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OK, it was fun watching Billings, Montana climb the snow mountain the last week or so but enough that’s enough snow now. Now you are messing with my home town Syracuse, New York ;) I suppose I may as well cheer you on now seeing how you just passed Syracuse and it looks like you are still climbing the snow mountain. OK, Might as well go all the way to the top to make things exciting and I think we are well overdue for a change of the throne. No offense to Grand Rapids of course but there haven’t been a whole lot of lead changes this season.

So far there have only been 4 leaders in the national snow contest for the 2014 – 2015 snow season. Out of the 4 leaders Grand Rapids has by far been sitting at the throne at the top of the snow mountain the longest. That said the snow contest has been close all season long with just a few inches separating some of the top snowiest cities in the U.S..

Here are the cities that have led so far this season and when they held the lead. Keep in mind the dates are give or take a day depending on when an update was done during the snow season.

Anchorage, Alaska – 10/20/2014 – 11/14/2014

South Bend, Indiana – 11/14/2014 – 11/15/2014

Erie, Pa 11/15/2014 – 11/18/2014

Grand Rapids, Michigan 11/18/2014 – Current Leader

Billings Montana continues to move up in the National Snowiest Big City Contest with a population of 100,000 or more and has just jumped another couple of spots. Billings just slid past Syracuse and Buffalo, NY to take the number 3 slot in the contest and from reading around there may still be more snow on the way for them. There was quite a bit of shuffling around with a lot of the cities adding some snow to their totals the last couple of updates.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota has moved up quite a bit the last few days and broke a date record yesterday picking up another 5.0 inches of snow breaking an old record of 3.9 inches on the day set back in 1951. WTG Sioux Falls, SD :)

Have a Great Day Everyone and Stay Safe – See Snow – Drive Slow unless you’re on a sled of course ;)

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Updated 4/1 12 AM – Just a heads up to all of those that emailed me and posted a comment. Yes this was just an April Fools Day post. Erie is still kicking butt and to be honest is looking pretty good right now. There was no snow in the Syracuse area and Yesterday was a Beautiful day in Da’Cuse. Erase that 8.3 inches on Syracuse’s totals ;)

Media, Be Warned – Updated Today 10 AM – The sun is are starting to shine now so most likely the snow band has lifting back to the north but at least it dropped just enough to put the pressure back on Erie, PA :) It looks like we are going to be going back and forth for a bit. Hard to believe it’s suppose to hit the 50′s here in Syracuse today but it’s warming up fast. The good news is that when I woke up today the neighbor did my driveway for me so no shoveling :)

Rochester only picked up a couple inches, nothing for Erie or Buffalo and the 8.3 inches was what the stats were showing for Syracuse. Most likely no more will be added to that total come the later day update.

Lake Effect Snow in Syracuse 3/31

3/31 5 PM - The Lake Effect that they were predicting finally stopped or should I say finally panned out. So many times this season the lake effect snow bands would just hang to the North of Syracuse, drop down a little but stop before it reached us. This band was probably the best we have received this season dropping 8.3 inches so far according to NOAA. The good news is it’s suppose to be nice tomorrow. The bad news is that this snow is the wet and really heavy snow :(

I’m still waiting for the snow stats to come our for Rochester to see how much Lake Effect they got. When I looked at the radar earlier this evening it didn’t look like Anything was going on in their neck of the woods So most likely Syracuse should hold on to the lead. For now anyways.

Stay Tuned and have a Great Night ;)

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Updated 3/26 2 PM - I think if Syracuse ever goes ahead of Erie again I am going to get Mother Nature some antibiotics to take care of that sneeze once and for all :)

Erie, PA has jumped back into the snow lead as of yesterdays snow stats from NOAA and the crown is still warm from the last time they were the King of The Mountain. Right now Erie has a 2 inch lead on last seasons snow champ, Syracuse, NY. It’s starting to feel like I am watching a tennis match with all this back and forth going on right now rather than a snowball fight. Will that 2 inches be enough to hold off Syracuse come the next update a little later on?

