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Syracuse Takes Lead in National Snow Contest

Updated 7:00 PM – Buh Bye Rochester, NY and Hello Syracuse, NY ;)

Syracuse took over the lead in the National snow contest as of the last update From the National Weather Service. Syracuse has set a date record for today reporting 12.5 inches so far and it’s still snowing. The new date record of 12.5 blows away the old record of 5.9 inches of snow set back in 1987.

So far Rochester is showing 3.3 inches for today closing in on the previous date record of 3.5 inches which was set way back in 1937. Below is the new Top 5 snowiest cities to date.

* Syracuse, NY – 19.1 inches
* Rochester, NY – 15.4 inches
* Billings, MT – 5.3 inches
* Sioux Falls, SD – 5.0 inches
* Anchorage, AK – 3.4 inches

Click here for the Top 25 snowiest Big cities in the US!

Stay Tuned ;)
Updated 1:00 PM -

Rochester Takes Lead in National Snow Contest

Rochester, New York leads the national Golden Snow Globe contest after the new snow stats came out from the National Weather Service. For now, anyways, come on Cuse :)

We also have a Top 25 list as of the last update. I’m guessing there will be some more changes in the line-up when the next update comes out a little later this afternoon. Here are the current Top 5 snowiest cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more as of yesterday, 11/20/2016.

* Rochester, NY – 12.1 inches
* Syracuse, NY – 6.6 inches
* Billings, MT – 5.3 inches
* Sioux Falls, SD – 5.0 inches
* Anchorage, AK – 3.4 inches

Click here for the Top 25 snowiest Big cities in the US!

Storm and Lake Effect Snow 11/21/2016

It’s still snowing pretty good right now and there are several travel advisories ou so check with your NWS or local meteorologists for the latest weather reports.

Here is a recent look at the NWS radar at around 2:00 PM today. It looks like a mix of some pretty intense lake effect snow bands coming off of Lake Ontario

  • along with some snow falling still from the snow storm. Look how far south they are reaching.

    Lake Effect Snow and Snow Storm Argos

    The Winter snow storm that has been named Argos by TWC has been dropping a lot of snow in the Upstate and Central New York areas along with some pretty gusty winds. After reading around I am seeing some reports of snow totals approaching close to 3 feet of snow.

    According to some tweets on Twitter and one by Carolyn Yerdon who keeps everyone up to date with the snow totals in Redfield, New York, they are up to about 32 inches and the snow is still falling.

    Stay tuned for another update later this evening when the new snow stats are reported by our NWS :) As always, if you See Snow – Drive Slow! Of course, if you are on a sled, go for it! Have a Great Day everyone!

  • A Big Thanks to Robert M. and Tim S. for your donations to the snow site today. I can’t say it enough how much they help me out and how much I appreciate you taking the time. Thanks Guys :

    To Robert, tell your daughter I appreciate her sympathy on the situation with out Syracuse men’s basketball team ;) Oh, and don’t count Syracuse out just yet in the snow contest ;)

    To Tim, my pleasure to help you out and I WILL do exactly what you said to do with the donation, cheers ;)
    Updated 2/11/15 10:00 am - I just wanted to give a heads up that with the storms hitting the North East US the last couple of weeks most likely there will be more cities being added to the National Snow Contest. I have been getting some emails and comments letting me know about cities that were previously not in the contest.

    Keep in mind that there are I’m sure hundreds of cities with a population of 100,000 or more that do get snow. Not all of them can be added nor should they be added. That said with the unusual pattern we are in there are some new cities that have been getting pounded by snow and will most likely make the Top 25 list.

    The problem right now for me is going to be trying to figure out most likely by calling some of the National Weather Service’s stations for each city to see if the snow stats are official or not. Soooo in other words it’s going to take some time to get the info and put it all together ;) I think until then we should keep everything as UNOFFICIAL for now :( OK, it’s not like it hasn’t always been like that I suppose ;)

    IF YOU have or know of a city with a population of 100,000 or more as of the 2010 census that has enough snow right now to make it into the Top 30 snowiest cities on our list please feel free to help us out. Keep in mind that as good as the National Weather Service is Not all of the cities report the statistics for their snowfall. Thanks and Stay Tuned..
    I just updated the snow stats and switched it back to the current snow totals and what they should be on this date in the season. What stands out big time is that Both Worcester, Mass and Boston are both 50 plus inches over where they should be this time in the season. Pretty impressive IMO and WTG.

