2 comments on “Snow Storm Pax Was a Snow Maker New Cities in Top 20 Snowiest

  1. Greetings from the West. Well actually just a little bit west: I am in Rochester. Thanks for these lists. It would be interesting to track “percentage against average to date “to get a sense how unusual this year’s snow is to some areas. For example, Eire is at 145%, Syracuse is at 101%, we are at 111%…meanwhile Worcester is 157% but Toledo stands at 261% and NYC checks in with an impressive 310% of normal snowfall to date which Philadelphia tops at 368%. An aside, here is a report from one of my sites that references your data – from last February. http://ellwangerbarry.org/2013/03/01/a-visual-report-on-a-february-snow/

    • Michael, I love the idea but unfortunately this season I have pretty much let all of my other sites go due to putting a lot of time into this site. Don’t get me wrong either, I love doing it but the other sites are where I make or should I say where I am suppose to be making a living from ;) If I were to guess I think this season I’m probably putting around 30 – 40 hours into the contest even though it may not seem like it.

      That said I would be more than willing to blog about the percentages and post them in a blog if you ever felt like doing it. I think just what you posted was pretty cool to see. Of course I would give you the credit :) Thanks for the feedback Michael.

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