2 comments on “Worcester and Boston, MA 50 Plus over Normal Snowfall, Syracuse Under

  1. All of these shadow Erie and South Bend by population, and they’ve got snow to say so:

    Lowell, MA (108,522)
    Boulder, CO (101,808)
    Aurora, IL (199,932)
    Naperville, IL (143,684)
    Elgin, IL (109,927)

    Let’s see what you’ve got?


    • Rob, Thanks for the heads up and I’ll check them out.

      Boulder is iffy because I am trying to stick with the 2010 census and if I remember they were just below the 100,000. I’ll double check again though on them. The problem going with the estimates is that it opens up IMO a whole lot of controversy. One of the main things being that cities tend to keep things on the high side for aid and to obviously make it look like people are flooding into the cities. I really don’t know much about all of that but just something in the back of my mind.

      I am waiting for some info on Lowell right now. We have a FB Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/861746940543642/ (which is open to anyone here to join BTW) and Shawn, who actually does the snow stats for Lowell is in the group. I need to hear back from that Weather Service station to see if they consider the snow stats official. I can tell just by what Shawn has posted that his stats are reliable but unfortunately it’s the official part of it :(

      I’ll check out all of the other cities and see how they stand up. I know that some of the cities that have been suggested in the past don’t have any organization keeping track of the snow totals. I think in the past Manchester, NH who was just added was one of those cities but it looks like they do now. I still have to call their National Weather station too because they are showing conflicting reports for their snow totals. Thanks again Rob :)

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