Syracuse received some snow but most of it was after midnight which isn’t being reported yet. Erie may also have some more snow to add to their totals so it should be interesting come the next update.

Erie also received enough snow to make this their 5th snowiest season on record. They now have 133.1 inches on the season passing the 1993 – 1994 snow season which had 131.3 inches. WTG Erie and Congrats ;) Stay Tuned!
Updated 3/24 - I said just a week or so ago that the snow race was so close that all it would take is for Mother Nature to sneeze over Syracuse for them to take the lead. Ummm, God Bless You Mother Nature ;) Syracuse has taken the lead away from Erie, PA and is now sitting alone on top of the snow mountain. Don’t worry though Erie, maybe Mother Nature has a cold and all it will take is another sneeze for you to be back on the top of the snow mountain.

This is the first time since around the middle of December that Erie hasn’t been the Snow King. Time is running out but cold air is still in the forecast for at least a few more days if not more. Only 2 tenths of an inch separate Syracuse and Erie from the top spot now. No doubt this will be/is one of the closest contests we have had so far. WTG Syracuse ;)

Congrats to Billings, Montana on setting the record for the snowiest season ever on record. Billings has had 99.1 inches of snow fall so far this season breaking the old record set back in the 1996-1997 season of 98.7 inches. WTG Billings and that 100 inch mark is right around the corner or should you go for a HOT 101.9 for the season ;) Thanks for the heads up McLovin from HOT 101.9 in Billings, Montana. Maybe they should give away a prize if the season ends at 101.9 inches. Come on, put up Hot 101.9 :P

Stay Tuned and Have a Great Night :)

Updated 2/14 7:00 PM - Wow, this is turning into a Full time job this season :) A little bit of breaking news. Syracuse pulled in enough snow from the storm to move them into 2nd place on the Snow Mountain in the National Snow Contest. Should Erie be worried about a repeat from last season? Nah, not just yet but they may want to think about doing a snow dance or something to play it safe ;)

In the last week give or take Erie, PA has watched their lead over Syracuse melt away from an over 26 inch lead to the lead they hold right now which is 14.6 inches. On the bright side for Erie, they are still adding snow to their totals and I just added another 1.3 inches to their totals. Syracuse picked up a little less than I was expecting adding 9.5 inches of new snow from the 2 day storm. Stay Tuned ;)


First off Happy Valentines Day Everyone and I Hope it’s a Great One ;) For those of you single like myself, the parties at my house! No, scratch that, I’m joking, kind of ;)

The latest snow storm Pax turned out to be a decent snow maker for a lot of cities and states. We have one new city in the top 10 which is no stranger to being there and several jumped into the top 20 snowiest cities. I know with these last couple of storms that there are quite a few cities that aren’t listed here that probably should be now. If any of you have any suggestions feel free to post the city but please make sure the population is over 100,000. I have no problem taking a few out and replacing them with a snowier city. You know, like Erie PA… Oh stop, that would never happen, I love having Erie in the contest along with Grand Rapids and most of the others.

Welcome back to the top 10 snowiest cities to our friends in Worcester, Mass. It took awhile this season but with your 10.5 inches that has been reported so far you jumped from #14 to #9 on the snow mountain knocking out Flint, Michigan. Can you climb to the top 3 like you did last season?

New in the top 20 and IMO it’s pretty cool seeing some of them there is Allentown and Philadelphia, PA. Allentown went from number 25 to 13 picking up 17.8 inches of snow from storm PAX. Philly picked up 10.4 inches so far and jumped from 26 to 16 on the snow mountain.

Also new in the top 20 snowiest cities are New York City and Newark, NJ. Newark, New Jersey went from #24 to #17 picking up 9.4 inches of new snow so far and NYC moved from number 29 to number 20 on the snow mountain picking up 9.5 inches of new snow. Hard to believe that it wasn’t a date record for NYC though. There was quite a bit of shuffling done with this last storm but Erie still remains safe at the top of the mountain.

