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Syracuse Takes Lead in National Snow Contest

Updated 7:00 PM – Buh Bye Rochester, NY and Hello Syracuse, NY ;)

Syracuse took over the lead in the National snow contest as of the last update From the National Weather Service. Syracuse has set a date record for today reporting 12.5 inches so far and it’s still snowing. The new date record of 12.5 blows away the old record of 5.9 inches of snow set back in 1987.

So far Rochester is showing 3.3 inches for today closing in on the previous date record of 3.5 inches which was set way back in 1937. Below is the new Top 5 snowiest cities to date.

* Syracuse, NY – 19.1 inches
* Rochester, NY – 15.4 inches
* Billings, MT – 5.3 inches
* Sioux Falls, SD – 5.0 inches
* Anchorage, AK – 3.4 inches

Click here for the Top 25 snowiest Big cities in the US!

Stay Tuned ;)
Updated 1:00 PM -

Rochester Takes Lead in National Snow Contest

Rochester, New York leads the national Golden Snow Globe contest after the new snow stats came out from the National Weather Service. For now, anyways, come on Cuse :)

We also have a Top 25 list as of the last update. I’m guessing there will be some more changes in the line-up when the next update comes out a little later this afternoon. Here are the current Top 5 snowiest cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more as of yesterday, 11/20/2016.

* Rochester, NY – 12.1 inches
* Syracuse, NY – 6.6 inches
* Billings, MT – 5.3 inches
* Sioux Falls, SD – 5.0 inches
* Anchorage, AK – 3.4 inches

Click here for the Top 25 snowiest Big cities in the US!

Storm and Lake Effect Snow 11/21/2016

It’s still snowing pretty good right now and there are several travel advisories ou so check with your NWS or local meteorologists for the latest weather reports.

Here is a recent look at the NWS radar at around 2:00 PM today. It looks like a mix of some pretty intense lake effect snow bands coming off of Lake Ontario

  • along with some snow falling still from the snow storm. Look how far south they are reaching.

    Lake Effect Snow and Snow Storm Argos

    The Winter snow storm that has been named Argos by TWC has been dropping a lot of snow in the Upstate and Central New York areas along with some pretty gusty winds. After reading around I am seeing some reports of snow totals approaching close to 3 feet of snow.

    According to some tweets on Twitter and one by Carolyn Yerdon who keeps everyone up to date with the snow totals in Redfield, New York, they are up to about 32 inches and the snow is still falling.

    Stay tuned for another update later this evening when the new snow stats are reported by our NWS :) As always, if you See Snow – Drive Slow! Of course, if you are on a sled, go for it! Have a Great Day everyone!

  • On a side note (Shameless Plug) – The semi-annual fundraiser (actually the first ever) is going on for the snow site(s) right now. In other words, if you have a couple of bucks or if you’re Bill Gates a few million to donate to help out the snow site (Me), now is a pretty good time. If you don’t, no problem because I don’t either. If so, you do not have to join PayPal in order to donate to the site and all of your info is between you and PayPal other than your name so I know who donated and I can Thank You. Yeah, I know this post is lame but kind of necessary right now. Go Northeast and it’s gonna be fun from here on!

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    Updated 1/21 2:00 AM -Erie, PA is the new King of the snow mountain right now. As of the last update Erie, PA has taken the top spot away from Sioux Falls, SD by one snowflake. Keep in mind that I only updated the Top 5 cities after getting a heads up from Erie’s very own Geoff Cornish. Thanks Geoff for the heads up and making me stay up a little later, j/k ;) Check out the news and Geoffs forecasts for Erie at

    Stay Tuned for full update sometime tomorrow when I wake up. Don’t hold your breath for a morning update ;)


    Updated 1/20 8 PM -Syracuse, NY has managed to get just enough snowflakes to slip past Erie, PA and to move onto the 2 slot of the snow mountain. Sioux Falls still is the King of the snow mounatin right now by a couple of inches give or take.

    I’m loving the way the snow contest has been taking shape this past week and loving how close it is. Some of the other cities that we are use to seeing on the top have been steadily climbing their way to the top. The storm that is expected to hit the coast this weekend should make it even more interesting and fun.

