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Updated Right Around Midnight - It seems like I am trying to make a Snow Angel but I just keep going around in circles the last few days. With the Thanksgiving Day holiday I am having a hard enough time trying to figure out what day it is let alone trying to keep up with which city is leading the National snow contest. In the voice of President Ronald Reagan all I can say is “Here We Go Again“. Some snow stats came out a little earlier and the New leader who was an old leader a few updates ago is once again Erie, Pa. Congrats again to all of you from Erie on pushing Syracuse down the snow mountain and reclaiming the top spot :) I guess I’ll just leave it at that and say STAY TUNED once again ;)

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Updated 2:30 PM Friday 11/29 - Wow, talk about a lot of different lead changes. We have a new leader in the Golden Snow Globe National Snow Contest and go figure it’s Syracuse, NY., last seasons champion. This is something like 3 different leaders in 3 days and the good news is that the snow race is still really close. Only 4 tenths of an inch is separating the top 3 cities which are Syracuse, NY, Erie, PA and Rochester, NY. Just 0.1 inches separating Erie and Rochester for second place. If I were a betting man, oh yeah I am :) I would bet that there will be quite a few lead changes on the top of the snow mountain before this season wraps up. Enough for now and if anything changes come the next update from the National Weather Service then I’ll post another update. Stay Tuned ;)


Updated Noon Thanksgiving – Sorry Erie but your spot as King of the Snow Mountain was pretty short lived.  I just updated the New York snow contest and as of the wee hours of the morning Rochester, NY has taken the lead by a couple of snowflakes now.  Rochester is reporting 11.6 inches of snowfall as of the end of yesterday.  You were there for a few hours at least Erie, more than my Syracuse can say ;)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Congrats to Erie, Pa for taking the lead in the National Snow Contest by a couple of snowflakes. Erie picked up just enough snow to overtake Anchorage, Alaska for the top spot on the snow mountain with this last storm that seemed to benefit the northeast cities. Not mine of course but a lot of the other cities in the snow contest moved up the mountain and as of about 3:00am this morning Erie is the king. The question now is can they hold onto the lead with the top being pretty close between a few of the cities? The cold air looks like it is here for awhile so most like the snow will keep falling. Enough for now on this Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy All!

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours! Have a Safe Happy Holiday :)

This is kind of a repeat post from our NY snow contest site but I figure this snow storm will most likely be affecting several of the cities in the National Snow Contest too so why now ;) Lets put a few of the NY cities in along with a couple from Pennsylvania. Chances are all of these cities will get some snow if not a lot.

OK, does anyone have any estimates for this storm? Let’s say from the start to finish and we’ll call the finish date Thursday at 11:59 PM just in case some lake effect snow gets drawn into the cities when this pulls out.. The normal prize will be a lot of Natta as in Natta Thing other than a virtual pat on the back for calling it right. The person closest to the snow total for all of the cities snow added up wins. My guesstimate is below and you can post yours in the comments section anytime before midnight tonight, Tuesday.

Erie – 14
Rochester – 13.5
Syracuse – 9.0
Buffalo – 7.0
Pittsburg – 6
TOTAL = 49.5 inches :)

Normally I love a good storm but I really do wish or hope that they don’t happen during the holiday travel times. Unfortunately this storm most likely will effect quite a few people that will be traveling on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you traveling take it slow and have a safe trip. I know I’ll be worrying about a few of my family members who will be traveling. Take it slow and be prepared.

Stay Safe and Have a Safe Trip ;)

Warning, Online Begging Ahead ;) – OK, I hate to do this butttt…. It’s time for our annual, errr bi-annual, ummm quarterly solicitations for donations to the website. It helps to pay for some of the out of pocket costs of hosting the site not to mention the time put into keeping it updated and so on like trying to come up with my clueless posts like this. I promise anything left over will go to food and drink for myself ;) Don’t ever get me wrong. I truly enjoy keeping this site going and have as much fun as I’m sure all of you do seeing the snow stats. OK, maybe not all of you but hopefully some of you ;) Anyways if you enjoy the site and have a couple of bucks and would like to pitch in all you have to do is hit the donate button up above which will take you to my Pay Pal account to donate securely. Thanks, it really does help and it definitely is appreciated no matter how big or small. Bill Gates if you happen to stop by here feel free to drop a million in the account ;) END OF BEGGING :)

OK, on to the snow stuff and it’s been a busy, snowy weekend for some of us. 3 cities fell out of the top 10 on the snow mountain and of course 3 new cities filled their in their slot on the mountain. The 3 cities that dropped out are Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colorado and Cleveland, Ohio. My guess is that a couple of those cities will be back in the top 10 before the season is over.

New into the top 10 are Erie, Pa, Rochester, NY and Syracuse, New York in which all 3 of the cities benefitted this weekend being able to tap into some decent lake effect snow. Syracuse actually tied a snow record for the date yesterday which went back to 1981 picking up 4.5 inches of new snow which is pretty good for this time in the season. I was watching the snow bands yesterday and last night and I thought maybe Erie and Rochester may have gotten a little more but either way the Golden Snow Globe contest is starting to shape up.