    Almost all of the cities in the Top 25 are ever their normal (If there is such a thing) snowfall on the date this season. Syracuse, NY also stands out being the only city in the Top 10 snowiest cities in the country to be under their averages and they are under by more than a foot of snow.

    Click Here for The New Top 25 Update

    I added Manchester, New Hampshire to the contest today and with the way the storms are going there will be probably more to add. I had some suggestions to add a couple more cities but unfortunately I couldn’t come across any official snow stats on the National Weather Service website. Right now I am seeing a couple different totals for Manchester at the NOAA site and I will try and straighten out what is going on when I get a chance. That is why the question mark is there after their totals.

    Have a Great Night Everyone ;)

    WOW, what a long couple of days it’s been crunching numbers, gathering stats and watching the snow storm on the radars and TV but it’s been a blast and it was all worth it :) To be honest I am also jealous.. Probably not quite as fun though for those in the storms path and hopefully everyone is doing OK and is safe!

    Just think, about a week or so ago on 1/21 Worcester, Mass was in 27th place in the National Golden Snow Globe contest with 13.9 inches of snowfall for the 2014 – 2015 snow season. They now have 51.1 inches of snow on the season and counting. Boston, Massachusetts was in 45th place with only 5.5 inches of snow on the season and after this last update now have 31.4 inches. What a difference a week makes not to mention a snow storm that will go down in the weather history books and record books. WTG Worcester and Boston ;)

    So far the cities that are in the Golden Snow Globe contest that stand out the most are Worcester, MA , Boston and Providence, RI. Below are the storm totals and as always keep in mind my fuzzy math shows up every now and then ;)

    Winter Snow Storm Totals as of 4:00 PM 1/27

    Worcester – 1/26 = 2.6, 1/27 = 28.4 as of 4 PM Storm Totals = 31 inches
    Boston – 1/26 = 2.3, 1/27 = 18.5 as of 4 PM Storm Totals = 20.8 inches
    Providence – 1/26 = 3.1, 1/27 = 14.2 as of 4 PM Storm Total = 17.3

    A Few Snow Records For the Date That Were Set Today -

    Worcester, Mass – 28.4 today breaking the old record of 11.0 set in 2011
    Boston, Mass – 18.5 today breaking the old record of 8.8 set in 2011
    Providence, RI 14.2 today breaking the old record of 6.7 set in 2011

    Worcester has climbed the Golden Snow Globe mountain in record time pushing Syracuse, NY out of the number 4 slot on the mountain and bumping a whole lot of other cities down the snow mountain too. Worcester’s next targets are Grand Rapids and Buffalo ;)

    Boston has managed to go from the number 45 slot all the way into the Top 10 at number 10. The thing is that I don’t think either of the cities are finished yet. Last I heard they are still adding to their snow totals. It’s going to get even more interesting when the next round of snow stats come out from the National Weather Service the next update.

    I think Grand Rapids, Michigan should be a little worried right about now and maybe, just maybe those of you in Erie, Pa may want to watch your backs the next several hours because Worcester may be heading your way soon. Stay Tuned and Stay Safe All!

    Have an Awesome Night!

    Updated 1/27 11 AM - It looks like it was a bust for NYC as far as the snow totals go from this storm but several of the other cities are getting pounded pretty good. I’ve been talking to a couple of my nieces around the Boston area and they said it’s pretty snowy there but of course being from Syracuse they are loving it and were getting ready to bring their kids out to play in the snow for a bit.

    I heard from another friend who is in the Worcester area and she said over 2 feet of snow so far and counting. If that’s the case and it’s close to the unofficial totals I am seeing then Erie, Pa, Buffalo, NY and Grand Rapids may want to start making some snowballs to fend Worcester’s challenge to the top of the snow mountain off ;) Syracuse and South Bend might as well stay out of this snowball fight and save their energy for the next storm because chances are come the next update a little later Worcester will be ahead of them.

    The snow storm is still going on and expected to continue throughout the day. I’m like a little kid at Christmas waiting for the next snow stats from NOAA to be posted. I’ll get an update in when the official snow stats come out later. Stay Tuned and Stay Safe if you’re in the storms path…

    Updated 1/26 – 10 PM - Here is a latest snow totals map put out by The National Weather Service. Looks like snow totals are still way up there. Stay Safe All!

