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Chicago’s 1st Measurable Snow of 2016-2017 Snow Season

First off as always, a Big Thank You to Timothy B. for your recent donation to the snow site. It’s the first donation of the new snow season. I really appreciate it and they really help out a lot. Thanks, Timothy :)
Chicago, Illinois and several other cities across the United States received their 1st snowfall of the season. Remember, this snow contest is for cities with a population of 100,000 or more as of the last US Census.

Chicago had the first snowfall of the 2016-2017 snow season picking up 6.4 inches of snow Sunday sliding into a tie for 4th place with Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chicago also set a date snow record for 12/4 Sunday with the fresh 6.4 inches of snow beating the old record of 5.1 inches which was set back in 2010. WTG Chicago and let’s see if you can stay in the Top 5 ;)

Current Top 5 Snowiest Big Cities in US

Snowiest big cities in the United States 2016-2017

Click Here for Top 25 Snowiest Cities in US.

Grand Rapids, MI did some mountain climbing also picking up 5.6 inches of snow on Sunday just missing a snow record of 5.9 inches that was set in 2009. Grand Rapids jumped all the way from the #23 spot on the snow mountain to the #4 spot.

Some Big Cities Had The First Snowfall 2016-2017 Snow Season

All in all about 13 Big cities with a population of 100,000 or more received their first snowfall of the season over the weekend with several cities breaking the date record for snowfall. Some which include:

    1st Measurable Snow for The Season

Chicago, Illinois
Madison, Wisconsin
Rockford, Illinois
Peoria, Illinois
Lansing, Michigan
Springfield, Illinois
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lincoln, Nebraska
Flint, Michigan
Omaha, Nebraska
Des Moines, Iowa
Toledo, Ohio
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Some Cities That Set Date Snow Records Sunday

* Fort Wayne, IN – new snow record 2.7 inches breaking the old of 1.8 set in 1972.

* Chicago, IL received 6.4 inches breaking the old record of 5.1 set in 2010.

* Madison, WI had 5.7 inches of snow Sunday breaking the old record of 5.6 set in 2007.

* Peoria, IL new date record is 4.2 beating the old record of 2.9 inches of snow set way back in 1964.

I should be getting another snow update in later this afternoon-early evening so stay tuned and stay safe. Have an Awesome Day ;)

Updated 12/11 7:30 PM - Lots of changes in the top 5 snowiest cities in the US. Buffalo continues to move up and Erie slipped down a spot on the snow mountain to #3. Grand Rapids continues to wear the crown as the King of the Mountain at the top but I think their snow days are numbered ;)

Both Erie, Pa and Buffalo, NY are less than a couple of inches though of taking over the top spot from Grand Rapids. Syracuse and Rochester, New York round out the top 5 snowiest cities so far for the 2014 – 2015 snow season. I have a feeling that we may have a new leader come tomorrow morning. Any guesstimates on which city will lead come the next update :)

Updated 12/11 Noon - Grand Rapids, Michigan and Erie, Pa have held off the cities from New York. So far that is ;) Syracuse, NY managed to snow into the number 3 spot on the snow mountain passing Buffalo, NY but both Buffalo and Syracuse have gained on the Top 2 snowiest cities. Rochester, NY also continues to add to their snow totals moving them up a bit.

Syracuse is just a little more than an inch of snow away from taking the number 2 spot from Erie. Stay tuned because the overnight snow stats haven’t been reported yet by The National Weather Service so there will be more changes come the next update later on in the day. I think either Syracuse or Buffalo will hold the number 2 spot before the day is over. I also think Grand Rapids is still safe but be worried my friends in Erie, Be very worried ;) Stay Tuned!

Updated 12/10 8 PM – It’s snowing in Syracuse, New York and they are still climbing the snow mountain and Rochester is on the move too. Part 2 of snow storm Damon is has been dropping snow on Da’Cuse today and it looks like Rochester is getting in on it also. So far as of yesterday Syracuse is showing close to 8 inches of new snowfall and Rochester is showing a few inches.

