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Top 10 Updated 12/13 2 AM – Just a heads up that I took a fast look at some of the cities and not all of them. Madison, Wisconsin broke into the top 10 as of now but again that’s not checking all of the cities. I’ll see if I can find a couple of hours tomorrow to get a full update in again.

If you haven’t heard yet several cities in Minnesota have been getting pounded with snow the last day or two. It looks like Minneapolis, Minnesota is picking a snowball fight with the leader of the national snow contest Syracuse, New York. There won’t be any battles happening on the football field between Minnesota and New York in Minneapolis though for the fact that the Metrodome’s roof collapsed. Kind of ironic I think as Minnesota is challenging a New York team in the snow race and were suppose to play the New York Giants today :) but it was canceled because of the snow.

It should get pretty close when all the snow is reported from Minneapolis. Right now the stats just reflect what has fallen since yesterday. It’s raining in the Syracuse area so they won’t be adding any snow stats most likely until Monday or Tuesday trying to grab some from the same storm that sledded Minneapolis back toward the top. All of the top 10 managed to hold on but there was quite a bit of shuffling this last update.

We were finally able to get a full update in so all of the cities should be up to date with the latest NOAA stats. I’ll try to get another top 10 update in later tonight to see if Minneapolis was able to take down Syracuse.

Here are a few cities that stood out this last update because of how far the records went back:

Minneapolis, MN set a date record with 16.3 inches of snow breaking the old record of 5.2 inches set in 1909

Green Bay, WI set a record with 6.5 inches breaking the old snow record of 5.2 set in 1893

Sioux Falls, SD had 7.6 inches of snow breaking the old record of 5.0 that dated back to 1903.

Have a Great Day All!!!