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Or should that say that the snow storm Nemo will be finding the North East. There is a storm brewing and if everything turns out like they are saying this storm could be a game changer for several of the cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest.  Can Erie, Pa get enough snow to stay King of The Snow Mountain?

So far from what I have been reading and watching on the weather channel it looks like some of the cities in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and other states may be getting pounded pretty good. Winter storm warnings have and are being posted for a lot of the cities and I’m hearing blizzard mentioned quite a bit. It will be interesting to see which city can cash in with snow storm Nemo.  I’m guessing Worcester, Mass may move the closest to the top of the snow mountain :)

Keep in mind that if this storm does pan out, take it seriously. Jess who posted a comment can tell you how fast 3 – 4 inches of snow an hour can stop traffic dead in it’s tracks. That’s including those of us who are use to driving in heavy snow. In other words if this storm does happen, take the day off and stay off the roads.

Stay safe everyone and if you See Snow – Drive Slow, unless you’re on a sled of course. Look for updates as the numbers come in from the National Weather Service. You can check out your forecast using the link below and you can also see the warnings for your area by picking your state in the drop down under the map.