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Erie, Pennsylvania remains the king on top of the snow mountain, for now anyways ;) Personally, I think they are getting a little greedy with the snow. They seem to be taking the snow from where ever they can. The north, south, east and west. If it’s snowing any place in the US you can almost bet that Erie is going to find a way to get in on it :P

I’m just picking on Erie of course because they are in the lead and have held the lead for quite awhile now. Myself being from the Syracuse area, our bragging rights are on the line right now especially sitting way back in the fourth spot on the snow mountain. Both Buffalo and Grand Rapids are still holding their own and with at least a month plus left in the snow season anything can still happen. Plus don’t count out last seasons competitor Worcester, Mass, they have been moving up pretty good. Anyways, Kudos to Erie for holding onto the snow total lead for so long this season ;)

Here are a few snow stats for some of the cities from yesterdays snow storm Niko. Rochester, NY and Worcester, Mass seem to be the big winners as far as totals go and I’m not sure if there is more snow to add for the overnight. Seven of the cities listed below set a date record.

Erie – 8.1
Buffalo – 8.8 – Old Record 5.2 back in 1916
Grand Rapids – 4.8 – 4.4 – 1942
Syracuse – 10.0 – 5.6 – 1995
Detroit – 7.6 – 5.0 – 1908
Rochester – 12.7 – 5.5 – 1907
Flint – 5.7 – 3.5 – 1982
Ft. Wayne – 6.2 – 5.0 – 1967
Worcester – 12.2
Boston – 10.7
Hartford – 10.2

It looks like there is another storm brewing maybe for the weekend so stay tuned :)