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Anchorage, Alaska Now Leads National Big City Snow Contest

Anchorage, AK received 0.8 inches of new snow to take the lead in the Golden Snow Globe snow contest. WTG Anchorage! :)

Billings, Montana started the 2016-2017 snow season off in early October picking up 3.0 inches of snow. Billings, MT has held the top spot on the snow mountain up until Anchorage received this snow.

There are 5 cities with measurable snow so far this season and several other reporting a trace of snow on the season.

The Top 5 Snowiest Big Cities in the US

1) Anchorage, Alaska 3.4

2) Billings, Montana – 3.0

3) Hartford, Connecticut – 1.5

4) Rochester, New York – 0.9

5) Syracuse, New York – 0.2

Click here for all of the snowiest Big cities!

Have a great Election day everyone :)

I was wondering which city was going to make the move for the second place spot on the snow mountain and it looks like it is Buffalo, NY. Buffalo jumped up from the number 4 spot and slipped past Worcester, Mass and Grand Rapids, Michigan this last update. Erie, Pa, last seasons snow champions are digging in at the top of the mountain and now have a snow lead of almost 11 inches over 2nd place Buffalo.

Before this last update only 0.3 inches of snowfall were separating Grand Rapids, Worcester and Buffalo from the 2nd place slot. Snow is in the forecast for a lot of the cities this weekend so as I mentioned before I think there is going to be a lot of back and forth going on over the weekend. The big question now is can anyone make up some snowflakes on Erie?

Syracuse, NY is still on Spring Break it seems. It’s been cold for awhile now but they just can’t seem to get the wind to blow their way. It seems like every time it is snowing in Central New York that they put up some kind of bubble over the city/airport. The same goes for Rochester, NY. Every time I look at the radars I see snow all around both of both cities but for some reason it stays a few miles away. I think both cities better start making some snowballs and get into the snowball fights this season ;)

I started up a Facebook page/group for anyone that wants to join. Any posts from here will also be pushed up to the Facebook group and it will also make it easier for anyone that wants to share some pictures, news articles and so on with all of us. It’s kind of a trial run and we’ll see how it goes. Please feel free to join by going to Here to the Golden Snow Globe FB Group Page. It should be fun for both snow lovers and haters and of course a little bit of fun, friendly picking on each others cities snow wise will be allowed I think ;)

Have a Great Day All and Take it Slow on The Roads….

Updated 3/30 6 PM - Looks like all of the totals are in from this last blast of snow. The snowfall totals from the storm below were updated from earlier.

So here is the lowdown on the top 3 cities right now. Erie leads Syracuse by 5.5 inches and leads Buffalo by 8.4 inches. Still a 3 way race ;)

Syracuse’s lead over Buffalo, NY has been melted down to just 2.9 inches now. Man is it close and stay tuned!

3/30 3 PM - Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY all got some snow and a decent amount of it for this time in the season. So far nothing is being reported for 2nd place Syracuse. I know, there is still more snow to add to the snow totals and I’ll get a top 10 update in later on when The National Weather Service comes out with the next update. Here is what they are reporting total from this last blast of snowfall.

Erie, PA – 4.0 inches
Buffalo, NY – 5.6 inches
Rochester, NY – 8.6 inches
Cleveland – 5 inches (Broke into top 10)
Syracuse, NY – Notta, Null, Zip, Zero, 0.00 – They must have forgotten to measure the snow before the airplanes took off :(

A couple of things stand out from this last blast other than Erie adding to the lead that is. Buffalo is definitely in striking distance now of taking over 2nd place and perhaps even storming to the top to take the grand prize. Oh yeah, the grand prize of a virtual trophy or something plus a virtual pat on the back for a job well done of course ;)

Rochester is closing in on 4th place and should only be a few inches away from Grand Rapids, MI when the next update comes out from what I have heard and read. Even if Rochester doesn’t take over the 4th place spot they gave themselves a pretty good lead over Billings, Montana now and look pretty secure at finishing in the top 5 this season. Maybe Billings has something to say about that though.

I’m loving how this contest is playing out this season and it’s going to be a little bit sad when Syracuse pulls out the Lake Effect Dance like last year and goes snows to the top like last season. I will sincerely feel bad for Erie and the friends I have made from there the last couple of seasons ;) Stay Tuned!!!

Have a Great Day All :)

Updated Right Around Midnight - It seems like I am trying to make a Snow Angel but I just keep going around in circles the last few days. With the Thanksgiving Day holiday I am having a hard enough time trying to figure out what day it is let alone trying to keep up with which city is leading the National snow contest. In the voice of President Ronald Reagan all I can say is “Here We Go Again“. Some snow stats came out a little earlier and the New leader who was an old leader a few updates ago is once again Erie, Pa. Congrats again to all of you from Erie on pushing Syracuse down the snow mountain and reclaiming the top spot :) I guess I’ll just leave it at that and say STAY TUNED once again ;)

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Updated 2:30 PM Friday 11/29 - Wow, talk about a lot of different lead changes. We have a new leader in the Golden Snow Globe National Snow Contest and go figure it’s Syracuse, NY., last seasons champion. This is something like 3 different leaders in 3 days and the good news is that the snow race is still really close. Only 4 tenths of an inch is separating the top 3 cities which are Syracuse, NY, Erie, PA and Rochester, NY. Just 0.1 inches separating Erie and Rochester for second place. If I were a betting man, oh yeah I am :) I would bet that there will be quite a few lead changes on the top of the snow mountain before this season wraps up. Enough for now and if anything changes come the next update from the National Weather Service then I’ll post another update. Stay Tuned ;)


Updated Noon Thanksgiving – Sorry Erie but your spot as King of the Snow Mountain was pretty short lived.  I just updated the New York snow contest and as of the wee hours of the morning Rochester, NY has taken the lead by a couple of snowflakes now.  Rochester is reporting 11.6 inches of snowfall as of the end of yesterday.  You were there for a few hours at least Erie, more than my Syracuse can say ;)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Congrats to Erie, Pa for taking the lead in the National Snow Contest by a couple of snowflakes. Erie picked up just enough snow to overtake Anchorage, Alaska for the top spot on the snow mountain with this last storm that seemed to benefit the northeast cities. Not mine of course but a lot of the other cities in the snow contest moved up the mountain and as of about 3:00am this morning Erie is the king. The question now is can they hold onto the lead with the top being pretty close between a few of the cities? The cold air looks like it is here for awhile so most like the snow will keep falling. Enough for now on this Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy All!

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours! Have a Safe Happy Holiday :)