3 comments on “Enough Snow Already Billings, Montana

  1. Erie is getting snowballs ready to toss at Grand Rapids as we speak. We have received about 4 inches in the last 3 hours and at least 5 to 7 more are forecast overnight. Move over Grand Rapids. THWAAATTT! Gotcha!

    • Dave and Alan, It’s going to be interesting for sure come the morning when the totals for today and tonight come out. Grand Rapids has hit 40.3 inches and I think Billings will also be adding more along with Erie. Erie is just a little over an inch away from catching Grand Rapids. I’ve been waiting for ever to say WE HAVE A NEW LEADER! Let’s see if it happens :)

      • Hey, what can I say…. ERIE is once again the SNOW KING! Our snowballs are bigger than your snowballs…. Seems to me that if you want bigger ones, you need to hold your breathe so that your snow doesn’t melt before it accumulates………LOL…. cmon….BRING IT ON!

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