9 comments on “Lowell, Massachusetts Added to National Snowiest City Contest

  1. By the way Manchester has a population of 110,000!
    Concord isn’t half of that with a mere 50,000! So I think Manchester is our only hope to enter your contest at all!

  2. You SHOULD add Manchester N.H.
    I live in Derry, nearly dead halfway between Lowell and Manchester and I have a cousin in Lowell. We have been consistently getting an inch or two more than Lowell this season during every storm because I’ve been in touch with my cousin. Manchester N.H. really could be the overall winner. At the very least we all deserve to be mentioned because we are buried! I’m sure we’d be in the top ten easily!
    I would suggest contacting WMUR’s meteorology staff in Manchester (get contact info at WMUR.com) They ARE IN Manchester and I’m sure they have an accurate handle on what has come down in Manchester! They also have been right on the money with the predictions right down to the hour that the white stuff begins to fall! Please contact them. I’m certain they’ll be delighted to help you with this fun contest to break up the snowy boredom of winter!!!

  3. Not because I am an Erieite saying this, but Lowell is essentially a suburb of Boston so it is annoying seeing them added in. On the other hand Manchester, NH and South Bend have been welcome additions in my eyes due to them being distinctly different cities. Imagine if “South Syracuse” existed and had 100k people and was added to the list, and especially if you were not from South Syracuse specifically, you could see why Lowell is bothersome.

    • I can tell you’ve never been to Lowell. :P Nearly a 50 minute drive from Boston (without snow on the ground!) and a completely different feel. Lowell is full of old mills from the American Industrial Revolution. It isn’t a suburb at all, let alone one of Boston.

  4. Trying to survive this winter from Worcester, Mass. and enjoying your website. Made a donation so you can keep up the good work. I grew up in Rochester, NY but have made my home in Worcester for the past almost 30 years so no stranger to snowy winters but this one is definitely one for the record books!!

    • My mémé & grandfather have lived in Worcester, MA for over 80 years. They both believe this to be the strongest winter they’ve experienced.

  5. There are five cities in MA with at least 100k people. With the addition of Lowell, I see on the list:


    There are two more MA cities larger than 100k that you might want to have on your radar screen:


    I am certain that Cambridge, adjacent to Boston, has had enough snow to make the list. The problem is documenting it, as they don’t seem to report with other cities and towns in the Public Information Statements. Springfield is less clear, as it is in the Western part of the state, and they didn’t get hit as hard by some of the storms, especially the one that hit Boston and Worcester with 24″+.

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