    Fun is what the snow contest is all about folks. So have fun and Please take this storm seriously if it’s in the forecast for your area. Have a Great Night and Drive Safe :)


    Updated 1/19 8 PM - The snow race is getting exciting and the big question as we all waited for this last update is did Erie take the lead? Better yet did Erie manage to stay in 2nd place?

    The answer can be found on the Top 25 page :P Just to give you a heads up before you go there I have to mention that Syracuse broke a date record today breaking the old record of 7.3 inches set back in 2003 and no I’m not saying how much yet No doubt the Golden Snow Globe bears are chasing Syracuse’s butts too ;)


    The way Erie, Pennsylvania has been sledding up the snow mountain you would think they are being chased by a Golden Snow Globe snow bear or something. Is there a such thing as a snow bear and do we have them on the mountain? Maybe it’s not a snow bear and it’s Syracuse, New York they are trying to stay ahead of. Both cities have been climbing towards the top of the National snow contest for Big cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

    Cute little polar bear cubs in the snow.

    Both Erie, PA and Syracuse have been able to connect with some decent Lake Effect snow this last week or so moving into the Top 5 of the snowiest BIG cities in the country. The new Top 5 as of this last update are now Sioux Falls, SD, Erie, PA, Lakewood, CO, Spokane, WA and Syracuse, NY. Many other cities have also been breaking camp finally and making the trek to the top of the snow mountain now that the cold air is finally sticking around.

    In the last week give or take a day Erie has gone from the 14th slot in the snowiest city contest to the number 2 slot. It will be interesting come the next update to see if Erie can take away the top spot from Sioux Falls. Stay tuned ;)

    Syracuse has moved all the way up the snow mountain from the 41st spot to move into the number 5 slot the last several days. Like Erie and several other cities, they hooked into some decent lake effect snow the last week give or take.

    The last 7 days have helped several cities in the North East catch up either a little or a lot and the snow contest is finally starting to take shape. Oh, it gets even better maybe for those of you who remember how last season’s snow race went. It went right down to the finish with Lowell, MA pulling out a victory at the very end beating Syracuse and Worcester, MA which were in a tie.

    As of this last update last season’s snow champs Lowell are in 47th place give or take with just 6.3 inches of snow so far for the 2015-2016 snow season. Boston isn’t even in the Top 50 right now. The thing is and I’m guessing, most of the cities from the north that are near the bottom right now probably were last season also at this time but then… Then all of the Nor’Easter’s and storms started hitting. Pretty close to right about this time in the season.

    Hmmm, did someone say storm? They did and I see all of the pros talking about a storm getting ready to hit some of those cities in the near future that have been hanging at the bottom of the snow mountain. Cities like Boston, Philly and many others. You all know that I am clueless so check with your favorite Meteorologist to get more information on what they are expecting to be a Nor’Easter hitting the coast sometime come Friday and Saturday. Hey, Have a Great Day Everyone ;)

    Breaking news all over the place but unfortunately so far some of it’s unofficial. I’m still waiting for the Boston NWS to put out some new snow totals for Boston, Worcester and Lowell. I think it’s safe to say that Boston, Massachusetts broke their all-time seasonal snow record today though :)

    The Boston National Weather Service did put out a graphic which I think we can count as official :)

    Boston broke the old snowiest season on record of 107.6 inches of snowfall set back in the 1995-1996 snow season. The new record according to the NWS in Boston is now currently at 108.6 inches set just a little while ago today, 3/15/2015 for the 2014-2015 snow season. WTG BOSTON :)

    Boston, MA Breaks Snowiest season record 2014-2015

    Stay Tunedfor More Breaking News and again CONGRATULATIONS BOSTON!!!

    Updated 2/13/15 - First as always I want to say Thank You to Jeff K. and Jessica M. for your donations to the snow site yesterday and for the kind words too. Not only do they help but they are truly appreciated. Thanks Jeff and Jessica :) A mug of hot chocolate w/peppermint schnapps sounds good BTW Jeff!

    I want to give a Big Thanks to Uschi K. for your donation to the website. I loved the way you calculated obviously and Thanks for the kind words Uschi, I appreciate both very much :)

    OK, Will Shawn be the most disliked person in Erie, PA today? More on that as you read below ;) BTW, Shawn is a nice guy so don’t hate on the messenger. Then again he is a little more than that.