    Updated 1/26 7 PM – New snow stats have been updated for all of the cities. I updated the current radar images from the National Weather Service around 4 PM. Just click on the animation for the most current radar showing where the storm is and where it is going
    Several of the snowiest cities in the national snow contest are under blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings as of this morning, Monday – 1/26/2015. I will be keeping some of the updates from the National Weather Service posted in this post as they come in. Keep in mind that this is not a news site but just a fun snow site meaning go to the pros for your current weather conditions and what is in the forecast for your area. Take this storm seriously and if you are in the blizzard warning areas you may want to stay home when it hits ;)

    No doubt it will be interesting to see where NYC, Boston, Worcester, Newark and some of the other cities end up when this winter storm is done dumping snow. See below for links to information on the storm from the National Weather Service. Here are snow totals for some of the cities before the storm and what place they were in. Let’s see if they climb the snow mountain ;)

    Now – Last Update

    US States
     and Cities

    Snowfall Totals Before Storm 1/25/14

    Current Snow Totals W/Storm 1/27

    14-18 Worcester, Mass



    32-31 Hartford, Connecticut



    45-39 Bridgeport, Connecticut



    39-44 Newark, New Jersey



    38-40 Boston, Mass



    44-49 New York, New York (Central



    41-46 Providence, Rhode Island



    50-51 Philadelphia, Pa



    It is looking like this storm named Juno by TWC is going to pan out with blizzard conditions being forecasted for the East Coast cities. Below you will find a few links to the current warnings and watches for different states that are being affected. I will be adding links to some good sources on this page that you can keep checking to see what it is doing in your neck of the woods and to see what warnings or watches you may be under right now and as the storm approaches your area.

    NOAA Blizzard Warnings, Winter Storm Updates and Storm Alerts By States

    (Constantly being updated by The National Weather Service)
    Maine Storm Warnings
    Massachusetts Blizzard and Storm Warnings
    New Hampshire Winter Storm Updates
    New Jersey Warnings
    New York Storm Updates
    Pennsylvania Storm Updates

    Click on Radar Image for Current Radar of US and Snow Storm

    Winter Storm as of Around 4:00 PM – 1/26/2015

    I’ll be posting a lot more information right here as it is reported including snow totals and so on. If you have any info to share from your area please leave a comment in this post with your info and Thanks. Stay Safe All and Stay Tuned ;)

    First, as always, a Big Thanks to Sue G. for your donation to the site. They always help out a lot and are very much appreciated. Thanks Sue for taking the time :)

    OK! I have to admit I was blind sided and slid into the ditch when I saw the snow totals for Erie, Pa. I figured they would be getting some snow but I wasn’t expecting anything like a foot of snowfall to start Erie, Pennsylvania’s snow season off. Remember they were only showing a trace of snow up until now. As of the last update from the National weather service they are reporting 11.8 inches of the fresh white gold on the ground and it sounds like Erie isn’t finished yet. Even though the National Weather Service isn’t showing it yet my guess is they probably set a date snowfall record. WTG Erie :)

    There was a whole lot of sliding around this update and 3 cities sled past Anchorage, Alaska who held the lead up until today. Erie, Pa, South Bend, Indiana and Fort Collins, Colorado moved into the top 3 slots on the Golden Snow Globe snow mountain.

    South Bend set a date record picking up 6.2 inches of snow breaking the old record of 4.7 set back in 1974. It’s good to have you back South Bend :)

    As for those of us in Syracuse, New York we figure we will sit back until about February and then turn on our Lake Effect Machine for the big finish. Oh wait, that didn’t go too good last season did it? It looks like it will be another fun snow season and with last seasons snow champs starting with a big lead it should be a lot of fun trying to catch them. Good Luck to all of the cities.

    As always, See Snow – Drive Slow unless of course your on a sled or the ski mountains :) Have a great night all!

    The way Syracuse and Grand Rapids, Michigan have been going back and forth I think it is only fitting that they get in a tie for second place on the snow mountain. Makes me wonder how you have a snowball fight when you are right next to each other? Hopefully they are teaming up together and throwing some snowballs up the mountain at Erie, Pa to try and knock them off the top spot where they have been for awhile now ;)

    Syracuse had a good shot last night at taking a big chunk of snow off the lead that Erie, Pennsylvania has right now but blew it. The same thing happened last night that has happened most of the season for Syracuse. Some nice lake effect snow was falling to the north and was expected to drop down into Syracuse but instead the band broke into smaller bands and I’m guessing only 3-5 inches of snow fell. It will be interesting to see what the National Weather Service has to report come the evening update. Chances are that if Grand Rapids didn’t get much overnight and today then Syracuse may be in 2nd place alone come later on.

