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Colorado seems to be dominating the top 15 snowiest cities so far this season. It’s been snowing in Washington, Minnesota and Utah so they are all on the move now. Last years snow champ is finally on the snow mountain but barely :(

I think there is like 5 Colorado cities in the top 15 right now. The are Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Lakewood and Ft Collins which is in 2nd place on the snow mountain looking up at only Anchorage, Alaska. Keep in mind that last season most of the Colorado cities came in toward the bottom of the snowiest city list. With them off to a good start it’s another reason why I think this should be a close snow race this season.

A few of the other cities on the move right now are Minneapolis, Minnesota, Salt Lake City Utah and Spokane, Washington. Looking at their average snowfall for this time in the season, they should all be pretty good throwing the snowballs and beating the rest of us down the snow mountain. So far we have 36 cities with measurable snowfall for the 2011 – 2012 season and come December it should get really interesting.

Not much going on in snow champion city right now. As a matter of fact all of the Big 3 from New York are slacking. Syracuse managed to pick up just over half an inch of snow while Rochester shows 0.3 so far. Buffalo has still yet to get on the board but don’t worry about them, they always start off with something special it seems.

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I was watching the weather channel and saw that Alaska was getting hit by a pretty good storm. They mentioned winds of 100 MPH and snow. I was also hearing that Colorado and a couple other states were getting some snow so figured lets do a snowfall total update. It was worth doing :)

Anchorage, Alaska jumped into 1st place and are currently the king of the snow mountain for snowiest city in the US with a population of 100,000 or more. To be honest with you when I started this contest a couple of years ago I was thinking Anchorage would be the snowiest city but it hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t. I still think Erie, pa is a city for all of us to watch out for along with some of the cities in Colorado and New York. Of course with the weather patterns always changing who knows, we may be surprised by a city from the south coastal area ;)

A little bit of shuffleing in the top 10 but not a whole lot. At least 30 of the cities have at least measuable snow now of at least 0.1. The snow champ for the last 2 years and a couple of the other snow cities that are normaly on top still are only showing just a trace. I think this is the season we have a new king of the snow mountain and it should be interesting to see which one it is at the end of the snow season.

I noticed that some traffic was coming to the site from a school. I checked it out and it’s an assignment for the children & one question is to find out which of the cities we have listed here has the the most snow. I started thinking I better contact the teacher because it looks like the assignment has a date range between Nov. 7th – 18th. If that’s the case the students that got an early start will have one answer an the students that got a late start, students like I was will have another answer :) Anyways, there isn’t a school name so there really isn’t a way to contact them. Good Luck to the students though :( I’m sure the teacher will know that 2 different cities led so both would be right.

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