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  1. As of the midnight update from NWS, Erie is at 130.4″ and in 6th place on the snowiest season list – 5.5″ for the day

    1″ more puts us in 5th place but it takes over a foot to get to 4th and almost 19″ (18.8″) for the new record – don’t think a lot of people are looking for that after the taste of warm weather on Tuesday

    • Strange amounts of snow. The wind must have really spread it around to have such variations. 11:00 news last night said Millcreek reported 8.2″
      Where in Millcreek? the municipal complex is 500 yards from the airport runway’s SE corner. The snow is thigh deep in the woods where the wind got tamed. 2-3″ out in the flats where there’s no protection.

  2. It’s been a long day in Erie. Have talked with customers and friends from North Dakota to Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Midland Michigan, Toledo, Cleveland, Water port NY, Mid Vermont and Maine. Story is the same. Everything was wet and muddy before the storm hit, Freezing rain / slush for the first part of the storm, Winds picked up and the temps dropped, followed by snow. The base was slush on mud or pretreated pavement at best, the middle was heavy and the top was crystal but in the end it was a bear to push and keep up with. Guys on the east coast are getting hit hard now and seeing the 40 MPH plus winds from the east with a storm moving from the west like everyone else had. Snowfalls are all over the place. In Erie we had weather watchers seeing 10-12 inches in the West county, moderate snow at the airport, 6-10 as you hit the NY line and just over the hill in Greenfield and Lowville PA thru Clymer and Sherman NY areas of 12-15″. Heard that Edinboro go hit pretty hard too with high winds causing serious drifting. Has been hard on equipment and the snow plows will be out thru mid day tomorrow getting on the clean up. Most roads including the interstate have an ice pack base and temps are still dropping. To Everyone to the East, stay warm and take some breaks. It will be there tomorrow or Friday. For the Moron’s heading out for Bread and Milk….You had three days warning so why not just stay home and save yourself the towing bill and repairs at the body shop. Enough rant time for some sleep, got to be back up at 7 to make the donuts.

    • Hey Jerre, that’s a good point you made about the snow. The snow we got here in the Syracuse area was some of the wettest and heaviest that I can remember. I’m curious as to how much of a difference that makes when it comes to plowing???

  3. Well the day went as expected!!! :-) Even got stuck in my driveway as expected when I got home from work!!! I wasn’t alone on that note though, since a couple of my neighbors were also stuck…..so we all helped one another to get ourselves unstuck (like what neighbors should do :-) Anyway, what threw me off was the heavy fog in the morning along with the rain. The fog wasn’t on the menu for today. Anywho, with so much moisture and with the colder temps, the next challenge will be getting into my car in the morning since it is coated in ice. Hey, but come Friday….Erie will be up to 48 degrees and dealing with the flooding!! Are we having a ton of fun or what??!!!!

  4. From all of the comments I’m reading it’s looking like Erie may have gotten ripped off with the totals being reported so far of just 3.9 inches. It happened to us in Syracuse a couple of times this season. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what get’s reported come the next update..

    • Patrick that’s the airport for ya! everyone knows there is no snow at the airport it’s all at the west end because of the wind. in 1978 where Erie reported 140 some inches Waterford and Edinboro were over 300″ That was no bull when someone here said you could touch the power lines in Edinboro. They even warned parents on the local news to make sure the kids stayed off the piles waiting for the bus.

    • Buffalo up to 13.5″ so far as of 9:30 from the NWS as being reported by Wivb 4 Chief meteorologist Don Paul…making a strong run at Erie

    • By rights Erie should be disqualified because the airport isn’t in Erie it’s in Millcreek. If you went the same distance South or East of the center of Erie as you do West to the Airport the snow total would be higher.
      Erie will not likely be in the contest in the future as in 1978 there were 150,000 population. Now just over 100,000 The City is broke, the residents are leaving and I don’t doubt the low snow reports are political. Who wants to move to a declining town or fly into an airport that’s only claim to fame is snowiest city? You know what the old saying is. Drerie Erie The Mistake on the Lake

      • Cleveland and Syracuse’s airports are both not in their respective city limits, and many other cities as well do not have their measuring stations in the city limits.
        If being within city limits was a requirement, then nobody commenting here would be here, and Patrick would never have been able to bring some fun to our lives every winter with the contest.

    • what the problem is, here in erie, is they take the measurements at the air port. The air port is not to far from the lake. to give you an idea, the airport is on 12th street and about 1-2 miles west of the actual city limits.. The snow gets heavier the farther east you go, plus the farther south you go, it gets heavier too. I have seen times where by the lake, I have seen 4 inches of snow, then closer to say 10″ by the time you get to 26st street, and then head farther south, by the border of the city of Erie to the millcreek line, it was closet to 15″. the lake starts 1st street. the middle of the city, is about 26st street, and the southern part of the city limit is about 46st street. so them taking the measurements out at the airport, is actually taking measurements outside the city of erie, where the snow is less because if it being west of the city, and being close to the lake. so yes, we, in the city, get more then is recorded.

      • It’s always a mix here in the Syracuse area IMO Shaun. A lot of people say our airport is way up north which I think it is something like 5 nautical miles and it can make a difference sometimes. This season I would guess because of the storms coming from the south the airport may have been under what the city has gotten. I figure where I live which is outside of the city a little to the east I have measured a little over a foot more than has been reported by the airport. Unfortunately I guess it is what it is and the airports are where they are. No doubt the wind would have made it tough for that storm though.

