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First Off – A big Thanks to Jack Y. for your recent generous donation to the site. As always I cannot say enough how much I appreciate it and how they do offset the costs of the site and time spent on it. I’ve received many donations this month that have helped out and it’s nice to know that the site and hours that go into it is appreciated. Thanks again Jack and to the rest of you :)
Updated 3/26 2 PM - I think if Syracuse ever goes ahead of Erie again I am going to get Mother Nature some antibiotics to take care of that sneeze once and for all :)

Erie, PA has jumped back into the snow lead as of yesterdays snow stats from NOAA and the crown is still warm from the last time they were the King of The Mountain. Right now Erie has a 2 inch lead on last seasons snow champ, Syracuse, NY. It’s starting to feel like I am watching a tennis match with all this back and forth going on right now rather than a snowball fight. Will that 2 inches be enough to hold off Syracuse come the next update a little later on?

Syracuse received some snow but most of it was after midnight which isn’t being reported yet. Erie may also have some more snow to add to their totals so it should be interesting come the next update.

Erie also received enough snow to make this their 5th snowiest season on record. They now have 133.1 inches on the season passing the 1993 – 1994 snow season which had 131.3 inches. WTG Erie and Congrats ;) Stay Tuned!
Updated 3/24 - I said just a week or so ago that the snow race was so close that all it would take is for Mother Nature to sneeze over Syracuse for them to take the lead. Ummm, God Bless You Mother Nature ;) Syracuse has taken the lead away from Erie, PA and is now sitting alone on top of the snow mountain. Don’t worry though Erie, maybe Mother Nature has a cold and all it will take is another sneeze for you to be back on the top of the snow mountain.

This is the first time since around the middle of December that Erie hasn’t been the Snow King. Time is running out but cold air is still in the forecast for at least a few more days if not more. Only 2 tenths of an inch separate Syracuse and Erie from the top spot now. No doubt this will be/is one of the closest contests we have had so far. WTG Syracuse ;)

Congrats to Billings, Montana on setting the record for the snowiest season ever on record. Billings has had 99.1 inches of snow fall so far this season breaking the old record set back in the 1996-1997 season of 98.7 inches. WTG Billings and that 100 inch mark is right around the corner or should you go for a HOT 101.9 for the season ;) Thanks for the heads up McLovin from HOT 101.9 in Billings, Montana. Maybe they should give away a prize if the season ends at 101.9 inches. Come on, put up Hot 101.9 :P

Stay Tuned and Have a Great Night :)

The new snow stats have finally come in and we have a new leader for the first time in awhile. Syracuse was able to tap into the Lake Effect snow this time round and managed to break the old record for todays date 4/2 picking up 10.5 inches of the white fluffy gold breaking the old date record of 1.4 set back in 1991.  They may have a shot at breaking their snow totals record for the month of April which I believe is 16.4 back in 1983 if it continues for a day or two.

Here is an article that came out today by Sean Kirst who is a great journalist for the Post Standard and in the Syracuse and surrounding areas about the national snow contest.

Now it is up to Erie and Worcester to catch Syracuse, the new king of the snow mountain. Both cities were reporting just a trace this last update which included just the top 3 cities. Here in Da’Cuse it’s been light snow most of the day but it looks like one of the lake effect bands are just starting to kick in again as it’s coming down pretty good.

I have to say that this season has been the most exciting and closest one that I can remember since the snow contest started :) Let’s go Erie and Worcester, keep it close to the end. I’ll try and get a full or at least a top 10 update done in the next day or two.

Have a GREAT Week All!!