    Lowell, MA is at 87.9 as of the last update so they will be moving just past Erie, PA which is at 86.9 right now into the, WOW, number 3 spot on the snow mountain…

    With the way the weather pattern has been the last few weeks with no end in sight to storms hitting I have been asking for suggestions and input of cities that may need to be added to the snow contest. Cities with a population of 100,000 or more (2010 Census) and with at least 30+ inches of snow to make it into the Top 25. The way that Massachusetts and the cities in the state have been getting pounded I was thinking that there are probably some missing and indeed there was/is/are. KEEP SENDING THEM IF YOU SEE THEM.

    Thanks to Shawn who brought up Lowell in our Facebook Group so I could research the city and who is probably going to be the least liked person in Erie, PA today I made a few calls and they do belong in the National snow contest. I actually called 3 different National Weather Service Stations to confirm including the Boston Weather Forecast Office in Taunton, MA in which I forgot to get his name.

    OK, Shawn is the CO-OP, COOP that goes out in the cold and keeps all of the snow stats and other weather related stats for Lowell, MA around the clock. Thanks Shawn, for what you do and NO padding those numbers, joking of course. Feel free to join our Facebook Group where all of the breaking news come out not o mention it’s a good group and a lot of FUN.

    Click Here to Join Our Snowiest City Facebook Page

    I also had to call a couple of other NWS stations for some other information and not that I didn’t trust Taunton I figured I would get another confirmation. All nice people BTW and more than willing to help me out. A Big Thanks to Dan from my NWS in Binghamton, NY and to Tom Hawley from the National Weather Forecast Office in Grey, Maine who helped me out with another city.

    I had to call the Grey, Maine NWS office to see what was going on with Manchester, New Hampshire’s snow stats because they is a lot of missing data not to mention to conflicting snow totals for Manchester, NH. Tom told me that they just took over Manchester not too long ago and that it should be a lot better come next season. Anyways I had a nice talk with Tom who was an awesome guy and took the time to look up some stuff for me. I appreciate the help from all of you. For now I am going to hold off on adding Manchester because we don’t know what’s going on with the two different totals and how accurate they are. Feel free to convince me to change my mind. I always listen and I’m always open to suggestions.

    I do promise that if Manchester continues to climb the snow mountain I will definitely revisit the thought of adding them and make a lot more calls. I’m pretty sure that I have checked in previous season and back then there was absolutely nothing to go on. At least this could be a start :(

    Have an Awesome Day Everyone and Please Drive Safe. See Now – Drive Slow unless on a sled of course ;)

    Worcester, Mass Third Snowiest Big City in US

    Still hard to believe that just about a week or so ago on 1/21 Worcester, Mass was in 27th place in the National Golden Snow Globe contest with 13.9 inches of snowfall for the 2014 – 2015 snow season. They now have 54.6 inches of snow on the season and counting. Boston, Massachusetts was in 45th place with only 5.5 inches of snow on the season. Right now they are at #9 in the snow contest with 35.0 inches of snowfall this season and maybe still counting.

    Worcester, Massachusetts continues their quest to be crown the King of The Snow Mountain. All of yesterdays snowflakes were carefully counted in Worcester and they have pushed another city down a spot on the snow mountain. This time it was Buffalo, NY who dropped a spot to #4 while Worcester took over the #3 spot in the snow contest. Is Worcester, Mass done adding snow to their totals from this most recent snow storm?

    I don’t have a clue and I can’t wait to see what the next snow update from NOAA looks like. Right Now Worcester is only 0.2 inches of snow away from taking over the #2 spot and pushing Grand Rapids, Michigan down a slot. Right now only a few tenths of an inch separate Grand Rapids, Buffalo and Worcester so most likely we will be seeing a lot of back and fourth pushing going on near the top of the snow mountain.

    Defending snow champs Erie, Pa looks to be safe for the time being camping out at the top of the mountain with snow lead of just about 10 inches of snow. After this last snow storm I have to wonder though if Erie isn’t rearming themselves with a fresh batch of snowballs to fend off any challengers that we all know will be rushing toward them. Pretty amazing what difference one little storm makes isn’t it?

