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Updated 5:30 PM – A little bit of news to share. Syracuse has slipped past Grand Rapids to move into the second place spot on the snow mountain. Now less than a foot of snow separating Erie, Pa and Syracuse, NY… One other update 9:30 PM – Billings wasn’t reporting earlier so I just took a look and they have jumped all the way up to the number 5 spot :)

I figured it was about time to do some chopping in the National Snow Contest. If one of the cities dropped was yours, please don’t take it personal. I ended up just dropping the bottom 8 cities so we now have 50 cities left in the contest. I know I can probably drop a whole bunch more but we’ll keep it at 50 for now. Address all complaints to Mother Nature because she is the one responsible for your lack of snowfall this season ;) Cities that were chopped are;

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Kansas City, Missouri
Pueblo, Colorado
Independence, Missouri
Lincoln, Nebraska
Washington DC (National)
Omaha, Nebraska
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The national snow race this season is really starting to shape up. Right now there are 4 cities in a good battle for the top spot with only around 16 inches of snow separating the number 1 snowiest city which is Erie, PA from the number 4 city which is Buffalo, NY. The other two snowiest cities in the hunt for King of the Snow Mountain are Grand Rapids, MI and Syracuse, NY. I’m not counting any of the other cities below them out either. There is still a lot of time left in the snow season whether you/we like it or not. REMEMBER – The contest does NOT end the first day of Spring! I’ll have to repeat that several times because it seems every season one of the news sites post the winner the first day of spring and then a bunch of other follow them :( In reality the season goes from July 1st to the last day of June but we will call it a lot sooner than that or as soon as Syracuse takes the lead, Oh Stop, I’m Joking ;)

There are a couple good snowball fights going on right now. One is for 2nd place with Grand Rapids, Syracuse and Buffalo battling it out. Only around 4 inches separating Buffalo and Grand Rapids and only an inch of snow is between Syracuse and Grand Rapids. Chances are Syracuse received more than that during the overnight which hasn’t been reported yet so it could get interesting depending on what Buffalo, NY and Grand Rapids had fall overnight.

The other decent snowball fight going on and has been for awhile is the battle for the 5th place spot. That battle just got even crazier with Billings, Montana joining in. Billings has been cranking out the snow and picked up something like 14 inches of snow since the last update and also set a date record for one of the days. There are 5 cities within around 3 inches of each other for the fifth place spot on the mountain. Those 5 cities are Ann Arbor, Michigan, Worcester, Mass, Rochester, NY, Billings, Montana and Detroit, MI. Of those cities 2 – 3 of them should have a little over 30 inches right now during a normal snow season. Right now they are at around 80 inches. Another reason why I’m not counting them out just yet :) OK, enough for now and stay tuned.

Have a Great Day All :)

I just finished a full update of all the US cities and an update on the top 10 snowiest cities in the US – Pop over 100,00 and the 2011 – 2012 snow season is starting to come together.  Well, kind of.  Last years champ Syracuse is still down toward the bottom along with several other cities that were near the top last season.

Cities from Michigan have slid toward the top since the last update.  Lansing, Michigan received enough snow to just all the way from 35 th place to the top 10 while Flint and Ann Arbor are within striking distance now of joining the top 10 snowiest cities.

New to the top ten ar Minneapolis, Minnesota, St Paul and Lansing Michigan.  Three cities dropped out of the top 10 which are Salt Lake City, Utah, Spokane, WA and Newark, NJ.  The Colorado cities are still piling on some snowfall stats and and own 3 of the top four spots ont the snow mountain.  I think all 3 of them have more than they had all of last season already :)   Anchorage is also still adding to their totals and are getting just enough snow to be King of the Snow Mountain in the Golden Snow Globe contest.

This just being the beginning of the snow season keeps me thinking this is going to be a close snow race this season with no big blowouts like in the 2010 – 2011 season.

Hey, Have a GREAT week all and let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!

Well you called it dead on Joe :) Joe left a comment that Detroit was on the move and the had enough snow to jump past Chicago and NYC like Joe mentioned. I think what’s even more impressive is that all of the Michigan cities have a pretty good competition going on between them. Just as impressive is that the Michigan cities like Flint, Ann Arbor and Detroit are hanging in there with the big dog Grand Rapids ;) WTG!

Syracuse, NY still holds a commanding lead and no doubt it’s going to take an act of it’s not nice to fool mother nature in order for another city to jump ahead at this point I believe. Is it posible? Sure but it’s getting late in the snow season and it’s getting more unlikely that it will happen. I think after the above average snow season that most of the cities have had the question is does anyone want to really beat them now? Do you want another 50, 60, 100 inches more to beat them :) Plus Syracuse is under a storm warning right now with another 8 – 12 inches expected today. OK, enough said and check out Stephens Shot in the Dark Forecast below.

Have a SUPER week all ;)