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Thanks Samantha O. for donating to the website :) I appreciate it and Thanks for taking the time.

The first column shows this season and the second column shows the snow totals for the cities last season. I changed the update around a bit again this time and posted this seasons snow stats for the snowiest cities in the US as normal but instead of posting what we would all have on average at this time in the season I put the snow totals that we all had at this time last season. What a difference a season makes for a lot of cities.

I just got a full update in and sorry about the last couple of days. I’ve been fighting off something for about the last 2 months and just can’t seem to kick it. Round 3 on meds now :( Doc said to take a week off, lol, I was able to take a day off yesterday. OK, enough about me, for now anyways ;)

Erie, Pa who won last season and is the current leader this season has almost 2 feet less than they did last season. The same with Flint, Michigan, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Pa, Detroit, Toledo and a few other cities.

A lot of the other snowiest Big cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest are right around a foot of snow behind last seasons snow totals and several others are right around where they were last season. Just a few are doing better than they did for the 2013 – 2014 snow season. Just goes to show us that it’s been a pretty easy season so far. Well except for some of the smaller cities around Buffalo and to the North of Syracuse who have been getting pounded this season.

Hopefully this round of meds kicks me into shape again (OK, That will never happen) or should helps me to start felling better again so I can get more blog posts in. I also missed getting back to several email and I’m sorry about that.

Have a Great Night All and Stay Tuned, it looks like some snowy weather could be coming soon.

Here is a COOL Graphic chart that was tweeted to me by a guy from Billings, Montana, twitter handle @bigjshow Thanks for sharing and a shout out to The Big J Show :)

Cool Picture From @bigjshow on twitter

I think that those of us on top really better start paying attention to Billings, Montana. They added another 7.3 inches of new snowfall yesterday setting a date record that was 3.3 inches going back to 1979. I was also reading an article at the Billings Gazette website about how this is their 3rd snowiest season ever and they just blew away their snowiest February on record I believe. Why we need to worry is that the upcoming storm looks like it is going to miss most of the cities on top now staying more to the South. According to the article Billings will be grabbing some snow from the storm. This guy isn’t taking any chances and YES I did just do the last Snow Dance of the season so keep an eye on Syracuse, NY too :)

Secondly, HAPPY MARCH everyone :) For some reason after keeping snow stats for something like 12 years now on the New York snow site, the Golden Snowball March doesn’t excite me as much as it use too. April is a totally different story though. March is that month where you know Spring is just around the corner but it seems to never get here. April, other than last year where Syracuse picked up something like 11 inches of snow we can pretty much figure the snow season is over. Not too many cities get more than a couple of inches of snow in April where as March has been known to produce some pretty big snow storms including the blizzard of 1993. OK, OK, I know, enough already of me depressing you on the first day of March ;)

I just went down the list of snowiest big cities in the United States and even though I knew it’s been a snowy season I was surprised that almost every city is over their average snow totals for this time in the season. The thing is most of the cities aren’t just over their average snowfall but they are blowing the averages away. I think Philadelphia, PA really stands out. Philly has over 3 times the normal snowfall for this time in the season.

Billings, Montana it seems has had snow just about every time I do an update lately it seems. Billings just set a date record for snowfall yesterday picking up a fresh new 7.3 inches of the white fluffy stuff breaking the old record of 3.3 inches set in 1979. Billings is also a city that those on top may want to keep an eye on now. They just went over the 90 inch mark and are currently in 5th place. Billings normal average to date should be 34.5 inches, just one of many blowing away their average snow totals this season.

Our current King of the snow mountain Erie, Pennsylvania is almost 40 inches over their average snowfall right now. A ton of the cities in the contest have more than doubled the average snowfall they would normally have this time in the snow season. Syracuse, NY, Rochester, NY and Sioux Falls, SD are all right around where they should be right now but still a little over.

There are only a handful of cities that are below the amount of snow that they should have at this time. Salt Lake City, Utah, Spokane, Washington, Anchorage, Alaska and I’m guessing maybe Denver and a couple other cities from Colorado that don’t report what the average should be for this time in the snow season. Just think of all of the other cities that we don’t have listed. My guess is there has to be well over one hundred if not more that are way over their snow totals.

