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The Colorado cities are still looking pretty good adding some snow with each update. Anchorage is also still adding to their snow totals to go on top of that storm they had earlier in the season. Enough to keep them on top of the Golden Snow Globe mountain. Erie, Pa a city that always has me worried jumped 19 spots to number 11 this update. They are still far from the top but a city to keep an eye on. Syracuse, the national snow champs with a population of 100,000 or more is looking at having their least snowiest December on record with just 2.2 inches to date :( . My guess is unless some snow starts falling soon a lot of cities may have their least snowiest December or top 5 on record.

That said I’m curious as to which city you think will win this seasons snow contest? Just click on the little bubble and leave a comment in this post. Do you think Anchorage will be able to hold on to the lead? Will one of the Colorado cities be the king of the snow mountain? Any chance of Syracuse, Buffalo or Rochester making a run to the top? Let us know who you think will win :)

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Have a Great Week All ;)

Before we get to the forecast, a quick reminder on what the PBR Forecast is. Basically, it involves a short term forecast for some part of the U.S. In some cases, it is one state, while in others it could involve several. It just depends on how widespread a storm could be. Typically, what I feel will happen will go under the On Target category. Bull’s Eye typically has something extra. Before the next PBR Forecast, I will take a look at how the previous forecast fared.

Kicking off this season’s Point Blank Range Forecasts, we have a potentially large storm in store for the southwestern U.S. up to the plains. So, this forecast may be one of the more widespread ones that I have done as it involves Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. With 6 states total, I’ve decided to take one city from each (Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Pueblo, Amarillo, Guymon and Wichita). I’m expecting at least 6 inches of snow for most.

Bull’s Eye: All cities listed have at least 6 inches of snow, with one getting at least a foot.
On Target: 3 or more of the cities listed have at least 6 inches of snow.
Complete Miss: 2 or fewer cities have 6 or more inches of snow.

Have a great week everyone, and if you’re in the storm’s path, be careful out there!

Anchorage Alaska continues to lead the Golden Snow Globe contest and they keep adding to their lead. The Colorado cities are hanging in there and will probably have some new snow to add the next update. Michigan is still moving also. Syracuse, the snow champs the last 2 seasons haven’t even received an inch of snow for 2011 – 2012 :( Could this be the season they go down?

I think right now I am liking the odds of one of the Colorado cities being King of the Mountain this season along with Worcester, mass has about double their average snowfall for this time in the season. I’m still not counting Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester, New york or Erie, pa out yet though. Once the lake effect snow machine starts up it doesn’t take long to add a few feet to the totals. That is if the LES machine ever does start up.

I’m still hoping and counting on a white Christmas so hopefully the weather patterns will change pretty soon. How about you? Would you rather have a green or white Christmas?

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Have an Awesome Week All :)

It’s that time again! Well, actually, that time was a few days ago, but after a bit of a delay, I’m finally ready for the snow season. With that comes the forecasts. First a bit of a reminder of what exactly is going on for those new to this, along with a few changes.

At times throughout the season, I will prepare different types of forecasts. There will be 10 short term forecasts (about 2-3 days) called Point Blank Range and 5 long term (about a month) called Shot In The Dark. The idea behind each forecast is to be a bit different than you’d see in most forecasts on TV. What does that mean? No waffle words like “chance of” or “likely” when I make a forecast, it will be definitive. Also, at the beginning of each following forecast, I will look back and see how the forecast fared. Each forecast will fall into one of three categories: Bull’s Eye, On Target or Complete Miss.

Now on to the changes for this season. First off, I will not be doing a season outlook. Instead, I will be doing a long term forecast for 5 months, December through April. Secondly, the two sites, Golden Snowball and Golden Snow Globe, will be kept separate. In previous years, I’d try to find something that would work for both New York State and elsewhere at the same time. More often than not, I’d only be able to have a snow forecast for one area. So this gives me more flexibility. If I need to make a GSB forecast on a Tuesday and a GSG forecast on a Friday, or if it’s weeks in between, then that would work this year. And finally, I’m doubling the points for the Shot In The Dark forecasts. So now it’s 4 points for a Bull’s Eye, 2 for On Target and 0 for a Complete Miss. The goal for the end of the season will remain the same: 1.00 average or better (it worked out that even with this change my forecasts last season didn’t mean the 1.00 mark, so that is the goal again this season).

Now that’s out of the way, it’s time for the first Shot In The Dark Forecast of the season!

Remember how the Colorado cities where nowhere to be found in the top 10 last season? So far this season, they are make up for that as three (Fort Collins, Lakewood and Denver) are currently in the top 5! This is more like what we were expecting from them! They’re off to a great start, but this is just the beginning. Can their snowfall totals double by the end of the month?

Bull’s Eye: Fort Collins, Lakewood and Denver will double their snowfall totals by the end of the month.
On Target: One or two will double their snowfall totals by the end of the month.
Complete Miss: None will double their snowfall totals by the end of the month.

Doubling snowfall totals would put Fort Collins at 57.6, Lakewood at 50.0 and Denver at 44.4.

Have a great week everyone!

I just finished a full update of all the US cities and an update on the top 10 snowiest cities in the US – Pop over 100,00 and the 2011 – 2012 snow season is starting to come together.  Well, kind of.  Last years champ Syracuse is still down toward the bottom along with several other cities that were near the top last season.

Cities from Michigan have slid toward the top since the last update.  Lansing, Michigan received enough snow to just all the way from 35 th place to the top 10 while Flint and Ann Arbor are within striking distance now of joining the top 10 snowiest cities.

New to the top ten ar Minneapolis, Minnesota, St Paul and Lansing Michigan.  Three cities dropped out of the top 10 which are Salt Lake City, Utah, Spokane, WA and Newark, NJ.  The Colorado cities are still piling on some snowfall stats and and own 3 of the top four spots ont the snow mountain.  I think all 3 of them have more than they had all of last season already :)   Anchorage is also still adding to their totals and are getting just enough snow to be King of the Snow Mountain in the Golden Snow Globe contest.

This just being the beginning of the snow season keeps me thinking this is going to be a close snow race this season with no big blowouts like in the 2010 – 2011 season.

Hey, Have a GREAT week all and let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!