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Anchorage, Alaska Now Leads National Big City Snow Contest

Anchorage, AK received 0.8 inches of new snow to take the lead in the Golden Snow Globe snow contest. WTG Anchorage! :)

Billings, Montana started the 2016-2017 snow season off in early October picking up 3.0 inches of snow. Billings, MT has held the top spot on the snow mountain up until Anchorage received this snow.

There are 5 cities with measurable snow so far this season and several other reporting a trace of snow on the season.

The Top 5 Snowiest Big Cities in the US

1) Anchorage, Alaska 3.4

2) Billings, Montana – 3.0

3) Hartford, Connecticut – 1.5

4) Rochester, New York – 0.9

5) Syracuse, New York – 0.2

Click here for all of the snowiest Big cities!

Have a great Election day everyone :)

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Updated 2/3 Noon - The National Snow Contest is really starting to get close as Worcester, Mass has closed the snow lead that Erie, Pa had. I think this storm was the storm of the season so far for the fact that it effected so many cities and states.

All it took was a couple of decent snow storms for Worcester to come from wayyyy behind to once again reclaim the second place spot on the snow mountain from Buffalo, NY. Those two cities have been going back and forth and every now and then Grand Rapids, MI has jumped in. Right now it seems like Worcester has Mother Natures attention and she is being quite kind to them, or not.

Erie, Pa was the 1st city to hit the 70 inch mark followed by Worcester, MA and Buffalo needs just a few more snowflakes to join the 70 inch club. It looks like Erie will be the 1st this season to also hit the 80 inch snow club needing less than an inch to do it.

As I mentioned before it’s Still hard to believe that not so long ago on 1/21 Worcester, Mass was in 27th place in the National Golden Snow Globe contest with only 13.9 inches on the season. As of the latest update they are at 72.6 inches. The combine snow totals of the 2 snowstorms that hit Worcester is right around 52 inches give or take. This all happened in just a weeks time. Even the smaller snow belt areas like The Tug Hill have to be somewhat impressed I would think. WTG Worcester ;)

Some of The Cities That Set Date Records For Snowfall Yesterday 2/2/2015

The first number is the new snow record set for yesterday followed by the old snowfall record and date…

Buffalo – 8.2 – 8.0 2013

Worcester – 17.4 – 8.4 1974

Syracuse – 8.8 – 7.0 1990

Boston – 16.2 – 11.1 1974

Providence, RI – 7.9 – 6.5 1934

Hartford, Conn – 10.8 – 6.5 1916

Bridgeport, Conn – 10.3 – 3.2 1985

Newark, NJ – 4.2 – 3.4 1985

Have a Great Day All and Watch Your Back Erie, Some of Us Are Getting Ready to Storm The Mountain ;)

Is it me or is it wayyyy too early for the national snow contest to begin? Well it has and we have several unlikely cities in the top 10 so far. A couple of them with a good jump start on the 2011 – 2012 snow contest. A few that may be tough to catch in the race to the top of the snow mountain.

If you’re a UCONN fan then you should be happy that a city from your state is in the lead.  The bad thing is with the snow this early, it’s normally the heavy stuff which it is and there are lots of power outages.  Hopefully power is restored ASAP to all of those without.

The Colorado cities were a let down to say the least in last years Golden Snow Globe contest but the chance are they probably started the contest off first this season :) It looks like they are gonna be in the contest this season already having almost half the snowfall they received for the entire last snow season.

I’m guessing this is going to be a good national snow race between the big cities with a population of 100,000 or more this season. When New York City (Central Park) starts off the season with more snow than the defending 2 time champs Syracuse, NY it has to be a great contest this season. Like I mentioned, this is early for most cities so the updates will be hit and miss until we get into the thick of snow.

New to the site is the look and we added the last two seasons snow stats in the menu up above. I’m still working on a picture gallery where if all goes good you will be able to upload your snow pictures to the site to be added to a snow gallery. Still a few bugs to work out with that :(

Enough said for now and have a GREAT snow season all you sledders and skiers.