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on all of the cities that are having one of their top 10 snowiest season on record but I think there are too many probably to keep track of. I’ll try and get some info on that hopefully next week but if you read the comments section several people are posting where their city is at right now. To those of you in Erie, PA I have 4 words for you. GO FOR THE RECORD ;) Less than 30 inches away, why not have a historic snow season to brag about to the Grand Kids years from now…

Ok, I know my teacher pals that visit here are going to hit me with a ruler for personalizing the cities so many times in this post :(

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone :)

Updated 2/14 7:00 PM - Wow, this is turning into a Full time job this season :) A little bit of breaking news. Syracuse pulled in enough snow from the storm to move them into 2nd place on the Snow Mountain in the National Snow Contest. Should Erie be worried about a repeat from last season? Nah, not just yet but they may want to think about doing a snow dance or something to play it safe ;)

In the last week give or take Erie, PA has watched their lead over Syracuse melt away from an over 26 inch lead to the lead they hold right now which is 14.6 inches. On the bright side for Erie, they are still adding snow to their totals and I just added another 1.3 inches to their totals. Syracuse picked up a little less than I was expecting adding 9.5 inches of new snow from the 2 day storm. Stay Tuned ;)


First off Happy Valentines Day Everyone and I Hope it’s a Great One ;) For those of you single like myself, the parties at my house! No, scratch that, I’m joking, kind of ;)

The latest snow storm Pax turned out to be a decent snow maker for a lot of cities and states. We have one new city in the top 10 which is no stranger to being there and several jumped into the top 20 snowiest cities. I know with these last couple of storms that there are quite a few cities that aren’t listed here that probably should be now. If any of you have any suggestions feel free to post the city but please make sure the population is over 100,000. I have no problem taking a few out and replacing them with a snowier city. You know, like Erie PA… Oh stop, that would never happen, I love having Erie in the contest along with Grand Rapids and most of the others.

Welcome back to the top 10 snowiest cities to our friends in Worcester, Mass. It took awhile this season but with your 10.5 inches that has been reported so far you jumped from #14 to #9 on the snow mountain knocking out Flint, Michigan. Can you climb to the top 3 like you did last season?

New in the top 20 and IMO it’s pretty cool seeing some of them there is Allentown and Philadelphia, PA. Allentown went from number 25 to 13 picking up 17.8 inches of snow from storm PAX. Philly picked up 10.4 inches so far and jumped from 26 to 16 on the snow mountain.

Also new in the top 20 snowiest cities are New York City and Newark, NJ. Newark, New Jersey went from #24 to #17 picking up 9.4 inches of new snow so far and NYC moved from number 29 to number 20 on the snow mountain picking up 9.5 inches of new snow. Hard to believe that it wasn’t a date record for NYC though. There was quite a bit of shuffling done with this last storm but Erie still remains safe at the top of the mountain.

Here in the Syracuse area we picked up more than I thought we were going to or should I say here at my house. I measured 12.5 inches of new snow but I am not sure what the airport will have to report. So far they are only reporting 4.1 inches of new snow for yesterday and it will be interesting what they show for the overnight and today when the new snow stats come out a little later. If they are close to what I measured plus it is still snowing then Syracuse should move past Grand Rapids currently in 3rd and perhaps even Buffalo, NY who holds the 2nd place spot on the snow mountain.

STAY TUNED ALL and as always, See Snow – Drive Slow!

Well it’s looking like it’s a go for Syracuse with this storm. It’s been shifting north west all day and the weather service just changed the advisory to a winter storm warning. Hopefully this is Catch up time for Syracuse and a few of the other cities.

Erie has way too big of a lead for any of the cities to catch them with one storm but another 2 or 3 and it should be a close snow race. Watch out Erie, PA, Here we come. Then again the way Erie has been playing this season they find a way to tap into any snow that is hanging around the country so maybe we better wait and see if this storm goes far enough west to reach them too.

As of the last update from NOAA they have Syracuse expecting anywhere from 8-10 inches but our locals are saying 2-6. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Here is the latest briefing from our National Weather Service for Syracuse

Here is a good article by Glenn Coin about how frozen the Great Lakes are now and how they may be frozen over the most that they have ever been before all is said and done this winter. Worth reading :)

I’m going to try and get at least a top 10 update in tonight. I’ve been waiting for todays snow stats to come out which is right about now. Have a Great Night All…..

Erie, Pennsylvania remains the king on top of the snow mountain, for now anyways ;) Personally, I think they are getting a little greedy with the snow. They seem to be taking the snow from where ever they can. The north, south, east and west. If it’s snowing any place in the US you can almost bet that Erie is going to find a way to get in on it :P

I’m just picking on Erie of course because they are in the lead and have held the lead for quite awhile now. Myself being from the Syracuse area, our bragging rights are on the line right now especially sitting way back in the fourth spot on the snow mountain. Both Buffalo and Grand Rapids are still holding their own and with at least a month plus left in the snow season anything can still happen. Plus don’t count out last seasons competitor Worcester, Mass, they have been moving up pretty good. Anyways, Kudos to Erie for holding onto the snow total lead for so long this season ;)

Here are a few snow stats for some of the cities from yesterdays snow storm Niko. Rochester, NY and Worcester, Mass seem to be the big winners as far as totals go and I’m not sure if there is more snow to add for the overnight. Seven of the cities listed below set a date record.