    Boston, MA also moved up another spot bumping Cleveland, Ohio down the mountain. Boston is now #9 in the snow contest and Cleveland rounds out the top 10 snowiest cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more. Below are a few notable snow stats from the snow storm and as always ignore my fuzzy math in case I added wrong ;)

    Snow Storm Totals

    Worcester, Mass – 1/26 = 2.6 inches, 1/27 = 31.9 inches Storm Total = 34.5 inches
    Boston – 1/26 = 2.3, 1/27 = 22.1 Storm Total = 24.4 inches
    Providence – 1/26 = 3.1, 1/27 = 16.0 Storm Total = 19.1 inches of snow

    Date Records Set for Snow Yesterday 1/27

    Worcester, Mass – 31.9 breaking the old record of 11.0 set in 2011
    Boston, Mass – 22.1 breaking the old record of 8.8 set in 2011
    Providence, RI 16.0 breaking the old record of 6.7 set in 2011

    I should be able to get another update in a bit later when the new snow stats are post by the National Weather Service. It should be interesting to see what place Worcester, MA, Grand Rapids and Buffalo are all in when the new snow stats come out.

    Have an Awesome Day Everyone ;)

    Thanks Samantha O. for donating to the website :) I appreciate it and Thanks for taking the time.

    The first column shows this season and the second column shows the snow totals for the cities last season. I changed the update around a bit again this time and posted this seasons snow stats for the snowiest cities in the US as normal but instead of posting what we would all have on average at this time in the season I put the snow totals that we all had at this time last season. What a difference a season makes for a lot of cities.

    I just got a full update in and sorry about the last couple of days. I’ve been fighting off something for about the last 2 months and just can’t seem to kick it. Round 3 on meds now :( Doc said to take a week off, lol, I was able to take a day off yesterday. OK, enough about me, for now anyways ;)

    Erie, Pa who won last season and is the current leader this season has almost 2 feet less than they did last season. The same with Flint, Michigan, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Pa, Detroit, Toledo and a few other cities.

    A lot of the other snowiest Big cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest are right around a foot of snow behind last seasons snow totals and several others are right around where they were last season. Just a few are doing better than they did for the 2013 – 2014 snow season. Just goes to show us that it’s been a pretty easy season so far. Well except for some of the smaller cities around Buffalo and to the North of Syracuse who have been getting pounded this season.

    Hopefully this round of meds kicks me into shape again (OK, That will never happen) or should helps me to start felling better again so I can get more blog posts in. I also missed getting back to several email and I’m sorry about that.

    Have a Great Night All and Stay Tuned, it looks like some snowy weather could be coming soon.

    This is a contest I have entered in the past and is a lot of fun seeing how good you are at predicting snowfall and storms. If you are a snow lover and like contests just for fun and guesstimating snow storms I highly recommend checking it out and joining. Again, it’s all about fun and the owner of the website TQ has great standards. No spamming you with emails, ads and so on. A truly good site. Here is the info below about the site and contest.  Even if you miss the first snow storm deadline which is for the next two days there will be plenty more for you to enter your predictions ;)

    I believe the deadline for the current storm for Wednesday and Thanksgiving is: 10:30 PM EST TONIGHT … TUE … 25-NOV-14  So there is still a few hours left to start right from the beginning of the season.  If you miss the deadline you can still join and get in on all of the other storms ;)

    The Contest

    The NE.Wx Snowfall Forecast Contest (NEWxSFC) began during the 1999-2000 winter on USENET’s newsgroup to find out which poster(s) made skillful forecasts for synoptic-scale snowfalls in the NE and Mid-Atlantic.  There was no station list or formal entry process. Forecasts were gleaned from newsgroup posts.

    Since those early days … a permanent station list was developed and forecasts are submitted through an on-line form at the Contest’s web site.

    This winter marks the 16th Annual’ Storm-total’ Snowfall Forecast Contest.
    NEWxSFC is the longest continuously held snowfall forecasting contest on the World Wide Web!

    The 27 permanent forecast stations for each snow storm range from Raleigh…NC (RDU) to Caribou…ME (CAR) and Binghamton…NY (BGM) to Hyannis..MA (HYA).

    Web site @
    Blog @

    How to Enter
    A ‘Call for Forecasts’ is issued ~48 hours before the deadline on the NEWxSFC’s blog…web page…and via e-mail list whenever a contest-worthy storm appears likely.  Deadline for entries is usually 10:30 PM the day before the first flakes fly.  Entries are made through the Contest’s web site.

    Forecast element: storm-total snowfall at each station.

    What’s a Contest-worthy storm?