    Also interesting is the storm that is hitting some of us now and will be hitting the Northeast come Sunday and Monday. I thought it was looking good for Syracuse a day or two ago but it may be looking good for Erie. The last I looked it seemed like the heavier snow may stay to the south of Syracuse just a bit. I think that is advantage Erie, PA. The good thing for Syracuse and the rest of the cities trying to catch them is that these forecasts change by the hour so a little shift one way or the other could change things. Anyone from Erie, Buffalo or any other city that is suppose to get hit hearing anything on this snow storm? Stay tuned and if I’m around I’ll try to get another Top 25 snowy city update in later.

    Have an Awesome Weekend All and as always – See Snow – Drive Slow unless you’re on a sled of course…..

    Or should that say that the snow storm Nemo will be finding the North East. There is a storm brewing and if everything turns out like they are saying this storm could be a game changer for several of the cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest.  Can Erie, Pa get enough snow to stay King of The Snow Mountain?

    So far from what I have been reading and watching on the weather channel it looks like some of the cities in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and other states may be getting pounded pretty good. Winter storm warnings have and are being posted for a lot of the cities and I’m hearing blizzard mentioned quite a bit. It will be interesting to see which city can cash in with snow storm Nemo.  I’m guessing Worcester, Mass may move the closest to the top of the snow mountain :)

    Keep in mind that if this storm does pan out, take it seriously. Jess who posted a comment can tell you how fast 3 – 4 inches of snow an hour can stop traffic dead in it’s tracks. That’s including those of us who are use to driving in heavy snow. In other words if this storm does happen, take the day off and stay off the roads.

    Stay safe everyone and if you See Snow – Drive Slow, unless you’re on a sled of course. Look for updates as the numbers come in from the National Weather Service. You can check out your forecast using the link below and you can also see the warnings for your area by picking your state in the drop down under the map.

    Just a heads up – I know everyone is waiting for an update and I’m just as curious as all of you are as to how much snow all of the Golden Snow Globe cities have. There is a good storm moving across several states so I figure once all of those totals get reported I’ll get an update in. Should be within the next 24 hours give or take a bit.

    Ok! Most of the snowiest US city stats have been updated and man were there some changes. No to the top 10 are Philadelphia, Pa, Washington, (Dulles) and ummmm, errrr Baltimore, Maryland. Yup you read it right. There are still a couple to report though.

    After that storm went through Philly, Pa picked up 23.2 inches of snow which I find kind of funny because my brother lives there and is from Syracuse originally. The part that is funny is that he always complains that Philly doesn’t get any snow. Well they finally get close to a couple of feet of snow and guess what. He is coming to Syracuse today where there is no snow. Bummer for him I guess :)

    Baltimore was next with 22.2 inches of snowfall which has to be way over their annual snowfall totals I would think. When I have some tie I’ll try and see which cities are already over their annual snow totals already. The Dulles airport picked up 21 inches which is just as amazing as some of the other cities. Most of these stats were reported around 5:00 pm give or take a couple of hours so the chances are that there will be some changes come tomorrow once everything catches up.

    The cities that fell out of the top 10 were Buffalo, New York, Madison Wisconsin, Green Bay and Omaha, Nebraska. I’m sure at least a couple of those cities won’t be out for too long.

    Have a Super Week All!!!

    Yes, there was snow in Arizona, and I do mean the state. To be fair, the bulk of the storm was in the northern portion of the state, where they do see snow, just not like this. The National Weather Service is reporting 20.1 inches fell in Flagstaff yesterday, shattering the day’s previous record of 5 inches set in 1956. As it turns out, Flagstaff’s average snowfall for this point into the season is 20.2 inches. Flagstaff’s total for the season is now 24 inches. For those of you wondering, Flagstaff’s population is estimated as 60,000, well below the 100,000 threshold for the Golden Snow Globe contest.

    One area that typically does not see snow is the southern part of Arizona. However, when I got home from work, I noticed that Tuscon (or at least the county Tuscon is in, Pima County) was under a winter storm warning. It appears that most of the snow was only on the mountain tops and not any official reporting stations. Apparently the big news for the area was wind and rain. Tuscon’s Airport recorded a gust of over 40 MPH. Some rain gauges measured over an inch of rain in a 24 hour period. Impressive for any area, but especially for a region that’s known for dry conditions. Source of this data is KOLD in Tuscon, which was found through a Google News search.