Erie – 8.1
Buffalo – 8.8 – Old Record 5.2 back in 1916
Grand Rapids – 4.8 – 4.4 – 1942
Syracuse – 10.0 – 5.6 – 1995
Detroit – 7.6 – 5.0 – 1908
Rochester – 12.7 – 5.5 – 1907
Flint – 5.7 – 3.5 – 1982
Ft. Wayne – 6.2 – 5.0 – 1967
Worcester – 12.2
Boston – 10.7
Hartford – 10.2

It looks like there is another storm brewing maybe for the weekend so stay tuned :)

I just got a Full update in and take a look at Chicago, Illinois jumping into the top 10 snowiest cities. I’ll have to take a look back but I can’t remember Chicago ever being in the top 10 since we started the contest unless it was maybe in the very beginning of the snow season. Better yet they knocked Anchorage, Alaska out of the top 10. Who would have ever thought that would happen? Right now Chicago is camping out in the #7 slot on the snow mountain. Chicago’s normal snowfall to date should be 16.9 inches, right now they are at 45.4 inches on the season. This time last season they had a snow total of 1.3 inches. Chicago is only a handful of inches away from having 4 feet of snow more than this time last season. Chicago, Chicago, Way to Go Chicago ;)

Now let’s talk about the snow storm that hit a good part of the eastern coast yesterday and is just about out to sea now. Several cities have climbed up the Golden Snow Globe snow mountain this last update but there is still more climbing to do. Most of the new snowfall is from yesterday so we will still have a lot of snow to add to cities like Boston, Worcester, Mass and some of the other cities I’m sure. Plus, Some of the cities weren’t updated for the fact that NOAA is having some problems with the website so I couldn’t get to them. The only cities that may effect the top ten (Until Boston & Worcester snow stats come in) that I can see is Grand Rapids which is showing MM and means that any new snow wasn’t updated for yesterday and Ann Arbor, Michigan. There is a chance that both could jump a spot.

Here are the stand out cities from the storm so far that broke date records. BTW, my brother lives in Philly and shovels a couple of his older neighbors driveways for them. I just talked to him and he said he will be shoveling all day. Kind of feels good today living in snowless Syracuse, New York ;)

* Philadelphia, PA reported 13.5 inches of snow yesterday breaking the date record of 3.4 inches of snow set way back in 1917.

* Central Park in NYC – 11.0 inches breaking the date record of 6.0 inches going back to 2001

* Newark, NJ – 10.0 inches of snow breaking the date record of 4.5 inches set in 2011

* Cincinnati – 5.3 inches beating the old record of 3.8 set in 2007

* Baltimore, Maryland – 5.1 inches setting a new date record of 2.0 set in 1982

* Washington DC – 3.8 inches of new snowfall breaking the record of 3.5 set in 1982

I’ll be doing another update of some sort when the new stats come out later to see what Boston, Worcester and a couple of the other cities have to report for today. Stay Tuned and have a Great Day All!!

Make sure you check out Stephens post below to see how a group of us are doing in the Fantasy Snowfall Contest ;)

Wow and way to go Erie, Pa :) Erie has been piling up the snow the last couple of days and have almost a foot of snow lead on the next closest city which Buffalo, NY who has also had a pretty impressive couple of days of snowfall. My guess is that a lot of the North East cities profited from that snow storm that passed by yesterday and today and I’m sure some good lake effect snow also helped out some of the cities by the big lakes.  Erie is the first city to hit the 3 foot mark.  WTG!

I had some tweets and emails saying that Erie and Buffalo were getting some decent snow but I have to admit I was surprised when I just did this new update. Erie, Pa has been going back and forth since the season started but I believe this is the biggest lead that any city has had this season. Can they hold on to it though ;)

Buffalo, NY has been having a hard time getting into the lake effect snow the last couple of seasons but it’s looking like they have their groove going again. Let’s hope they can keep it going. They climbed from the 13 spot on the snow mountain to the number 2 spot but that may be tough to hold onto with a lot of cities right behind them just waiting for them to take a slip down the mountain.

I think the biggest mover this update was Grand Rapids, Michigan who climbed up 19 spots to jump into the top 10 at number 7 now. Chances are that there is still more snow to add to the totals so look for at least a top 10 update sometime soon, most likely tomorrow.

