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First off I want to Say Thanks You to Nils S. for your generous donation to the snow site this morning. It helps out a lot but also means a lot that you took the time. Thanks Nils, I really appreciate it :)
OK, According to the National Weather Service in Boston, Boston, MA has joined the 100 inch club now making it only a handful of Big cities (pop 100,000+) to have 100 inches of snow this season. Way to go Boston and keep it snowing ;)

According to the Boston NWS twitter page Boston picked up another 1.9 inches of new snowfall so far which as of their tweet would give Boston a total of 101.8 inches of snow on the season. Boston like several other cities are closing in on their all time seasonal snowfall record of 107.6 inches of snow.

Right now as far as I know and have found there are now only 5 Big cities with a population of 100,000 or more to have 100 inches of snow this season. So far we have Worcester, Lowell and Boston, Ma – Buffalo and Syracuse, NY in the 100 inch club. Erie, Ap will most likely be the next Big city to hit the 100 inch mark :)

I would hate to see a warm front move in now when all of the cities are this close to breaking their seasonal snow records. According to the NWS Boston only needs 5.9 inches to break the seasonal snow record that was set back during the 1995-1996 snow season. Just think, the records for Boston go all the way back to 1875 and you are only 5.9 inches away… Go Boston, it’s just a snowballs throw away so you all got this :)

Wow, hard to believe that all of that information was posted in one tweet by the Boston NWS. You can follow them on twitter using the handle @NWSBoston .

Have an awesome day everyone :)

WOW, what a long couple of days it’s been crunching numbers, gathering stats and watching the snow storm on the radars and TV but it’s been a blast and it was all worth it :) To be honest I am also jealous.. Probably not quite as fun though for those in the storms path and hopefully everyone is doing OK and is safe!

Just think, about a week or so ago on 1/21 Worcester, Mass was in 27th place in the National Golden Snow Globe contest with 13.9 inches of snowfall for the 2014 – 2015 snow season. They now have 51.1 inches of snow on the season and counting. Boston, Massachusetts was in 45th place with only 5.5 inches of snow on the season and after this last update now have 31.4 inches. What a difference a week makes not to mention a snow storm that will go down in the weather history books and record books. WTG Worcester and Boston ;)

So far the cities that are in the Golden Snow Globe contest that stand out the most are Worcester, MA , Boston and Providence, RI. Below are the storm totals and as always keep in mind my fuzzy math shows up every now and then ;)

Winter Snow Storm Totals as of 4:00 PM 1/27

Worcester – 1/26 = 2.6, 1/27 = 28.4 as of 4 PM Storm Totals = 31 inches
Boston – 1/26 = 2.3, 1/27 = 18.5 as of 4 PM Storm Totals = 20.8 inches
Providence – 1/26 = 3.1, 1/27 = 14.2 as of 4 PM Storm Total = 17.3

A Few Snow Records For the Date That Were Set Today -

Worcester, Mass – 28.4 today breaking the old record of 11.0 set in 2011
Boston, Mass – 18.5 today breaking the old record of 8.8 set in 2011
Providence, RI 14.2 today breaking the old record of 6.7 set in 2011

Worcester has climbed the Golden Snow Globe mountain in record time pushing Syracuse, NY out of the number 4 slot on the mountain and bumping a whole lot of other cities down the snow mountain too. Worcester’s next targets are Grand Rapids and Buffalo ;)

Boston has managed to go from the number 45 slot all the way into the Top 10 at number 10. The thing is that I don’t think either of the cities are finished yet. Last I heard they are still adding to their snow totals. It’s going to get even more interesting when the next round of snow stats come out from the National Weather Service the next update.

I think Grand Rapids, Michigan should be a little worried right about now and maybe, just maybe those of you in Erie, Pa may want to watch your backs the next several hours because Worcester may be heading your way soon. Stay Tuned and Stay Safe All!

Have an Awesome Night!

Updated 1/4/14 - Just a heads up that I did a fast update going 20 cities deep. The reason being that I knew that Worcester and Boston, Mass still had snow to add from the storm. Sure enough, Worcester, Mass had enough snow to make it into the top 10 snowiest cities this season. Worcester got off to a slow start so far but let’s not forget how close they kept the race last season keeping up with Erie, Pa and Syracuse, NY ;) Last season was close right to the end so we may not want to worry about them just yet but we better keep an eye on them. One more nor’easter and they will be climbing the snow mountain fast ;)


Erie, Pa now has over six feet of snow on the season as of yesterday. Second place Syracuse, NY who has just over 4 feet of snow did manage to chip away an inch or two from Erie’s lead over them. Hey, this early in the snow season it’s all about chipping an inch at a time away. Of course come tomorrow the rest of the cities will probably take another step back from Erie. All in all it was a pretty decent storm that went by and a lot of the Golden Snow Globe cities were able to grab some of the white fluffy stuff from the sky.

There were several cities that stood out this round but I think Boston, Mass stood out the most. So far they are reporting 10.6 inches of snow for yesterday breaking a date record of 8.0 inches which dates all the way back to 1904. Way to go Boston!

There was a lot of pushing down and climbing up the snow mountain going on. All three of the Wisconsin cities (Milwaukee, Green Bay & Madison) were pushed out of the snowiest top 10 cities. Replacing them was another Pa city, Pittsburgh along with Ann Arbor, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio. Right now we have cities from 7 different states representing the top 10 snowiest cities in the US :)

Some of the biggest movers climbing the snow mountain this update were –

Boston, Mass moved up 20 spots
Chicago, Illinois +9 spots
Indianapolis, Indiana +9
Fort Wayne, Indiana +8
Philadelphia, Pa +7

Stay Tuned and Have an Awesome Weekend and Don’t forget to root for Americas Favorite Basketball Team, The Syracuse Orange :P