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Congratulations Syracuse, NY, the new King of the Snow Mountain…  Here it is 90 degrees in Syracuse, New York and I’m finally calling the snow contest a wrap.  Syracuse has regained the title of snowiest big city in the country (pop 100,000) once again.  After last seasons embarrassing finish of 7th place with just 50.6 inches and being blown away by last years snow champ Anchorage, Alaska who had a snow total of 134.5 Syracuse managed to pull off a very close snow race between several cities this season.  For the 2012 – 2013 snow season Syracuse was able to win with a total of 115.4 inches, even though being just shy of their average snowfall of around 123.8 inches.

Some of the tough competition came from Erie, Pa, Worcester, MA, Anchorage and a strong finish by Lakewood, Colorado.  The Colorado cities got off to a slow start but were one of the reasons the snow contest went this late in the season.  For some reason this season just didn’t want to end and Lakewood, CO ended up jumping from #18 on the list to #5.  To be honest with the late snowfall this season even  now I feel a little uncomfortable calling it.  15 of the cities in the contest had some measurable snow in May and several others had at least a trace.

Syracuse was lucky that they were able to pick up something like 12 inches of snow in April that managed to miss Erie, PA and Worcester, MA to pull off a come from behind King of the Snow Mountain victory.  Several times toward the end it looked like either Erie or Worcester were going to take the crown.  I thought this season was one of the most fun ones to date because of the different lead changes right to the end.  Great job to both Worcester and Erie and I have a feeling they will be in the running again come next season.

I think normally I call the contest around May 15th when it seems like the snow is done for the season in cities in Colorado, Nebraska and a couple others.  This season I was watching the Colorado cities slowly move up the line-up and was too big of a sissy man to call it too early.  Hey, it’s been a whacky snow season when a lot of cities are still getting snow in May.  Not unheard of but I’m sure a few of them may have set a record for latest snow received.  Fort Collins picked up 12.9 inches of snow in May.  Below are some of the other Golden Snow Globe cities that pick up measurable snow in May.

Fort Collins, CO — 12.9 inches in May
Lakewood, CO —-  8.0
Des Moines, Iowa – 6.9
Denver, Colorado – 3.4
Omaha, Nebraska – 3.1
Lincoln, Nebraska – 2.7
Independence, Mo – 2.0
Colorado Springs — 1.8
Sioux Falls, SD — 1.5
Springfield, Mo —- 1.4
Anchorage, AK —- 1.3
Saint. Paul, MN — 0.6
Pueblo, CO —— 0.6
Kansas City, MO – 0.5
Minneapolis, MN – 0.5

That about sums it up for a fun 2012 – 2013 snow season and like I said it was a fun one.  We got to meet a lot of new people from different cities in the contest.  The season went right down until the end which made it even more fun.  I’ll be popping in every now and then throughout the summer to see what’s going on.  We hope all of you have a safe and fun filled Summer with what ever kind of weather it is you like.  Me, I’ll take 70 and sunny.  Have a great one All!