2 comments on “Will Erie, PA Have It’s 10th Snowiest Winter on Record

  1. We had quite the storm overnight; although the winds were so strong (peak gust of 52mph) that it is hard for me to tell how much snow we got. We will have to wait and see until the afternoon climate update from NWS CLE. At one point before I went to bed, it was hard to see across my street and the wind was literally shaking my house! I’m glad to see this warm up will be short-lived. Can’t wait to break the record! I still think SYR will pass ERI though in the end…all you guys need is one blockbuster nor’easter to get to the top of the snow mountain!

    • Dave, nothing here where I live which is a little east of the city and airport. I’m hoping we at least got that 10th of an inch to hit 100. Looks like you will be gaining on us some more.

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