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  1. I live in Anchorage Alaska, and have been watching the snow pile up starting in mid August up on the mountain peaks, and mid September here in the city. It has been a spectacular snow season. something to note though, The snow totals listed on this page are low in comparison to our local TV weather man. I am guessing you get your info from the airport, which is at sea level. Most of the city rises up the side of the Chugach Mountains and receives FAR MORE snow than the airport. Almost double in fact. Last week in one storm alone the airport measured just over 6 inches and at my house I measured 16.9 inches. I hope Anchorage will win the snow prize this year, But the real winner may be Valdez Alaska. In past years Valdez has had snow totals of 560 inches (thats around 45 feet deep).
    One more thing….. If Anchorage wins do we all get a Prize? A snow day, a snow blower, or a sled perhaps????

    • Erik, thanks for the great info :) Chances are that your weather man uses the same stats that we do here. He is just up to date where as we are a little behind. I just replied to another post which explains why. We use the stats from the National Weather Service which are official. As for the locations of where the snow is measured your right about it making a difference. Some places may have an advantage as to where the snow is measured because of elevation and so on. A lot of the times though it seems to even itself out. Here in Syracuse people from other cities in NY make it sound like our airport is way up north of the city when in reality it’s probably about 2 – 3 nautical miles north of the center of the city. When we get lake effect snow it probably helps a little bit but when we get Nor’Easters it normally hurts it seems.

      As for a prize I have been thinking about that since I started the contest a couple of seasons ago. I wonder if I could get a hold of the Governor of the winning city and see if they would throw in a snow holiday if their city wins the contest. I like that idea you have :) A snowblower I don’t see happening anytime soon or at least until I can figure a way to make some money off of the site. Maybe I could get a sponsor to put up a snowblower for a drawing??? One thing I was thinking was maybe one of those snow globes that you shake of the winning city but I don’t think all of the cities have one of them made. Here in Syracuse we have the Golden Snowball Trophy which is displayed at city hall outside of the mayors office. It’s been here for something like 7 seasons now but may be moving to another city for the fact that Syracuse may lose the NY snow contest this season also. Anyways I’m open to any other ideas you or anyone else may have :)

  2. Good post Cory. One thing that could be different this season is the Lake Effect Snow. With the air being so warm this late in the season I wonder how long it will take Lake Erie (Buffalo’s Now Machine) to freeze over. Their snow normally slows right down once the lake freezes which gives Rochester and Syracuse the advantage for the fact that Ontario doesn’t freeze over. Erie, Pa will be able to take advantage of that also.

    Then again you may be right about Anchorage having a big enough jump to hold on through the season. It should be an interesting and fun snow contest this season ;)

  3. I could see Anchorage holding this out, just because they have had such an amazing start. In addition, they are kind of out there on their own due to their location. Therefore, what negatively affects us (lower 48), may actually be benefiting them in terms of snowfall. With that being said, there is a reason the New York Upstate cities historically get the most snow, because they have something that other cities don’t get. We all know what it is, lake-effect. One or two lake-effect storms can put Syracuse, Buffalo, or Rochester within striking difference of Anchorage or some of the other Colorado cities. South Bend also has this, but it takes a brutally bitter cold front to pass before South Bend receives lake-effect. Grand Rapids is also prone to this. Regardless, it definitely isn’t shaping up like last year by any means! I think January will have more snow, but that is just a wild guess. Historically, it would make sense though to see more snow! :) Anyways, I am going to go with Syracuse, once again getting the most snow for the 2011-12 season.

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