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First Off – A big Thank You to John P. for a contribution to the snow site. I just want you to know how much it’s appreciated and how much they help. Thanks John :)

OK, I was thinking that Syracuse, NY would have been the second Big city this season to hit 100 inches of snow being stuck at 99.9 inches. I even came close to writing something about it ahead of time to get a jump on it. Good thing I didn’t because Grand Rapids is the second city to hit the 100 inch mark :) Way to go Grand Rapids and now that they have over 100 inches they also slid from 4th place on the snow mountain to the number 2 spot.

Grand Rapids is also closing in a little on Erie, PA who has been the King of the snow mountain for quite awhile now. A little too long if you ask me but then again I’m from Syracuse so what do you expect ;) Seriously though, Erie has been tough this season and they are still adding to their total snowfall just about every update.

I also just got an email from Valeria pointing me to an article Here at MLive that shows that this is Grand Rapids 8th snowiest season on record. According to Andrew Krietz at Grand Rapids is only 6.1 inches away from having the second snowiest season ever and 31.2 inches way from their snowiest season ever. Definitely reachable I think with this much time left in the snow season. Good Luck ;)

Grand Rapids, MI not only hit 100 + inches of snow, passed Buffalo and Syracuse but they have closed in to the top spot by less than a foot now. They broke a date record yesterday by picking up 5.6 inches of the fresh white fluffy stuff beating the old record of 4.7 inches set in 1956. I’m thinking this is starting to turn into a 4 city snow race to the top but I think it is still too early to think that.

Right now Grand Rapids is about 41 inches over what their snow totals should be for this time in the season. They also already have a couple of feet of snow more than what their entire seasons totals are normally which is right around 75 inches with a lot of time left n this season. All I can say is Stay Tuned, it will be interesting right until the last snowflake falls ;)

Here are some of the cities that set a date snow total record yesterday.

Detroit — New 3.5 – Old 3.3 Inches – 2003
Grand Rapids, Michigan — New 5.6 – Old 4.7 inches – 1956
MILWAUKEE, WI — New 6.7 – Old 3.5 inches – 1901
Flint — New 4.5 – Old 2.6 inches – 1956
Ft Wayne — New 2.9 inches – Old 1.8 – 1924
Minneapolis, Minnesota — New 4.9 – Old 3.8 inches – 1972
Rochester, MN — New 3.6 – Old 2.0 inches – 1939

Have a Great Day Everyone :)