        What thing I don’t like is a few of the airports have stopped helping the national weather service out by measuring so there isn’t an official snow total which is what happened to South Bend this season :( I just hope that doesn’t become a trend at the airports.

  5. Hello from ERIE! 48 hours ago I enjoyed the afternoon in my backyard raking up leftover leaves from last fall where the snow had finally melted away from. To think now that we have received about six inches of new snow so far today here in Erie, with about 6 to 8 more inches called for is amazing! It’s not safe anywhere in Erie County right now. ScanErie on facebook is reporting multiple car accidents and power outages. My power flickered off and back on just as I was about to type this post. After this storm, Erie will only need about 12 to 15 more inches to make 2014 Erie’s snowiest year ever! CATCH US IF YOU CAN! I love this website!

  6. Don’t know how they are going to get any accurate measurements here or anywhere with this wind. Top of the hill has about 4-5 inches of snow where its wooded. Down towards the road there are knee deep drifts that are grainy like sand. Has not let up in Erie since it changed over from rain this morning.
    Wife went to visit mom in the city and says appears to be worse in town than in the west county. I imagine there is only a true 7- 8″ so far today. Unless this keeps up the top spot might end up in the hands of Syracuse Rochester or Buffalo where 20″ will definitely knot things up. Still snowin strong here in Northwest PA as of 5:00 PM

  7. Looks like we have 6-8 inches on the ground already here in Erie. It’s windy and the satellite keeps losing contact making watching tv interesting. The lights flickered earlier but didn’t go out. I’m not looking forward to going out to pick up the kid from school. We’ve had one pass of the plow which means the roads won’t be good.

  8. Still a steady snowfall here in the Syracuse area. Just heard it’s pretty bad in Erie with some power out and gusty winds. No wind here yet but from what I have read it’s suppose to get worse anytime now. How is it going in Buffalo, Rochester and where ever you are at. Just saw Rochester on the Weather Station and it’s pretty nasty there with the winds. Stay Safe All!

    • It’s been snowing since 8:15AM – wind has really picked up so I cannot hazard a guess on snowfall, but there are some drifts of a foot or more in places

      The Wal-Mart a block away has disappeared in a whiteout
      Trees & wires down in many places according to the fire scanner

      In many ways this wind reminds me of the March 1993 “Perfect Storm” blizzard when we picked up more than a foot with 3-4 foot drifts in my driveway

      We are currently tied for 7th on the snowiest season (124.9″) list and need 2.5″ to tie 6th, 6.4″ to tie 5th, and 17.9″ to tie 4th

  9. Looking at about 6-10” here in Erie. Looks like as of tonight (Tuesday night) they are calling for 12-18” in Syracuse! I’ve been following this website literally the entire season and I think this might be Syracuse’s chance to pass us up here in Erie! Best of luck!

    • Aubrey, it should be interesting come Thursday. I know the models were showing colder air the last update than they were at first for Syracuse which should mean more snow but I’ll still have to see it to believe it. Especially after the awesome day we had today. I think it will be close and good luck to Erie too ;)

    • (Erie) Here we go…. Rain has just changed over to silver dollar sized high velocity snow flakes. Where there was grassy patches have been coated within minutes.

      • Don, the same here in Syracuse except we are getting a downpour of small snowflakes right now. I haven’t measured yet but I’m guessing about 1-2 inches and hour. Going to go clear a spot and see how much is falling an hour right now :)

  10. They have upped Erie to a Winter Storm Warning….from 6 AM Wed to 2 AM Thurs….8 to 12 inches, although if you look at the Weather Channel, we could be in the 12 to 18 range……so the morning commute looks like it could be rainy / sleet…..then the evening commute looks like it is going to be real bear…..an hour of gripping the steering wheel and trying to see through the windshield–as you make your way home to yet another headache—the shovelling of the driveway and a couple of hours of doing that!! Of course you’ll probably get stuck at the entrance of the driveway, just to make the evening even more fun than what it already is!! ….and why are we not allow to keep studded snow tires on past April 15th??? HA! HA! My tire change-over appt is scheduled for Apr 12th and I’m dreading the thought of getting them off so soon!!

    • Kaleen, sounds like you are pumped up about this storm coming :) In reality I think we are all thinking exactly what you just posted. Stay safe and have a safe ride during the evening commute. Hopefully not a lot of shoveling in Erie and more in Syracuse ;)

  11. ya know what really sucks about this system? It’s northern northeast and New England only. Down here in NYC they’re saying rain and 1 or 2 hours of snow showers with little to no accumulation. I was really hoping that this system would move south like the last system we had last week, but instead it seems to be moving north.

    • Jan, I know the feeling and that’s how I felt the last storm when it dropped south and hit you instead of us to the north. My niece thinks the same as you do. She is from Syracuse but now living in NYC and loves it when NYC gets pounded by a decent storm. I don’t think this is the last of it though so stay tuned for the next one ;)

  12. I’m starting to see some changes from the national weather service. They are starting to lean toward colder temps in the Syracuse area which should take out any mix of sleet, rain or freezing rain and most likely increase the snow totals for Da’Cuse :)

    • Don’t get too excited, Erie was bumped up to Warning too haha.
      And since our airport is just blocks from the lake, and heaviest totals are expected along the lakeshore, we are in good shape to keep Syracuse behind ;)

      • The latest updates show it being close come Thursday Nikos, lets hope it’s close to the end :)

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