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Stephen and I started talking about dropping a few of the cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest and adding a couple new ones. I went through the list to see who the lightweights were and dropped 6 of the old cities from the snow mountain and added 2 new ones that Stephen suggested that now have a population over 100,000 people. One is obviously a good one because they went straight to the top and are currently the King of The Snow Mountain.

Billings, Montana which shows a population of 106,954 is now leading the snow derby showing 11.1 inches of snow so far. More than enough to slide by Anchorage, AK and Sioux Falls, SD. The other new city to the snowy city list is Rochester, Minnesota which is showing a population of 108,992 as of the last US census taken. They are starting out in 18th place in the snow derby and hopefully will be a performer also.

Dropped from the list after looking at some snow stats were 6 cities and if you’re from one of those cities don’t worry, if we see that you are getting a decent amount of snow we will definitely add you back to the list. We did leave in some cities that probably could have been dropped and we will see how it goes down the slope to decide whether to keep them in or drop them. A lot of the ones we kept in that are underperformers are the coastal cities on the East – Northeast coast. The reason being of course for the fact that Nor’easters and coastal storms seem to be hitting us quite a bit lately. I think one is possible come this week as a matter of fact. Anyways, don’t take it personally and like I mentioned if your city starts getting some decent snow just drop us a comment and we will add it back to the list.

The cities we dropped this round were (Wichita and Topeka, Kansas,) (Boise City, Idaho), (Springfield, Missouri), (Oklahoma and Tulsa, OK). Start doing the snow dances so hopefully we will be seeing you back on the list before the season is over ;)

IMPORTANT – If you see a city that gets quite a bit of snow on average each season then let us know. We want to add as much competition as possible to keep the snow contest fun like it was last season. The closer it is the more fun it is. One of the reasons for that change is that it takes anywhere from 2 – 4 hours every time I do a full update. I’d like to get it down to around 2 hours which would allow me to get in more updates during the snow season. OK, enough rambling for now ;)

Have an awesome weekend everyone and snow is in the forecast for a lot of cities. See Snow, Drive Slow ;)