Have an Awesome Week Everyone :)

Nothing going on with the top 5 snowiest cities since the last update but a whole lot of shuffling going on from the cities below. The cities from Ohio and Minnesota did pretty good this update moving up the mountain. There are still a lot of cities staying close and it should be interesting to see what happens when this storm that is hitting the east coast is done and over with.

Pittsburgh joined the top 10 snowiest cities pushing Buffalo, NY out of the top 10. Pitt, PA may still be climbing as it looks like it is still snowing there. I’m watching the Philadelphia game and no doubt come the next update they will be climbing the snow mountain. It’s been snowing the whole game so far with some heavy snow falling at times. Being a Giants fan the game is starting to head in the wrong direction score wise and I’m sure I’ll be hearing from my brother who lives in Philly sometime soon unfortunately. It’s not looking good for the Giants either way so the chances are if they get eliminated I’ll be pulling for Philly who I normally root for after the Giants and the Jets.

Is it snowing in Erie today? Not a whole lot here in Syracuse or central New York yet and last I looked it’s going to be more of a mix than just all snow for us so this could be a chance for Erie to cushion their lead over the New Your cities. I’ll be checking the totals off and on as the National Weather Service reports them and will maybe do a top 10 update later if things change.

Enjoy What’s Left of the Weekend All ;)

For the New York State forecast, I had two predictions involving high temperatures for the Golden Snowball cities on either Thursday or Friday. All of them were to be at least 5 degrees over, and one of them would be 10 or more above, average. The table below shows Thursday and Friday’s average and recorded highs, according to the National Weather Service.

New York State High Temperatures
City Thursday Average/Recorded Friday Average/Recorded
GSB Cities with high temperatures 10 above average: 5
Albany 42/51 43/53
Binghamton 39/57 39/45
Buffalo 41/61 41/54
Rochester 41/61 41/51
Syracuse 41/57 42/50

Turns out, they all reached 10+ above average on at least one day, so the forecast is correct. In most cities, the difference decreased on Friday, Albany’s was the only one to increase. Buffalo and Rochester were both 20 above average on Thursday. A very mild couple of days indeed.

For the World forecast, I believed that on either Thursday or Friday, at least one of five selected cities in Maryland and Pennsylvania would have at least a half of an inch of rain. The table below shows precipitation amounts according to the National Weather Service.

Maryland and Pennsylvania Rainfall
City Thursday Friday
Cities with .5 inches of rain or more: 2
Allentown, PA None 0.28
Baltimore, MD None 0.98
Erie, PA None 0.03
Philadelphia, PA Trace 0.54
Pittsburgh, PA 0.02 0.24

Baltimore and Philadelphia surpassed the 0.5 mark on Friday, so the forecast is correct. Only Pittsburgh had measurable precipitation on Thursday, while Erie had just a few hundredths of an inch on Friday. For most of the cities highlighted, it was a very wet way to end the work week.

Golden SnowCast Results
Region Record Percentage
Overall 26-4 86.67%
NYS 13-2 86.67%
World 13-2 86.67%

Both forecasts are correct, and the quest for 90% remains in tact. The next 5 weeks need to be prefect to get to the milestone I set at the beginning of the season. The past five forecasts were almost perfect, going 9 for 10. The forecast 14′s snowfall prediction for southern New England brought the 2nd miss on the World side. The only truly terrible outlook remains forecast 4′s snowfall amounts for Pennsylvania.

Happy pi Day everyone!

Last week was my bye week. Let’s see if the week off helps me with my predictions, or if it will lead to rusty picks.

It’s a bit of a warm stretch now in the upstate New York region, so the New York State forecast involves a temperature forecast for the GSB cities.

All of the Golden Snowball cities will have high temperatures 5 degrees above average, with at least one city topping average highs by at least 10 degrees, on either Thursday or Friday.

It’s one of the rare forecasts where there are two standards going on at once. First off, all five of the GSB cities must be 5 degrees above average on either day. In addition, at least one of those cities must be above average by 10 degrees or more on either Thursday or Friday. These do not have to occur on the same day for the forecast to be correct.

For the World forecast, it’s a rain prediction for Maryland and Pennsylvania.

At least one of the five major reporting stations in Maryland and Pennsylvania will receive a half an inch or more of rain on either Thursday or Friday.

The five reporting stations that will be used are Baltimore, MD, and Pennsylvania’s Allentown, Erie, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. If one of these five cities report at least 0.5 inches of rain on either Thursday or Friday, this forecast will be correct.

Have a great week everyone!