Here in the Syracuse area we picked up more than I thought we were going to or should I say here at my house. I measured 12.5 inches of new snow but I am not sure what the airport will have to report. So far they are only reporting 4.1 inches of new snow for yesterday and it will be interesting what they show for the overnight and today when the new snow stats come out a little later. If they are close to what I measured plus it is still snowing then Syracuse should move past Grand Rapids currently in 3rd and perhaps even Buffalo, NY who holds the 2nd place spot on the snow mountain.

STAY TUNED ALL and as always, See Snow – Drive Slow!

Congratulations Syracuse, NY, the new King of the Snow Mountain…  Here it is 90 degrees in Syracuse, New York and I’m finally calling the snow contest a wrap.  Syracuse has regained the title of snowiest big city in the country (pop 100,000) once again.  After last seasons embarrassing finish of 7th place with just 50.6 inches and being blown away by last years snow champ Anchorage, Alaska who had a snow total of 134.5 Syracuse managed to pull off a very close snow race between several cities this season.  For the 2012 – 2013 snow season Syracuse was able to win with a total of 115.4 inches, even though being just shy of their average snowfall of around 123.8 inches.

Some of the tough competition came from Erie, Pa, Worcester, MA, Anchorage and a strong finish by Lakewood, Colorado.  The Colorado cities got off to a slow start but were one of the reasons the snow contest went this late in the season.  For some reason this season just didn’t want to end and Lakewood, CO ended up jumping from #18 on the list to #5.  To be honest with the late snowfall this season even  now I feel a little uncomfortable calling it.  15 of the cities in the contest had some measurable snow in May and several others had at least a trace.

Syracuse was lucky that they were able to pick up something like 12 inches of snow in April that managed to miss Erie, PA and Worcester, MA to pull off a come from behind King of the Snow Mountain victory.  Several times toward the end it looked like either Erie or Worcester were going to take the crown.  I thought this season was one of the most fun ones to date because of the different lead changes right to the end.  Great job to both Worcester and Erie and I have a feeling they will be in the running again come next season.

I think normally I call the contest around May 15th when it seems like the snow is done for the season in cities in Colorado, Nebraska and a couple others.  This season I was watching the Colorado cities slowly move up the line-up and was too big of a sissy man to call it too early.  Hey, it’s been a whacky snow season when a lot of cities are still getting snow in May.  Not unheard of but I’m sure a few of them may have set a record for latest snow received.  Fort Collins picked up 12.9 inches of snow in May.  Below are some of the other Golden Snow Globe cities that pick up measurable snow in May.

Fort Collins, CO — 12.9 inches in May
Lakewood, CO —-  8.0
Des Moines, Iowa – 6.9
Denver, Colorado – 3.4
Omaha, Nebraska – 3.1
Lincoln, Nebraska – 2.7
Independence, Mo – 2.0
Colorado Springs — 1.8
Sioux Falls, SD — 1.5
Springfield, Mo —- 1.4
Anchorage, AK —- 1.3
Saint. Paul, MN — 0.6
Pueblo, CO —— 0.6
Kansas City, MO – 0.5
Minneapolis, MN – 0.5

That about sums it up for a fun 2012 – 2013 snow season and like I said it was a fun one.  We got to meet a lot of new people from different cities in the contest.  The season went right down until the end which made it even more fun.  I’ll be popping in every now and then throughout the summer to see what’s going on.  We hope all of you have a safe and fun filled Summer with what ever kind of weather it is you like.  Me, I’ll take 70 and sunny.  Have a great one All!

Well you called it dead on Joe :) Joe left a comment that Detroit was on the move and the had enough snow to jump past Chicago and NYC like Joe mentioned. I think what’s even more impressive is that all of the Michigan cities have a pretty good competition going on between them. Just as impressive is that the Michigan cities like Flint, Ann Arbor and Detroit are hanging in there with the big dog Grand Rapids ;) WTG!

Syracuse, NY still holds a commanding lead and no doubt it’s going to take an act of it’s not nice to fool mother nature in order for another city to jump ahead at this point I believe. Is it posible? Sure but it’s getting late in the snow season and it’s getting more unlikely that it will happen. I think after the above average snow season that most of the cities have had the question is does anyone want to really beat them now? Do you want another 50, 60, 100 inches more to beat them :) Plus Syracuse is under a storm warning right now with another 8 – 12 inches expected today. OK, enough said and check out Stephens Shot in the Dark Forecast below.

