7 comments on “Breaking News – Erie, Pa Snows Into First – It’s Official

  1. I live in Findley Lake and commute to Erie ..it is always a relief to plow out of our snow and into the relative dusting that Erie receives.. yes I know Erie has over 100 thousand people so on that basis, you win.. Congrats. ; )

  2. Erie should take a look south about 17 miles around Waterford. We might be small but we typically get twice as much snow as you do

    • Grand Rapids slipped past Erie Kimbly with the last update. It’s been snowing there too. The stats for Erie don’t include what snow fell today though so it could be Erie again come the next update ;)

  3. The current Erie, PA forecast is calling for 6 to 10 more inches of NEW SNOW in the next 36 hours. Can YOUR CITY keep up with this. We in Erie are used to this! “When life gives you SNOW……….make SNOWMEN!”

  4. Howdy all my fellow goldensnowglobe contenders! Today, I took my corn broom out and brushed the snow off my car. It is what we in Erie call a “SNOW BRUSH” ….lol………………but seriously, if you want to BEAT out ERIE PA in this annual snowglobe contest you need to get serious and expect a lot of snow like we do here in Erie PA! And yes, we also have the SUB ZERO Wind Chill Factor to deal with too! All good competitions require great sportsmanship! If you have a bigger snowball to throw than we do, go on and throw it! Catch us…………….IF YOU CAN!

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