24th so don’t wait and please direct all questions to them…
Do you know of a college student who is majoring in meteorology? If so, please SHARE this with them. The deadline is approaching!

We are seeking applicants for our summer volunteer program. You must be a college student majoring in meteorology to apply. The deadline is March 24th. For complete information go here:

***Note those who are not yet in college but are interested in a career in meteorology, we do offer office tours and/or job shadows. Here is more information on that:

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Updated Thurs 6:00 PM - The overnight and the stats from earlier today have just been posted. The National snow contest just got even closer BUT Erie is still the king of the snow mountain. It was a fun storm in my opinion as far as the snow race goes but this one is long gone now and we will have to wait until the next one comes strolling by. Oh, there will be a next one… Have a Great Night All ;)

OK, it’s still Erie in the top spot on the Snow Mountain but the lead is melting away. Paraphrasing the wise words of Sean Kirst from the Syracuse Post Standard newspaper “I think Erie might be hearing footsteps on that mountain now”. :) Will this be a repeat of last season where Syracuse trailed both Worcester, MA and Erie, PA for awhile but was able to pull it off in the end with some Freak snow in April? A better question might be will there be a new leader come the end of the day?

The current snow stats for the top 25 snowiest cities don’t include what fell overnight, they are for yesterdays totals. The next update from the National Weather Service comes out later this afternoon or early evening and I’ll definitely be peaking at the new snow stats but for now Erie is still the King ;) According to Gary who posted a comment this is Erie Pennsylvania’s 6th snowiest season on record now and they are only an inch away from hitting their 5th snowiest season ever. WTG Erie :)

Buffalo has moved past Grand Rapids with this snow storm and is now in 3rd place and Rochester, NY has managed to jump into the 5th spot rounding out the top 5 snowiest cities. Stay Tuned for another update later in the day and Good Luck Erie and Syracuse ;)

First off as always a BIG thanks to Thomas C. for your donations. Sorry if I keep repeating myself every time someone does make a donation but it’s because they do matter and are appreciated. The donations we have received this month alone I think are more than since the site has been around so thanks everyone ;) . I really do appreciate each and everyone and Thanks again Thomas, Patrick :)

Updated Noon Wednesday 3/12 - It’s snowing pretty good in my neck of the woods, a few miles from the city. Bursts of what looks like light snow because of the small flakes but I’m guessing over an inch an hour right now. How is it in your neck of the woods? Here is what was put out for Rochester, NY earlier and don’t forget to keep checking the NOAA links below for the latest updates.

Here is the latest snow totals map that covers most of the top cities in the snow race, stay tuned ;)

Updated Tuesday 4:30 PM – It looks like they are zeroing in more on the storm and some of the warning times have changed along with snow totals so be sure to check the links below for the current updates and warnings.

Second, PLEASE POST THE STORM COMMENTS IN THIS POST – that way it is easier for all of us to keep track on what’s going on in your neck of the woods/city :)

Third, Always check with the pros like the National Weather Service or your local Meteorologists in your area for the latest updates on your weather. You know we are clueless here and don’t try to pretend we can predict the weather. OK, maybe just one in awhile ;)

I’ve been reading around and trying to get a grip on the storm that is about to hit some of the Golden Snow Globe cities and is probably hitting some of them already. There are already a few Winter Storm Warnings out right now which means that the confidence is pretty high that those cities will be getting hit with some decent snow totals. I think it’s something like 7 inches or more are expected. There are also several advisories out for some of the snowiest cities and chances are some of those will be switching over to warnings some time soon. Erie, PA, Ann Arbor and Syracuse, NY at last check were under winter storm watches while Buffalo and Rochester, New York are under winter storm warnings. Billings is under and advisory for the time being. Below is what I read at last check along with some good links that get updated as the storm gets closer and changes are made according to changes in the direction of the snow storm that will be hitting most between Tuesday and Thursday. KEEP IN MIND that these will be changing constantly as the storm gets closer and may have even changed by the time I typed this. Use the links below to stay updated.

Erie, PA – Winter Storm Watch from Wed, 2 AM – Thurs. 2 AM – 6-8 inches as of now.
Click Here for Most Recent Storm Updates for Erie

Syracuse, NY – Watch from Wed, 5 AM – Thurs. 10 AM 8 – 10 inches as of now.
Click Here for Current Storm Updates for Syracuse

Buffalo, NY – Winter Storm Warning from Wed, 2 AM – Thurs. 2 AM 8 – 12 inches expected.
Click Here for Current Storm Updates for Buffalo, NY

Ann Arbor, MI – Storm Watch from Noon Wed. – Wed. 4 PM 6+ inches possible.
Click Here for Updates for Ann Arbor and Detroit

Billings, MY – Winter Storm Advisory until Noon Tues.
Billings Updates are Here.

Rochester, NY – Winter Storm Warning from Wed. 5 AM – Thurs. 5 AM 10 – 14 inches expected.
Click Here for Storm Updates for Rochester

If you have some time please feel free to share what’s going on where you are at as the storm approaches and is going on. It’s cool to get some real time updates from everybody in the different cities.

Most important though is as much fun we have with the snow contest these storms can/are always dangerous when it comes to the roads so take it slow and stay safe all. Have an awesome night :)

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Let’s try adding some videos and putting a little humor and feel good into the website. Below are a couple of videos that have been going around the internet. One has been around for awhile and is one of my favorites that I think is funny of people on an elevator in Brazil. Then again it’s not me in the elevator.. The other is of a homeless man down on his luck who is told he won the lottery and you’ll see what happens. Kind of a feel good video IMO ;)

Homeless Man Down on His Luck is Told He Won The Lottery

This video brought a lump to my throat. It’s a guy that was given a lottery ticket and told it was a winner. Is he being played and pranked? If you haven’t seen it yet it’s worth watching..

Funny Video of People in Elevator in Brazil Get Scared and Pranked

Now this video of the scary elevator cracks me up every time I watch it. The thing is I can see myself being stuck in it and just the lights going off alone would make me scream like the sissy man I am ;) Funny IMO!

I hope you enjoyed the feel good and funny videos. I’m trying to think of what to do with the website when the snow stops falling. A few have mentioned keep track of the rain but that kind of seems a little depressing and obviously the winner of that would have to be the city that receives the least amount. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Have a Great Sunday Everyone ;)

First Off – A Big Thanks to Elizabeth C. for your kind donation to the site. Everyone of them helps to offset costs and time ands lets me know that the time put into the site is appreciated. Thank You Elizabeth :)
Erie, PA continues to camp out on top of Golden Snow Globe Mountain and I’m guessing that they have been there so long they probably have a ski resort built by now :) Can Erie continue to hold on to the top spot for another month or two? No doubt all of the other top cities blew a good chance to catch up to them the last several days. Syracuse managed to melt away only 7 tenths of an inch off the lead. For the most part all of the cities have been taking a break from the snow including Grand Rapids, Buffalo and Billings who round off the top 5 snowiest big cities in the US. After a couple of days with the temps above freezing and two days in a row with the sun shining, at least Here in Syracuse, I’m thinking just give Syracuse 10 inches and let’s call it a wrap :)

Sorry about the lack of updates but I have really been letting my other work slide lately. I barely looked at my shopping websites in the last 6-8 weeks because of the snow and time spent on this site. I’m loving it though and enjoying every update I do and I am also loving the fact that the snow race is really close again this season. It could get interesting in the next week…

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Have an Awesome Weekend All!