6 comments on “Mother Nature Sneezed Again Erie’s 5th Snowiest Season Ever

  1. I live in Erie, 15 minutes from the airport where Erie gets it’s stats. My yard has 4 inches from yesterday’s storm, but I just looked up the airport total for March 25th and it currently lists only 2.4 inches. I read all the complaints about people saying this or that area just outside the city got more snow than the official total. People that live here joke about this all the time, as the airport data does not give accurate weather stats for the rest of the city. The airport is on the NW corner of the city, right on the lake. Pretty much everywhere else in Erie gets more snow and colder temps than the airport. Drive 10 miles south of the airport and that area gets up to DOUBLE the amount of snow. I’m just saying that no city has perfectly accurate stats. We have to accept that and just have fun with this contest. Congratulations to Syracuse for bumping us out of 1st! I must be the only Erieite left that is excited when it starts snowing…

    • To Amy, Karyn, Bill and all who commented about the airport in Erie. Unfortunately that is where they measure so it pretty much is what it is. It’s all out of my hands…

  2. Snowfall in Erie started Tuesday after 5PM – grassy areas are mostly white, but the pavement took a while to whiten up where the sun had warmed it during the day

    There are a few tenths of an inch out there, so Erie won’t go down without a snowball battle

    • It’s just starting out my way Gary, just outside of the city. It should be interesting come tomorrow when the stats come out. My guess is right now Erie is ahead but I don’t know if I can make it until the late night update comes out. I’ll do my best though :)

      • The Erie snow numbers were “MM” – missing – early this morning, but an update at 10:24AM shows 2.4″ for Tuesday and 133.1″ for the season.

        That is enough for 5th place on the snowiest season list, but 4th is at 142.8″ – not sure people are ready for another 9″+ any time soon

      • Yeah, I was beat that night Gary but stayed up waiting for the new stats to come out to get a jump on the update. Should have seen my face when I saw the MM that night :(

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