Syracuse has slid into 4th place in the National snowiest big city contest and Rochester, NY has moved into the top 10. It may be time for Erie, Pa to start making some snowballs to try and hold back Syracuse from taking the number 2 slot away from them. I think Grand Rapids, Michigan is probably safe for now unless the storm starts up some lake effect snow when it pulls out of the area. Gonna be interesting come the next update :)

Well the snow is finally falling in CNY and it looks like Rochester may be getting in on the fun and maybe Buffalo too. The roads are slick so take it slow. Because of the temperatures the snow got a later start than I think was expected so we’ll have to wait and see how this blast of snow helps out the cities in New York.

I don’t see Syracuse climbing to the top but they may have a shot at climbing up to the top 5 slot on the snow mountain. I’ll post updates as they are posted by The National Weather Service. I just got an update in for all of the snowiest cities and will get at least a top 25 update in later today.

Any snow in your neck of the woods???

Updated 11/12 -I’ve been waiting for some new snow stats to come in from the storm and they are starting to. We doubled the 9 cities that had measurable snowfall and now have 18 cities that are reporting snow. It looks like Minneapolis, Minnesota may be the winner of this round and I think they are going to have more snow to add to their totals by the end of the day. Minneapolis, Minnesota jumped into second place on the snow mountain and are only 0.4 inches away from moving to the top with Anchorage.

Billings, Montana who I thought would be the first to strike for the 2014-2015 snow season is on the mountain now reporting 2 inches of snowfall. They moved up to the 3rd slot on the snow mountain and remember they were pretty competitive last season. If anything changes come the next update from the National Weather Service I’ll try to get another update in later. Have an awesome day all ;)


I’ve been reading around and it looks like winter storm Astro is going to be a game changer when it come to the early start of the Golden Snow Globe contest. Anchorage, Alaska has been holding on to the snow lead for awhile this season. I think a good bet will be that that will be dropping down at least a few spots.

It’s looking good right now according to several weather sites including The National Weather Service which is where we get our official snow stats from. South Dakota, Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Michigan are looking good as of the last check. This storm most like will be hanging to the North the more it pushes to the East. Remember, I’m no expert and kind of just bluff my way through these posts so if your city is in the storm Astro warning and watch areas check with the pros like the National Weather Service or your local weather folks ;)

I was going to do a full update but ended up just doing a quick top 25 update because there was only one change in the top 25 snowiest cities which was Ann Arbor, Michigan which jumped a few spots up on the snow mountain. I will be doing updates the next couple of days as snow storm Astro hits all of the cities. Right now I’m reading that the cities that get affected could/should be seeing anywhere for 1-3 inches all the way up to 12-18 inches of snowfall from storm Astro.

Stay Safe All and as Always, See Snow, Drive Slow ;)

First Off – A big Thank You to John P. for a contribution to the snow site. I just want you to know how much it’s appreciated and how much they help. Thanks John :)

OK, I was thinking that Syracuse, NY would have been the second Big city this season to hit 100 inches of snow being stuck at 99.9 inches. I even came close to writing something about it ahead of time to get a jump on it. Good thing I didn’t because Grand Rapids is the second city to hit the 100 inch mark :) Way to go Grand Rapids and now that they have over 100 inches they also slid from 4th place on the snow mountain to the number 2 spot.

Grand Rapids is also closing in a little on Erie, PA who has been the King of the snow mountain for quite awhile now. A little too long if you ask me but then again I’m from Syracuse so what do you expect ;) Seriously though, Erie has been tough this season and they are still adding to their total snowfall just about every update.

I also just got an email from Valeria pointing me to an article Here at MLive that shows that this is Grand Rapids 8th snowiest season on record. According to Andrew Krietz at Grand Rapids is only 6.1 inches away from having the second snowiest season ever and 31.2 inches way from their snowiest season ever. Definitely reachable I think with this much time left in the snow season. Good Luck ;)

Grand Rapids, MI not only hit 100 + inches of snow, passed Buffalo and Syracuse but they have closed in to the top spot by less than a foot now. They broke a date record yesterday by picking up 5.6 inches of the fresh white fluffy stuff beating the old record of 4.7 inches set in 1956. I’m thinking this is starting to turn into a 4 city snow race to the top but I think it is still too early to think that.

Right now Grand Rapids is about 41 inches over what their snow totals should be for this time in the season. They also already have a couple of feet of snow more than what their entire seasons totals are normally which is right around 75 inches with a lot of time left n this season. All I can say is Stay Tuned, it will be interesting right until the last snowflake falls ;)

Here are some of the cities that set a date snow total record yesterday.

