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This is kind of a repeat post from our NY snow contest site but I figure this snow storm will most likely be affecting several of the cities in the National Snow Contest too so why now ;) Lets put a few of the NY cities in along with a couple from Pennsylvania. Chances are all of these cities will get some snow if not a lot.

OK, does anyone have any estimates for this storm? Let’s say from the start to finish and we’ll call the finish date Thursday at 11:59 PM just in case some lake effect snow gets drawn into the cities when this pulls out.. The normal prize will be a lot of Natta as in Natta Thing other than a virtual pat on the back for calling it right. The person closest to the snow total for all of the cities snow added up wins. My guesstimate is below and you can post yours in the comments section anytime before midnight tonight, Tuesday.

Erie – 14
Rochester – 13.5
Syracuse – 9.0
Buffalo – 7.0
Pittsburg – 6
TOTAL = 49.5 inches :)

Normally I love a good storm but I really do wish or hope that they don’t happen during the holiday travel times. Unfortunately this storm most likely will effect quite a few people that will be traveling on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you traveling take it slow and have a safe trip. I know I’ll be worrying about a few of my family members who will be traveling. Take it slow and be prepared.

Stay Safe and Have a Safe Trip ;)