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There wasn’t a whole lot of changes this last update and none of the cities really stepped up to the plate to challenge Anchorage who still holds the top spot by a zillion snowflakes.

Rochester, New York has finally made it into the top 10 with the snow it received since the last update. That knocked Worcester, Mass out of the top 10 and dropped a few of the cities down a spot. The biggest climb up the hill this update was by Lincoln, Nebraska who picked up ovr a foot of snow and jumped around 22 spots on the snow mountain. Omaha also made a jump of around 14 spots. Nowhere’s near what they would need to get near the top though.

As for 2 time repeat national snow champs Syracuse? In the voice of the Geico Gecko in NYC “Foget about It”. :)

On a side note Sorry about it being awhile for a full update but I do get a top 10 snow update in sometimes and not a full update so make sure you check the top 10 snowiest cities out also.

Here is an article that was in the Washington Post about our contest & what I did last week with a jounalist from Washington, DC named Andrea Sachs – aka- Snowless Lady. Click Here to Check It Out!

Have a Great Weekend All ;)