Detroit — New 3.5 – Old 3.3 Inches – 2003
Grand Rapids, Michigan — New 5.6 – Old 4.7 inches – 1956
MILWAUKEE, WI — New 6.7 – Old 3.5 inches – 1901
Flint — New 4.5 – Old 2.6 inches – 1956
Ft Wayne — New 2.9 inches – Old 1.8 – 1924
Minneapolis, Minnesota — New 4.9 – Old 3.8 inches – 1972
Rochester, MN — New 3.6 – Old 2.0 inches – 1939

Have a Great Day Everyone :)

Updated 2/14 7:00 PM - Wow, this is turning into a Full time job this season :) A little bit of breaking news. Syracuse pulled in enough snow from the storm to move them into 2nd place on the Snow Mountain in the National Snow Contest. Should Erie be worried about a repeat from last season? Nah, not just yet but they may want to think about doing a snow dance or something to play it safe ;)

In the last week give or take Erie, PA has watched their lead over Syracuse melt away from an over 26 inch lead to the lead they hold right now which is 14.6 inches. On the bright side for Erie, they are still adding snow to their totals and I just added another 1.3 inches to their totals. Syracuse picked up a little less than I was expecting adding 9.5 inches of new snow from the 2 day storm. Stay Tuned ;)


First off Happy Valentines Day Everyone and I Hope it’s a Great One ;) For those of you single like myself, the parties at my house! No, scratch that, I’m joking, kind of ;)

The latest snow storm Pax turned out to be a decent snow maker for a lot of cities and states. We have one new city in the top 10 which is no stranger to being there and several jumped into the top 20 snowiest cities. I know with these last couple of storms that there are quite a few cities that aren’t listed here that probably should be now. If any of you have any suggestions feel free to post the city but please make sure the population is over 100,000. I have no problem taking a few out and replacing them with a snowier city. You know, like Erie PA… Oh stop, that would never happen, I love having Erie in the contest along with Grand Rapids and most of the others.

Welcome back to the top 10 snowiest cities to our friends in Worcester, Mass. It took awhile this season but with your 10.5 inches that has been reported so far you jumped from #14 to #9 on the snow mountain knocking out Flint, Michigan. Can you climb to the top 3 like you did last season?

New in the top 20 and IMO it’s pretty cool seeing some of them there is Allentown and Philadelphia, PA. Allentown went from number 25 to 13 picking up 17.8 inches of snow from storm PAX. Philly picked up 10.4 inches so far and jumped from 26 to 16 on the snow mountain.

Also new in the top 20 snowiest cities are New York City and Newark, NJ. Newark, New Jersey went from #24 to #17 picking up 9.4 inches of new snow so far and NYC moved from number 29 to number 20 on the snow mountain picking up 9.5 inches of new snow. Hard to believe that it wasn’t a date record for NYC though. There was quite a bit of shuffling done with this last storm but Erie still remains safe at the top of the mountain.

Here in the Syracuse area we picked up more than I thought we were going to or should I say here at my house. I measured 12.5 inches of new snow but I am not sure what the airport will have to report. So far they are only reporting 4.1 inches of new snow for yesterday and it will be interesting what they show for the overnight and today when the new snow stats come out a little later. If they are close to what I measured plus it is still snowing then Syracuse should move past Grand Rapids currently in 3rd and perhaps even Buffalo, NY who holds the 2nd place spot on the snow mountain.

STAY TUNED ALL and as always, See Snow – Drive Slow!

Well it’s looking like it’s a go for Syracuse with this storm. It’s been shifting north west all day and the weather service just changed the advisory to a winter storm warning. Hopefully this is Catch up time for Syracuse and a few of the other cities.

Erie has way too big of a lead for any of the cities to catch them with one storm but another 2 or 3 and it should be a close snow race. Watch out Erie, PA, Here we come. Then again the way Erie has been playing this season they find a way to tap into any snow that is hanging around the country so maybe we better wait and see if this storm goes far enough west to reach them too.

As of the last update from NOAA they have Syracuse expecting anywhere from 8-10 inches but our locals are saying 2-6. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Here is the latest briefing from our National Weather Service for Syracuse

Here is a good article by Glenn Coin about how frozen the Great Lakes are now and how they may be frozen over the most that they have ever been before all is said and done this winter. Worth reading :)

I’m going to try and get at least a top 10 update in tonight. I’ve been waiting for todays snow stats to come out which is right about now. Have a Great Night All…..

