3 comments on “Syracuse, NY and Grand Rapids, MI Tied for 2nd Snowiest Big City

  1. Erie, here.

    I know they’re calling for 1-3 inches here Monday. The forecast is much more severe down south towards Pittsburgh. Snow forecast for them is 8-12 inches from Sunday night into Monday.

    • @ Gary and Dubs, Thanks for the updates and I’m starting to see the same thing. NOAA just put out a briefing for our area and are also calling for the storm to stay further south than they first thought :( That said I think I will do a snow dance, the last of the season to see if we can get some snow here in Syracuse. Here is the latest weather briefing on the storm

  2. WJET-TV Friday AM forecast is calling for “light” snowfall on Sunday/Monday but it’s still 3 days out – track will determine where it hits and the storm is still in CA

    KDKA radio in Pittsburgh this morning talking possibility of 6-12″ to the north but probably between Erie and Pittsburgh if you believe WJET forecast

    Did you see my earlier rep[y on hitting 9th place?

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