One of the fun things about this national snow contest is getting to meet and yes, puff smoke, poke fun and do some friendly trash talking about each others cities and their chance of winning. Yes, that is allowed here in the comment section as long as it’s all in fun. Some of our visitors from Erie seem to dish it out pretty good and the last couple of days it’s been fun going back and forth with a guy I’ll call the Dr. on twitter. All in fun and of course he suggests that we, me being from Syracuse are afraid of Erie, Pa :) I do admit that Erie’s snow stats are one of the first one I look at and keep an eye on during the winter but afraid? Ha! I told the Dr. though that you people from Erie better start making some babies because your population is getting pretty close to the cut off population of 100,000 according to the last census. Only around 1000 people are keeping you in and I would hate to have to drop Erie from the contest, one of our strongest competitors, NOT. Joking aside I think the census is every 10 years so you have plenty of time ;)

Speaking of the census and the populations of the cities, good lead in huh ;) I’ve been putting off updating the new populations since the 2010 census came out but I finally started to update the cities last night and I should have them all updated in a couple of days. OK, enough rambling. Some of us need to keep an eye on what could be a storm coming up the coast come mid week. As much as I like a good storm I’m kind of hoping this one turns out to be rain for most of us just because it’s Thanksgiving week and a lot of people will be travelling. OK, really enough rambling on now.

How it Looked with Snow at My House Last Night

Lake Effect Snowfall in Minoa, NY 11/23/13



Stephen and I started talking about dropping a few of the cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest and adding a couple new ones. I went through the list to see who the lightweights were and dropped 6 of the old cities from the snow mountain and added 2 new ones that Stephen suggested that now have a population over 100,000 people. One is obviously a good one because they went straight to the top and are currently the King of The Snow Mountain.

Billings, Montana which shows a population of 106,954 is now leading the snow derby showing 11.1 inches of snow so far. More than enough to slide by Anchorage, AK and Sioux Falls, SD. The other new city to the snowy city list is Rochester, Minnesota which is showing a population of 108,992 as of the last US census taken. They are starting out in 18th place in the snow derby and hopefully will be a performer also.

Dropped from the list after looking at some snow stats were 6 cities and if you’re from one of those cities don’t worry, if we see that you are getting a decent amount of snow we will definitely add you back to the list. We did leave in some cities that probably could have been dropped and we will see how it goes down the slope to decide whether to keep them in or drop them. A lot of the ones we kept in that are underperformers are the coastal cities on the East – Northeast coast. The reason being of course for the fact that Nor’easters and coastal storms seem to be hitting us quite a bit lately. I think one is possible come this week as a matter of fact. Anyways, don’t take it personally and like I mentioned if your city starts getting some decent snow just drop us a comment and we will add it back to the list.

The cities we dropped this round were (Wichita and Topeka, Kansas,) (Boise City, Idaho), (Springfield, Missouri), (Oklahoma and Tulsa, OK). Start doing the snow dances so hopefully we will be seeing you back on the list before the season is over ;)

IMPORTANT – If you see a city that gets quite a bit of snow on average each season then let us know. We want to add as much competition as possible to keep the snow contest fun like it was last season. The closer it is the more fun it is. One of the reasons for that change is that it takes anywhere from 2 – 4 hours every time I do a full update. I’d like to get it down to around 2 hours which would allow me to get in more updates during the snow season. OK, enough rambling for now ;)

Have an awesome weekend everyone and snow is in the forecast for a lot of cities. See Snow, Drive Slow ;)

I was just reading around and came across an article about a new snow storm brewing in the Rockies which may bring a lot of us some snowy weather. According to the article the Rockies and the Northwest US could be getting up to a foot of new snow the beginning of this weekend starting on Friday and going through the weekend.

The good news is, that is if you’re a snow lover of course, is that the cold artic air is suppose to move to the east and go as far as the Northeast so a lot of the Golden Snow Globe cities could also be seeing some snow come next week. Gonna be a long cold snowy 2013 – 2014 season it looks like ;)

From MSN – The new push of arctic air aimed at the United States will first hit a little farther west this time when compared to the last cold blast. However, the arctic air will still have eyes for the Plains, Midwest, Northeast and South next week.

Click Here for more on the snow storm according to Accu Weather at MSN

I just got done doing a 3 1/2 hour full update and Almost every city in the national snowiest big city contest received some snow or at least a trace of snowfall since the last update. I think this was the most shuffling on the Golden Snow Globe snow mountain that I have seen since keeping the stats for the contest. Almost every state in the contest had at least a few snowflakes falling the last few days with a few cities making it into the top 10 as a few dropped out.

