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First off as always I want to thanks some people for their donations to the site. I checked my PayPal account today to send my son some money and was surprised to see that 3 people made donations to the last two days. It really made my day and makes the work that goes into the site feel like it’s appreciated :) A Big Thanks to Janet S., Nancy S., and Paul B. I think that is just about how many people who have donated to the site this entire season. Thanks again to all 3 of you, they really do help and I truly appreciate the thought and you taking the time :)
It seems like it is still snowing in most of the Golden Snow Globe cities. Erie added to their totals again and have now had their 8th snowiest season on record and most likely they will continue to move up on that list. Syracuse added enough snow to at least keep pace with what Erie is getting which is a good thing for Syracuse, NY. Grand Rapids did take second place away for a little while earlier when I was peaking at the snow stats but Syracuse wasn’t reporting their overnight snow at the time and Grand Rapids was. Some of the National Weather Service stations report at different times.

Either way both Grand Rapids and Buffalo are hanging close to Syracuse right now for the second place spot on the snow Mountain. Now one of the cities need to put some pressure on Erie, PA ;) Billings, Montana seems to have a decent enough lead over the cities below them to be sitting in the fifth place spot comfortably right now. Adam, who is from Billings posted a comment that they have received 28 inches in the last 7 days. Just think about it, in the last 7 days Billings had had almost what they should have for the whole season up until today which is 35 inches. No doubt some records are being set there.

I was listening to one of our local news stations here in Syracuse tonight, Channel 3, which is CNYCentral and meteorologist Mike Brookins had a pretty good line about how this winter has been for most places this season. He said something like “Don’t you kind of feel like we are all inside a snow globe and someone just keeps on shaking it”? I loved it and it does sum up this snow season doesn’t it?

Have a Super Week Everyone ;)

I don’t think it’s a matter of WILL but more like WHEN will Erie pass the 10th snowiest season and how far down the list will they go? Erie, Pennsylvania is closing in on it’s 10th snowiest season on record and there is still a lot of time left in the season, like it or not. Erie, Pa went over the 110 inch mark the other day and with a snow storm closing in on them tonight there is a slight chance they may break their record for the 10th snowiest season come the end of tomorrow. Reading around it looks like as of now Erie is under an advisory and the forecast is calling for 3-5 inches between today and tomorrow. Erie needs to pick up just another 8 inches of new snow to move into the number 10 spot on the list.

Right now Erie, Pa is at 110.8 inches on the season and looking at their 10 top snowiest seasons (Thanks Gary for sharing) Erie needs to get to 118.8 inches to pass the old record of 118.7 inches which was set back in the 2007-2008 snow season. With so much time left in the snow season and with it looking like the cold will be around for awhile other than a short break in a few days Erie has a decent chance in my opinion of at least climbing into their top 5 snowiest seasons on record and who knows, maybe even the snowiest season ever on record. That one is down the road a bit though.

Erie, Pennsylvania’s snowiest season according to the National Weather Service (NOAA) is 149.1 which happened in the 2000-2001 season. Erie is still away from breaking that record but with the way the storms have been lining up this season ya never know. Stay Tuned and below are the top 10 snowiest seasons courtesy of Gary and the National Weather Service. For what it’s worth, Syracuse got stuck at 99.9 inches as of today. Couldn’t even squeeze out just another tenth of snow :)

Top 10 Snowiest Seasons

1. 149.1 – 2000-01
2. 145.8 – 2008-09
3. 143.0 – 2002-03
4. 142.8 – 1977-78
5. 131.3 – 1993-94
6. 129.2 – 1995-96
7. 124.9 – 1985-86
8. 122.6 – 2004-05
9. 120.0 – 1970-71
10. 118.7 – 2007-08