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Updated 11/12 -I’ve been waiting for some new snow stats to come in from the storm and they are starting to. We doubled the 9 cities that had measurable snowfall and now have 18 cities that are reporting snow. It looks like Minneapolis, Minnesota may be the winner of this round and I think they are going to have more snow to add to their totals by the end of the day. Minneapolis, Minnesota jumped into second place on the snow mountain and are only 0.4 inches away from moving to the top with Anchorage.

Billings, Montana who I thought would be the first to strike for the 2014-2015 snow season is on the mountain now reporting 2 inches of snowfall. They moved up to the 3rd slot on the snow mountain and remember they were pretty competitive last season. If anything changes come the next update from the National Weather Service I’ll try to get another update in later. Have an awesome day all ;)


I’ve been reading around and it looks like winter storm Astro is going to be a game changer when it come to the early start of the Golden Snow Globe contest. Anchorage, Alaska has been holding on to the snow lead for awhile this season. I think a good bet will be that that will be dropping down at least a few spots.

It’s looking good right now according to several weather sites including The National Weather Service which is where we get our official snow stats from. South Dakota, Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Michigan are looking good as of the last check. This storm most like will be hanging to the North the more it pushes to the East. Remember, I’m no expert and kind of just bluff my way through these posts so if your city is in the storm Astro warning and watch areas check with the pros like the National Weather Service or your local weather folks ;)

I was going to do a full update but ended up just doing a quick top 25 update because there was only one change in the top 25 snowiest cities which was Ann Arbor, Michigan which jumped a few spots up on the snow mountain. I will be doing updates the next couple of days as snow storm Astro hits all of the cities. Right now I’m reading that the cities that get affected could/should be seeing anywhere for 1-3 inches all the way up to 12-18 inches of snowfall from storm Astro.

Stay Safe All and as Always, See Snow, Drive Slow ;)

Better late than never, here are the results to my 2nd set of forecasts.

For the New York State forecast, I predicted that at least one of the New York City reporting stations would have more precipitation than at least one of the Golden Snowball cities on either Wednesday or Thursday. The chart below compares the NYC reporting station with the most precipitation to the GSB city with the least precipitation. All stats come from the National Weather Service.

New York State Precipitation
Day Most Precipitation in NYC Least Precipitation among GSB cities
Days when NYC had more precipitation: 2
Wednesday 0.45 (Central Park) 0.07 (Binghamton)
Thursday 0.73 (Central Park) 0.04 (Syracuse)

That forecast proved to be correct. As it turned out, several GSB cities had less precipitation than the NYC reporting stations on both days. Only Albany (0.80 Thursday) and Buffalo (0.52 Wednesday) had more than Central Park. I find it interesting that Central Park had the most precipitation in the NYC area on Wednesday and Thursday.

For the World forecast, the prediction was that at least one of the four major cities in Michigan (Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids and Lansing) would receive an inch or more of snow. The table below shows the National Weather Service’s reports for each city.

Michigan Snowfall
Day Detroit Flint Grand Rapids Lansing
Cities with an inch of snow or more: 1
Wednesday None None None None
Thursday None 0.3 2.4 0.2

That forecast also turned out to be true. I was a little nervous about it after Wednesday’s no show of snow. But Thursday saved the forecast as Grand Rapids met the target, receiving over 2 inches of snow.

Golden SnowCast Results
Region Record
Overall Percentage: 75%
NYS 1-1
World 2-0
Overall 3-1

Both forecasts held up, and as a result, my percentage has increased to 75%. It’s still very early in the season, though. In fact, Calendar Winter does not begin for another few weeks. When we get into the bulk of Winter, the Golden SnowCast may actually be able to have forecasts with more snow in them. Should be fun to see how the forecasts turn out when that time comes.

Have a great week everyone!

This forecast is up a little bit earlier than I anticipated. That’s mainly due to interesting weather happening before the weekend and I want to get these forecasts up a few days in advance of the events.

For the New York State forecast, we’re getting New York City into the mix with the Golden Snowball cities.

At least one Golden Snowball city will receive less precipitation than one of the New York City reporting stations on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Wednesday and Thursday look to be soggy for the state, but especially for NYC. For those of you wondering, there are three NYC reporting stations that will be used in verifying the forecast: Central Park, LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport. If any one of them receive more precipitation than any one of the GSB cities, on either Wednesday or Thursday, this forecast will be correct.

For the world forecast, I’m looking at Michigan for some snow.

At least one of Michigan’s major cities will have an inch or more of snowfall on Wednesday or Thursday.

Looks to be an interesting part of the week for the Michigan area, though I imagine an inch of snow is nothing to be too worked up about in that region. There are four major reporting areas that will be used for this forecast: Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids and Lansing. For my forecast to be correct, there must be at least an inch of snow measured at one ore more of the four sites.

As said earlier today, have a great week all!