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Updated Right Around Midnight - It seems like I am trying to make a Snow Angel but I just keep going around in circles the last few days. With the Thanksgiving Day holiday I am having a hard enough time trying to figure out what day it is let alone trying to keep up with which city is leading the National snow contest. In the voice of President Ronald Reagan all I can say is “Here We Go Again“. Some snow stats came out a little earlier and the New leader who was an old leader a few updates ago is once again Erie, Pa. Congrats again to all of you from Erie on pushing Syracuse down the snow mountain and reclaiming the top spot :) I guess I’ll just leave it at that and say STAY TUNED once again ;)

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Updated 2:30 PM Friday 11/29 - Wow, talk about a lot of different lead changes. We have a new leader in the Golden Snow Globe National Snow Contest and go figure it’s Syracuse, NY., last seasons champion. This is something like 3 different leaders in 3 days and the good news is that the snow race is still really close. Only 4 tenths of an inch is separating the top 3 cities which are Syracuse, NY, Erie, PA and Rochester, NY. Just 0.1 inches separating Erie and Rochester for second place. If I were a betting man, oh yeah I am :) I would bet that there will be quite a few lead changes on the top of the snow mountain before this season wraps up. Enough for now and if anything changes come the next update from the National Weather Service then I’ll post another update. Stay Tuned ;)


Updated Noon Thanksgiving – Sorry Erie but your spot as King of the Snow Mountain was pretty short lived.  I just updated the New York snow contest and as of the wee hours of the morning Rochester, NY has taken the lead by a couple of snowflakes now.  Rochester is reporting 11.6 inches of snowfall as of the end of yesterday.  You were there for a few hours at least Erie, more than my Syracuse can say ;)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Congrats to Erie, Pa for taking the lead in the National Snow Contest by a couple of snowflakes. Erie picked up just enough snow to overtake Anchorage, Alaska for the top spot on the snow mountain with this last storm that seemed to benefit the northeast cities. Not mine of course but a lot of the other cities in the snow contest moved up the mountain and as of about 3:00am this morning Erie is the king. The question now is can they hold onto the lead with the top being pretty close between a few of the cities? The cold air looks like it is here for awhile so most like the snow will keep falling. Enough for now on this Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy All!

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours! Have a Safe Happy Holiday :)

There wasn’t a whole lot of changes this last update and none of the cities really stepped up to the plate to challenge Anchorage who still holds the top spot by a zillion snowflakes.

Rochester, New York has finally made it into the top 10 with the snow it received since the last update. That knocked Worcester, Mass out of the top 10 and dropped a few of the cities down a spot. The biggest climb up the hill this update was by Lincoln, Nebraska who picked up ovr a foot of snow and jumped around 22 spots on the snow mountain. Omaha also made a jump of around 14 spots. Nowhere’s near what they would need to get near the top though.

As for 2 time repeat national snow champs Syracuse? In the voice of the Geico Gecko in NYC “Foget about It”. :)

On a side note Sorry about it being awhile for a full update but I do get a top 10 snow update in sometimes and not a full update so make sure you check the top 10 snowiest cities out also.

Here is an article that was in the Washington Post about our contest & what I did last week with a jounalist from Washington, DC named Andrea Sachs – aka- Snowless Lady. Click Here to Check It Out!

Have a Great Weekend All ;)