You can check out to see if your city climbed the snow mountain this update or slipped back down the mountain. My city, the great city of Syracuse was lucky they had a rope to hold onto and didn’t slide all the way to the bottom ;) Don’t count us out yet ;) Look for more updates as the snow falls.

We also have been dropping some cities from the contest and will probably drop several more as the season goes on. So far we have been keeping most of the coastal cities for the fact that the past has shown they can hold their own as long as the Coastal storms and Nor’easter’s are hitting. There was almost one lined up to hit this week but it headed out to sea instead. We are also looking for some new snowy cities to add into the Golden Snow Globe contest so feel free to suggest a city that we may be missing that gets some decent snow each season on average. So far we are researching and looking at adding Rochester, Minnesota and Billings, Montana to the contest. If you have any suggestions just leave a comment here and we will check it out. Thanks :)

Just a quick heads up and I’m going to keep it short – I figured it was just a matter of time before Anchorage got a decent snowfall and they finally did yesterday. Yesterday they grabbed over a half a foot of snow, 7.3 inches to move them to the top spot on the snow mountain. I just did a quick top 10 update and that was the only change in the lineup. Don’t forget that Anchorage has won the contest in the past so keep an eye on them ;)

While I was looking around I came across a pretty funny and entertaining but also serious post online from a man named John at the Alaska Commons website. Worth reading for those of us still getting ready for our first real snowfall. Check it out Here at Alaska Commons

Have a great week :)

We have another lead change in the National Snow contest here at the Golden Snow Globe. So far for the 2013 – 2014 season and I’m sure there will be several more to come unless a city gets a huge jump early on. There was quite a bit of shuffling this last update along with a couple of cities falling out of the top 10.

Sioux Falls, SD picked up more than enough snow with over half a foot of snow and almost doubling the snow totals of the next best snowiest city which is Salt Lake City, Utah who moved up from 7th place on the snow board to the second slot. It’s obviously way to early to even think about a winner but it should be a decent contest again this season.

Several more cities picked up some measurable snow since the last update including a couple of the favorites, Syracuse, NY and Anchorage, Alaska. So far Anchorage is the biggest under performing city with just 0.2 inches of snowfall on the season. Normally they have almost a foot of snow by now, 11.5 inches to be exact.

A couple of days ago I was hearing some rumors of a possible Nor’easter developing toward the end of this week but really haven’t heard a whole lot more about that recently so I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens. Enough for now and I’ll be getting more updates in this season as long as there is snow to report.

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Have an awesome week everyone ;)

The cold air has finally hit quite a few of the states now but it’s still the Colorado cities taking control of the national snow contest. Remember, only cities with a population of 100,000 or more are on the list.

Fort Collins, Colorado jumped ahead of Lakewood to take the top spot in the snowiest city in the US but only by a couple of snowflakes. Being the beginning of the snow season that’s about all that any of the cities are showing right now is just a few flakes here and there. A few things did stand out this last update though. Erie, Pa is now on the snowboard, Anchorage, Alaska still doesn’t have any measurable snow and a lot more cities are showing at least a trace of snow compared to the last update.

Anchorage normally would be leading right about now averaging 9.6 inches for this time in the season. Right now they are only showing a trace and aren’t even in the top 10. Remember they have been the only city since we started keeping stats to dethrone Syracuse, NY as the snowiest US city. I’m still in the process of moving but what will be cool is when I get hooked up and start watching one of my favorite shows, Gold Rush Alaska, I/We already know that they are going to have a lot better start this season and shouldn’t have to move a ton of snow before they start digging for gold ;)

Then there is that pesty Erie, Pa and I say that affectionately toward those of you from Erie :) Erie made the snow contest fun last season and were one of a couple of cities who came just inches away from taking the glory and bragging rights away from Syracuse, NY, My hometown just in case you didn’t know. Well Erie is on the snowboard now with a few tenths of an inch of snow and as always they are one of the cities that always worry me along with Worcester, Anchorage and a couple others. They should make it fun again for the new 2013 – 2014 snow season.

Another thing that caught my attention was that as of the last update we only had 12 cities showing any measurable snow or at least a trace of snow. This update we have 36 cities with at least a trace or more. I think we may be seeing a lot of lead changes this season and as always the bragging rights to snowiest big city in the US are up for grabs.

Just a heads up that we are going to be dropping a few cities out of the lineup in the next several days. It’s obvious that some of the cities don’t have a chance and we would like to get it down to around 40 – 50 cities. If you want to defend why your city should be listed here then now s the time. I’ve left a few in just because it was interesting to see that cities like Albuquerque, NM do get some snow each season but it’s getting a little too time consuming each update. I think the first 2 cities we need to drop is Worcester, Mass and Erie :) Joking of course! That said if you know of a city that isn’t listed but gets some decent snow and they are not on here then feel free to let us know. Keep in mind the population needs to be at least 100,000 as of the last census.

OK, enough for now and you all Have a Super Night and as always, “See Snow – Drive Slow” unless on a sled of course ;)