This is kind of a repeat post from our NY snow contest site but I figure this snow storm will most likely be affecting several of the cities in the National Snow Contest too so why now ;) Lets put a few of the NY cities in along with a couple from Pennsylvania. Chances are all of these cities will get some snow if not a lot.

OK, does anyone have any estimates for this storm? Let’s say from the start to finish and we’ll call the finish date Thursday at 11:59 PM just in case some lake effect snow gets drawn into the cities when this pulls out.. The normal prize will be a lot of Natta as in Natta Thing other than a virtual pat on the back for calling it right. The person closest to the snow total for all of the cities snow added up wins. My guesstimate is below and you can post yours in the comments section anytime before midnight tonight, Tuesday.

Erie – 14
Rochester – 13.5
Syracuse – 9.0
Buffalo – 7.0
Pittsburg – 6
TOTAL = 49.5 inches :)

Normally I love a good storm but I really do wish or hope that they don’t happen during the holiday travel times. Unfortunately this storm most likely will effect quite a few people that will be traveling on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you traveling take it slow and have a safe trip. I know I’ll be worrying about a few of my family members who will be traveling. Take it slow and be prepared.

Stay Safe and Have a Safe Trip ;)

I was just reading around and came across an article about a new snow storm brewing in the Rockies which may bring a lot of us some snowy weather. According to the article the Rockies and the Northwest US could be getting up to a foot of new snow the beginning of this weekend starting on Friday and going through the weekend.

The good news is, that is if you’re a snow lover of course, is that the cold artic air is suppose to move to the east and go as far as the Northeast so a lot of the Golden Snow Globe cities could also be seeing some snow come next week. Gonna be a long cold snowy 2013 – 2014 season it looks like ;)

From MSN – The new push of arctic air aimed at the United States will first hit a little farther west this time when compared to the last cold blast. However, the arctic air will still have eyes for the Plains, Midwest, Northeast and South next week.

Click Here for more on the snow storm according to Accu Weather at MSN

Top 10 Updated 12/13 2 AM – Just a heads up that I took a fast look at some of the cities and not all of them. Madison, Wisconsin broke into the top 10 as of now but again that’s not checking all of the cities. I’ll see if I can find a couple of hours tomorrow to get a full update in again.

If you haven’t heard yet several cities in Minnesota have been getting pounded with snow the last day or two. It looks like Minneapolis, Minnesota is picking a snowball fight with the leader of the national snow contest Syracuse, New York. There won’t be any battles happening on the football field between Minnesota and New York in Minneapolis though for the fact that the Metrodome’s roof collapsed. Kind of ironic I think as Minnesota is challenging a New York team in the snow race and were suppose to play the New York Giants today :) but it was canceled because of the snow.

It should get pretty close when all the snow is reported from Minneapolis. Right now the stats just reflect what has fallen since yesterday. It’s raining in the Syracuse area so they won’t be adding any snow stats most likely until Monday or Tuesday trying to grab some from the same storm that sledded Minneapolis back toward the top. All of the top 10 managed to hold on but there was quite a bit of shuffling this last update.

We were finally able to get a full update in so all of the cities should be up to date with the latest NOAA stats. I’ll try to get another top 10 update in later tonight to see if Minneapolis was able to take down Syracuse.

Here are a few cities that stood out this last update because of how far the records went back:

Minneapolis, MN set a date record with 16.3 inches of snow breaking the old record of 5.2 inches set in 1909

Green Bay, WI set a record with 6.5 inches breaking the old snow record of 5.2 set in 1893

Sioux Falls, SD had 7.6 inches of snow breaking the old record of 5.0 that dated back to 1903.

Have a Great Day All!!!

I just did a quick top 10 update on the snowiest cities. I figure no sense doing a full update until the storm thats ready to hit the North East blows through. Here in Syracuse it’s just a storm watch but hopefully that will change and the storm will shift a little. Right now Philly is looking like the place to be once again for some good snow totals. Can they make it to the top of the snow mountain and bump Da’Cuse down from it? Will Pitt or Erie maybe Rochester pile on the snow. Stay tuned because there could be a new leader in the next day or two.

Have a Super Night All and remember See Snow Drive Slow. Take it easy :)