    Season-total Snowfall Forecast Contest
    This winter also marks the 14th Annual’Season-total’ Snowfall Forecast Contest.
    Forecast element: season-total snowfall at each station.
    Deadline for entries:  11:59 PM EST SUN … 30-NOV-14

    Who Can Enter
    Amateur and professional forecasters; broadcasters with or without trained Seals; all other weather-biz types and wanna-bees; wish-casters…astrologers…and any other universally recognized class of dreamers; Pollyannas or Cassandras…registered Nostradamusts… non-violent megalomaniacs…woolly-bear caterpillars or their agents…pest detectives…NE.Wx NG regulars and lurkers; refugees from AmericanWx and/or USWeather…including self-imposed exiles from Eastern and of course…actual meteorologists.

    Contest Rules at the web site:

    As always … there/s no cost … no fee … no advertising … or annoying requests for personal information to enter a forecast.  It’s just a fun exercise for winter wx enthusiasts to see who can make the best synoptic-scale snowfall forecast.

    If you are issuing your first forecast this winter…or you entered the ‘season-total’ forecast contest … you/ll be prompted to create an account (user name / password / valid e-mail … if you want a copy of your forecast sent to your Inbox).

    Have a Great Night All and Keep an Eye on the Weather the Next Couple of Days!

    A big Thanks to Shanna K. for your donation to the site today. I really do appreciate it and I will be getting back to you shortly to help you out with what you are looking for. Thank You Shanna :)
    Updated Thurs 6:00 PM - The overnight and the stats from earlier today have just been posted. The National snow contest just got even closer BUT Erie is still the king of the snow mountain. It was a fun storm in my opinion as far as the snow race goes but this one is long gone now and we will have to wait until the next one comes strolling by. Oh, there will be a next one… Have a Great Night All ;)

    OK, it’s still Erie in the top spot on the Snow Mountain but the lead is melting away. Paraphrasing the wise words of Sean Kirst from the Syracuse Post Standard newspaper “I think Erie might be hearing footsteps on that mountain now”. :) Will this be a repeat of last season where Syracuse trailed both Worcester, MA and Erie, PA for awhile but was able to pull it off in the end with some Freak snow in April? A better question might be will there be a new leader come the end of the day?

    The current snow stats for the top 25 snowiest cities don’t include what fell overnight, they are for yesterdays totals. The next update from the National Weather Service comes out later this afternoon or early evening and I’ll definitely be peaking at the new snow stats but for now Erie is still the King ;) According to Gary who posted a comment this is Erie Pennsylvania’s 6th snowiest season on record now and they are only an inch away from hitting their 5th snowiest season ever. WTG Erie :)

    Buffalo has moved past Grand Rapids with this snow storm and is now in 3rd place and Rochester, NY has managed to jump into the 5th spot rounding out the top 5 snowiest cities. Stay Tuned for another update later in the day and Good Luck Erie and Syracuse ;)

    First off as always a BIG thanks to Thomas C. for your donations. Sorry if I keep repeating myself every time someone does make a donation but it’s because they do matter and are appreciated. The donations we have received this month alone I think are more than since the site has been around so thanks everyone ;) . I really do appreciate each and everyone and Thanks again Thomas, Patrick :)

    Updated Noon Wednesday 3/12 - It’s snowing pretty good in my neck of the woods, a few miles from the city. Bursts of what looks like light snow because of the small flakes but I’m guessing over an inch an hour right now. How is it in your neck of the woods? Here is what was put out for Rochester, NY earlier and don’t forget to keep checking the NOAA links below for the latest updates.

    Here is the latest snow totals map that covers most of the top cities in the snow race, stay tuned ;)

    Updated Tuesday 4:30 PM – It looks like they are zeroing in more on the storm and some of the warning times have changed along with snow totals so be sure to check the links below for the current updates and warnings.