Have a SUPER week all ;)

It’s officially unofficial that the snowiest city in the United States is Syracuse, NY.  Lets just hope I didn’t blow it this time.  Remember the Washington, DC Big Oooops :)   Anyways I’ve looked and looked, talked and talked to several people and everything is pointing to Syracuse being the King of the snow mountain for the 2009 – 2010 snow season.  The stats below are as of earlier today which is May 15th and this date seems to be a good cutoff date for the National Snow Contest.  A couple of the bigger Colorado cities did just get some snow added to their totals but it isn’t enough to knock off Da Cuse.  If anyone out there has any info on a snowier big city than Syracuse, pop 100,000 or more please let us know by emailing us at .

I did talk to a couple of people from a couple of stations for NOAA, the national weather service and they both seemed to also think the stats should be right.  That said there is always that chance that we have missed a city this being the first annual Golden Snow Globe contest and kind of a test run for the first season.  Below you can see what we came up with for the top 10 snowiest BIG cities.  There is no doubt that it was pretty time consuming but the fun comments from all of you and just the competition of all of the cities competing for bragging rights made it worthwhile.   Being the first season of the contest all I can say is I hope I got it right with calling is Syracuse, NY. 

Steven, our Golden Snow Cast master did an awesome job with his forecasts.  I think he came out at being something like 90 + percent right which is pretty good.  Hey he is looking for a job in meteorology, forecasting, mapping, burger flipping or whatever you have for him.  OK, I’m kidding about the burger flipping kind of jobs but he is a graduate of State College and he knows his stuff.  Thanks Steven for all the time and hard work you put into the site this season.

More to come on how the snow season went and look for some improvements come next season including getting a lot of the populations up to date and hopefully some cool contests and prizes for our visitors.  There were a lot of good suggestions from quite a few people and we will be adding some of them next season.  Thanks again to all of you and to those of you who made this a fun contest by posting and emailing.

Top 10 Snowiest Cities in the United States Last Updated 5/15/2010


US States and Cities

City Population

2009 – 2010
Snowfall Totals

Snowfall to Date

1-36 Syracuse, New York




2-17 Erie, Pa




3-2 Lakewood, Colorado




4-10 Rochester, New York




5-1 Fort Collins, Colorado




6-6 Philadelphia, Pa




7-45 Pittsburgh, Pa




8-7 Baltimore, Maryland




9-5 Anchorage, Alaska




10-14 Buffalo, New York




We’ll try to get a summary posted on how the cities started, finished and how some of the cities like Baltimore, Washington, DC, Pitt and others came out of nowhere to land in the top 10 at certain times during the contest.

Have a Great Weekend All!

I still need to get some stats for a few cities that have me concerned. Mainly some of the Colorado cities not listed here because I haven’t been able to find snow stats on them plus a couple of others. In other words I’m being a sissy man in calling Syracuse the winner just yet. I will get a hold of everyone I need to and make an announcement next week. Yeah I know I’m a wimp but I would rather get it right for the first annual national snow contest for cities with a population of 100,000 or more. Just a bit longer.

Cheers, Patrick

Yeah I know it’s about time huh? It’s been tough trying to get an update in with the decent weather we have been having. I just cut the lawn yesterday and I don’t think too many of us are thinking about snow right now. It’s getting close to that time to wrapping up the contest for snowiest city in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more. We still have some stats to check before the contest ends which is the last day of April and I don’t think it’s a lock yet seeing how some cities are still getting snow.

Here in the northeast it’s been pretty decent with just a trace of snow last Friday. Most of the days have been 50 + with a few days in the 80′s which is very unusual for April. With the wacky way this winter has been I’m a little nervous as to what the summer will bring across the United States. Only a handful had any snow to report this update so unless one of the cities near the top start piling it on I’ll most likely do another update early next week. If I see some of the top 10 cities are getting some snow I’ll do an update sooner.

Have a Super Week All!