    Second, PLEASE POST THE STORM COMMENTS IN THIS POST – that way it is easier for all of us to keep track on what’s going on in your neck of the woods/city :)

    Third, Always check with the pros like the National Weather Service or your local Meteorologists in your area for the latest updates on your weather. You know we are clueless here and don’t try to pretend we can predict the weather. OK, maybe just one in awhile ;)

    I’ve been reading around and trying to get a grip on the storm that is about to hit some of the Golden Snow Globe cities and is probably hitting some of them already. There are already a few Winter Storm Warnings out right now which means that the confidence is pretty high that those cities will be getting hit with some decent snow totals. I think it’s something like 7 inches or more are expected. There are also several advisories out for some of the snowiest cities and chances are some of those will be switching over to warnings some time soon. Erie, PA, Ann Arbor and Syracuse, NY at last check were under winter storm watches while Buffalo and Rochester, New York are under winter storm warnings. Billings is under and advisory for the time being. Below is what I read at last check along with some good links that get updated as the storm gets closer and changes are made according to changes in the direction of the snow storm that will be hitting most between Tuesday and Thursday. KEEP IN MIND that these will be changing constantly as the storm gets closer and may have even changed by the time I typed this. Use the links below to stay updated.

    Erie, PA – Winter Storm Watch from Wed, 2 AM – Thurs. 2 AM – 6-8 inches as of now.
    Click Here for Most Recent Storm Updates for Erie

    Syracuse, NY – Watch from Wed, 5 AM – Thurs. 10 AM 8 – 10 inches as of now.
    Click Here for Current Storm Updates for Syracuse

    Buffalo, NY – Winter Storm Warning from Wed, 2 AM – Thurs. 2 AM 8 – 12 inches expected.
    Click Here for Current Storm Updates for Buffalo, NY

    Ann Arbor, MI – Storm Watch from Noon Wed. – Wed. 4 PM 6+ inches possible.
    Click Here for Updates for Ann Arbor and Detroit

    Billings, MY – Winter Storm Advisory until Noon Tues.
    Billings Updates are Here.

    Rochester, NY – Winter Storm Warning from Wed. 5 AM – Thurs. 5 AM 10 – 14 inches expected.
    Click Here for Storm Updates for Rochester

    If you have some time please feel free to share what’s going on where you are at as the storm approaches and is going on. It’s cool to get some real time updates from everybody in the different cities.

    Most important though is as much fun we have with the snow contest these storms can/are always dangerous when it comes to the roads so take it slow and stay safe all. Have an awesome night :)

    I kind of just want to just yell out NOOOOOOOOO but that isn’t going to stop the snow from coming and over taking the warm summer and fall days that seem to have just flied by like the snow will be flying sometime really soon :( Yup, here we go again and the contest has actually already begun. I took a peak around and sure enough some of the cities have some measurable snowfall totals and it’s mainly the Colorado cities. They were the ones who stretched the national snow contest out last season and go figure they want to get a jump start this season..

    The snow contest for the 2012 – 2013 snow season was one of the closest and most exciting contest since we started up the national snow site. As always we had to wait for some of the Colorado cities before we could call it but it was a great snow race right to the end between Erie, Pa, Worcester, Mass, Syracuse, New York and some of the cities from Colorado who made a late charge at the end.

    A lot of back and forth between Erie, Worcester and Syracuse but Syracuse, NY was able to get some late snow, I think about a foot if my memory serves me right (it normally doesn’t so beware) to jump into the lead and take claim to the snowiest big city for the 2012 – 2013 season. Congrats to Syracuse and all of the other cities who hung tough till the end. It was a fun snow season :)

    I’ll be checking some stats tonight and hope to get at least a top 10 update in and maybe more tonight. Hey, it’s been awhile and I have to remember how to this stuff again. Hopefully NOAA, the National Weather Service hasn’t made too many changes in the off season.

    Have a Great Snowy Season All and Stay Safe ;)   As Always, See Snow Drive Slow!

    12/7 – We just did a top 10 update as of 10:30 am :)

    OK, all of the Golden Snow Globe cities have been updated and posted as of late 12/6. Quite a few changes in the line up but Spokane, Washington managed to hang on and that’s without them adding to their snow totals. They won’t last long. The northeast made out the best this last update and come tomorrow there will be some more changes.

    One thing to keep in mind is that when I am checking the snow stats at NOAA the times of the last update for certain cities varies by as much as 8 – 10 hours. An example would be that Syracuse’s snow stats came out at around 10 PM but Buffalo hasn’t given an update since around 4:00. So there is a good chance that Buffalo may be ahead of Syracuse. Different NOAA weather stations post at different times. That said I’ll try to get a top 10 update in tomorrow so stay tuned :)

    Have a great week all and drive careful – See Snow – Drive Slow!